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Shameless Manipulation Of Positive PCR Tests by Dr. Meryl Nass

Every hospitalized patient is tested for COVID, often repeatedly, using PCR tests with high false positive rates. False positives are due in considerable part to exorbitant cycle thresholds, which refer to the maximum number of doublings that are allowed during the test. WHO has implied that tests should only be performed in those with symptoms, and their results should be interpreted with the clinical context in mind, but most PCR tests in the U.S. are used very differently: to screen asymptomatics at work, at colleges and universities and to permit border crossings. In addition to inaccurate PCR results, a variety of other measures have skewed the reported number of deaths from COVID. CDC changed the way it coded death certificates for a COVID-caused death last March, to include everyone for whom COVID is in any way contributory to the death. By creating excessively loose case definitions for COVID, several of which did not require a single sign of illness, just a positive test, CDC was able to calibrate the number of COVID-positive cases by the rate at which it rolled out tests.

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