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Reading Matter by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Let nobody despair of wicked times;
God can write straight with the crookedest of lines.
Please let me thank you for having sent to me 7 volumes of your writings, 4 volumes of “Letters from the Rector” (1983–2003) and 3 volumes of “Eleison Comments” (2005–2019). I had not been aware of this great treasure of Catholic history, culture, music & art. Reading the books has been a “fast track” restoration of Truth in the Faith, history and culture. I am reaping a harvest of understanding in my heart and soul, after decades of wandering in the desert of Modernism. In a world of complete and utter nonsense, how true, how refreshing, is the objectivity that you yourself found, and followed, in Archbishop Lefebvre. I believe this is the remedy for the torrents and torments of subjectivism & confusion swirling all around us today.
As a child I lived in a beautiful, small country town. In 1970, at the age of 12, my Protestant parents took me with them into exile, into the suburbs of a large modern city, where I was to experience practically every devastating consequence of modern city life for a young girl . . . and also of “man taking the place of God” through money & materialism, consumerism, collapse of morality, feminism, ecumenism, rebellion and sadly my family was radically influenced & affected by all these Liberal and Modernist destroyers of the family, the heart & soul. On this journey I lost my natural wonder and my dawning love for God, whom I had begun to love in the beauty of Creation in the small town of my childhood.

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