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Racism, So-Called by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

“Black lives matter” – of course, but Heaven alone
Will satisfy what makes them now so groan.
Let us suppose, with the two previous issues of these “Comments” (April 23 and 30), that “racism” today has taken on such an importance as to violate all common sense, because Marxism is a substitute religion, and the fight against “racism” is merely a re-run of Marxism. But that “mere re-run” behaves on the streets like a veritable crusade, e.g. “Black Lives Matter.” Why do warmed up Communists always behave like crusaders? It is in fact a religious question deserving, for their sakes, of our attention. (In fact, only souls with some sense of the true God can properly understand our godless modern world.)
Man is a spiritual creature. The two ranks of beings above him, Almighty God and the angels, are purely spiritual; the three ranks of beings below him, animal, vegetable and mineral, are purely material; man alone is both spiritual by his soul and material by his body. Being spiritual by his soul, he alone among all material animals has intelligence and reason, and by his reason, free-will. Had he not his intelligence, he could not dominate all the other animals, as he was told by God to do (Genesis, I 26), and as he obviously can do, otherwise the variety of animals fiercer and stronger than man would have eaten him up long ago.

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One Reply to “Racism, So-Called by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

  1. God only mace Adam and then extracted eve from a rib. The other Inhabitants were from other gods. Aliens the Bible calls them. And although scientists say life come oot of Afrika theologians say Iraq was Eden. So no white Caucasians. Middle Eastern people. Not English or American or Germwnic or Martians.

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