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Evangelical Paganism by Chuck Baldwin

It’s time to face reality: The evangelical church is now mostly nothing more than another brand of religious paganism. There is almost nothing Christian about it. Granted, church edifices still have the tapestry, symbols and ceremonies resembling historic Christianity, but it’s all a ruse. The heart and soul of the Christian faith is dead in most evangelical “churches.”
The most recent Gallup Poll confirms what I am saying:
While biblical literalism has long been held as the most dominant method of interpreting Scripture among Evangelicals, results of a new poll released by Gallup show that fewer than half of Evangelicals and born-again Christians believe the Bible should be taken literally.
The poll . . . found that just 40% of respondents who identify as Evangelical or born-again view the Bible as the “actual word of God.”
In 2015, just under 60% of Evangelical churches espoused a literal interpretation of Scripture, data from Pew Research showed.
Think about it: Just seven years ago, right at 60% of evangelical “born-again” Christians believed the Bible was the “actual word of God” (which is still an abysmally low number). But now—just seven short years later—only 40% of evangelical “born-again” Christians believe the Bible is the “actual word of God.”
What will the number be seven years from now? It’s painfully obvious where these numbers are going.

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