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Critical Race Theory: It’s A Cancer, Not A Cure by Ryan Scott Bomberger

Critical race theory is a debilitating disease, with its origins in those who were hell-bent on abolishing the family and religion, and promoted in order to divide society, and erase equality. I’m half white and half black. My melanin doesn’t change my worth or my propensity to sin. Yet we live in a culture where we are told that our skin color confers upon us a status that is fixed, assigned by an elite class of humans who call themselves “scholars.” They want us to see everything through the broken lens of “race”—a human construct that has only served to dehumanize us throughout history. As a person with brown skin, I reject my assigned “status” and refuse to see everything through that distorted prism. It leads to blindness. Instead, I choose to see through the breakthrough filter of Scripture that opens our eyes to the truth of our identity, the perfect bond of love, our oneness through Christ, and the freedom of forgiveness. Our human condition, and the frailty that marks us, can never be illuminated by the darkness of tattered theories. And that’s exactly what Critical Race Theory (CRT) is. How can a theory derived from anti-Semites, who were virulent racists hell-bent on abolishing the family and religion, bring healing to the sin of racism? Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels saw Christianity as an impediment to their socialist ideology. How can a godless theory be used as an “analytical tool” to address issues needing a Godly solution?

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