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“If A Lie Is Only Printed Often Enough, It Becomes A Quasi-Truth. . .” by Simon Black

This assertion was just flat-out untrue. It was such a big lie, in fact, that even the ultra-liberal “fact checkers” at Vox and the Washington Post had to admit that Dementia-in-Chief was totally wrong. But that hasn’t stopped people from repeating his lie over and over again. Then there’s the most egregious section of all: Georgia’s voting law requires that people show ID before they’re allowed to vote. This has made the Twitter mob lose its mind… because, somehow, asking someone to present identification is an act of racism and white supremacy. This is a completely illogical assertion. Why is it racist? Is the woke Twitter mob trying to suggest that people of color don’t have ID? It’s as if, according to Twitter, every black motorist on the road in Georgia must be driving illegally because none of them has a valid driver’s license.

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