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History Points To The US As Perpetrator Of Crisis In Ukraine by Mike Whitney

Here’s your US Foreign Policy quiz for the day: Which of these militant organizations has the United States supported over the years? Marxist guerillas in East Syria (The YPG, The People’s Protection Units, The Syrian Democratic Forces). Far-right Neo-Nazis in Ukraine (Ukrainian Security Services, Azov Special Operations Detachment). Islamic extremists in Syria, Libya, Kosovo, Chechnya and Afghanistan. (aka- Al Qaida, Al Nusra etc). Anti-leftist Death Squads in El Salvador and Nicaragua. All of the above. If you picked “Number 5”, then pat yourself on the back. That is the right answer. The US has “armed and trained” all of these disparate groups and still supports many of them today. And the reason Washington supports them, is because they help to advance America’s geopolitical agenda. It doesn’t matter if the group is on the “right” or the “left”. It doesn’t matter if they are religious extremists or Godless atheists. What matters is whether they can be turned into an effective fighting force capable of achieving America’s strategic objectives. That is the overriding goal. Bottom line: Ideology is irrelevant. What matters to Washington is power; pure, iron-fisted power. The point we are trying to make, is that other countries do not conduct their business like the United States. Russia, for example, does not see coup d’états, color revolutions and military aggression as an acceptable way to conduct their foreign policy. They prefer diplomacy, negotiation and compromise. Moscow is committed to international law, universal security, and the peaceful resolution of conflicts. They do not see aggression or interventionist violence as legitimate ways to achieve their national interests which is why- as Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said on Saturday- “Russia has never attacked anyone in its history.” Let that sink in for a minute: “Russia has never attacked anyone in its history.” If that is true- and it is true- then what are we to make of the media’s endless claims that Russia is planning to invade Ukraine? Either Russia is planning to break with an approach that dates back centuries or the media is whipping the public into a frenzy to create the perception that Russia poses an external threat to its neighbors? Which is it?

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