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US Is A ‘State Of War’: Bush-Era Official by Press TV

Lawrence B. Wilkerson, former chief of staff to US Secretary of State Colin Powell, believes that the United States is a “state of war” as the country has been engaged in numerous wars during the past 30 years. “The US has engaged — publicly — Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, and Yemen and, non-publicly, some 6-9 other countries with drones, special operations force, or covert operations, ranging from Mali to Venezuela. That is a warfare state,” Wilkerson said in an interview with Press TV. In September last year, Wilkerson told CBC Radio the Pentagon’s ever-expanding military budget is ruining America. The US sold more weapons than any other country in the world, at a greater total billion-dollar figure than ever before. Wilkerson also told Press TV that it was not easy to stop the US wars in the region because of the high amount of money military contractors make “in Saudi Arabia, in Kuwait, and in Bahrain, and Qatar”.

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