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Reddit Users Going After Silver For ‘Biggest Short Squeeze In The World’ by Jack Phillips

A number of Reddit users on the popular r/WallStreetBets forum have said they are planning to launch a coordinated effort to target silver as their next short-squeeze target. Posts encouraged individuals to use the IShares Silver Trust, the largest silver exchange-traded fund, and carry out what one user called the “biggest short squeeze in the […]

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DC Officials Announce Plans to Erect Permanent Security Fence Around US Capitol by Jim Hoft

In Same Week Democrats Ended Construction Of Border Security Fence

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Caught With Their Hands In The Cookie Jar by Jeremy Carl

The Democrats stole the election, and it’s critically important we keep saying it. As commentator Glenn Greenwald recently told Tucker Carlson, “They’re trying to harness corporate and monopoly power to silence everyone who disagrees with them, the very hallmark, the epitome of the fascism they claim to be fighting, but which in reality they embody.” […]