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Fake News Still Gaslighting America With Phony Polls by Brian C. Joondeph

Fake news media have many gaslighting tools at their disposal. Some outlets doctor audio or video tapes to make their “bad guy” appear racist or doing something illegal. Or, they make their “good guy” look like Mother Teresa. Recipients of this treatment range from law enforcement and Ferguson’s Gentle Giant Michael Brown, to George Zimmerman, and even President Donald Trump. Many cable news channels, or newspapers simply say or print falsehoods, as in Trump-Russia collusion, Russian bounties on American soldiers, or the cause of death of a Capitol Police officer. The error or correction, if acknowledged at all, is relegated to a couple of lines buried in back of the newspaper several days or more later. Opinion polls are a well-known and effective method of shaping opinion. These methods have been well described and include sampling whoever answers the phone versus likely voters, the latter being a practice of Rasmussen Reports in their high accurate presidential opinion polls. Oversampling Democrats is another fraudulent way to produce a poll result favoring the DNC media agenda.

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