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Freemasonry Is Using The WHO And The ‘Bergoglian Church’ To Advance Its Global Coup by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

‘We are being governed by members of a global lobby of criminal conspirators who tell us directly that their plan is to eliminate us, and the whole time we are sitting here wondering why we have to wear masks on buses and not in restaurants.’
Editor’s note: The following is the transcript of a video interview Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò gave to Armando Manocchia from Byoblu TV. The video is in Italian and can be found in two parts, here and here.
Armando Manocchia: Your Excellency, [Here in Italy] we are now in economic and financial bankruptcy, where the public debt is now over 2.7 billion euros. In my opinion the problem is the moral and ethical bankruptcy not only of the ruling class but also of a significant part of the population. What can we do to reconstruct a social fabric that includes an ethical and moral sense?
Archbishop Viganò: Bankruptcy is the inevitable result of multiple factors. The first is the transfer of the monetary sovereignty of individual nations to a supranational body such as the European Union. The European Central Bank is a private bank, lending money at interest rates to member states, forcing them into perpetual indebtedness. I recall, en passant, that the European Central Bank is officially owned by the Central Banks of the nations that are part of it; therefore, since the Central Banks are controlled by private companies, the ECB itself is essentially a private company, and acts as such.

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2 Replies to “Freemasonry Is Using The WHO And The ‘Bergoglian Church’ To Advance Its Global Coup by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

  1. Because Saint Francis is Jesuit.
    Because “Daddy started out in San Fran Cisco, got himself a following down below” etc
    Satanist Sammy Davis Jnrs hit song. The satanists anthem. Elvis cemetery is deducted to the Jesuits too.
    Satanism was LEGALISED in Spains California, ie Paradise in English. The Jesuits arose because of the murdering thieving incestuous Borgias causing the Vatican to make a law banning any Spanish from ever bring Pope again. That’s why Spain made the Jesuits, who called themselves Jesuits do the despised Catholics would have to bow down to them everyone they addressed them.
    Now the Spanish have the Vatican under their control, and they RULE FREEMASONARY. Opus Dei etc.

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