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Israel Cracks The Whip: Netanyahu Tells Biden How To Deal With Iran by Philip Giraldi

Anyone who persists in believing that the United States is not Israel’s poodle should pay attention to the comedy that is playing out right now. Joe Biden was president for less than a week when the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu government announced that he would soon be receiving a possibly unwelcome visitor in the form […]

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If Black Lives Matter Wins Nobel, It Should Be Renamed To ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Prize by Michael Rectenwald

The Nobel Peace Prize has often generated controversy over many of its dubious nominees and recipients. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger shared the prize with his counterpart, Le Duc Tho, “for jointly having negotiated a cease fire in Vietnam in 1973.” Kissinger won despite his role in the bombings in Cambodia and in the killings […]

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60% Of Americans Will Be Obese By 2030 by Dr. Joseph Mercola

In the U.S. 42.5% of adults 20 and over are obese, while, in total, 73.6% are overweight or obese.1 While these statistics are already alarming, the American Obesity Association suggests that by 2025 50% of Americans may be obese – and predicts this will jump to 60% by 2030. The American Obesity Association suggests that […]