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Ultimatum by Mark R. Elsis

Who would like to help me organize rallies in the United States and try and end this despotic insanity peacefully?
You have until midnight August 17, 2021, to decide to help or not.
Remember the big lie that you were first told about Covid “two weeks to flatten the curve” it is now 17 months and innumerable lies later. Are you still drinking the mass psychosis-induced Kool-Aid that has given you a variant of the Stockholm syndrome, or do you want to change this totalitarian reality? I know it is hard to wrap your head around it, but we’re dealing with absolute evil masking itself as being philanthropic and beneficial to our society. So wake up now because this corrupt reality will become our new normal if we allow it to be. This insidious charade will not end until we end it, and we must stop it as soon as possible because the psychopathic oligarchy is now turning on the unvaccinated with an unrestrained malevolence. We have the power to manifest this change, and the only way we will do this quickly is by working together, with every one of us giving our best effort. If we don’t act now while we are at 50% not injected and 50% injected (if you believe their numbers – which you can’t – so it is probably fewer people that have not been injected in the United States), totalitarianism will keep turning the screws tighter and tighter, and the walls will keep closing in, until before you know it there won’t be enough of us left to create a peaceful paradigm shift.

Donate today and support our work.
Thank you in advance for your generosity, so we may keep growing quickly.

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