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May 30, 2022, Memorial Day

“By trampling upon the helpless abroad with unchecked surveillance,
Americans have learned, by a natural process, to endure with apathy the like at home.”
Mark Twain

Military Industrial Complex Archive With 510 Posts

ACH (1803) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #73 – Misery Loves Company (Audio 1:13:03)
In today’s show originally broadcast on May 30 2022, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Mallificus Scott for a show entitled, “Misery Loves Company.”
We discussed: how the public disgust at a school shooting in the UK resulted in guns being taken off the people in the 1990’s; the importance of Memorial Day; the Albert Bourla Pfizer disinformation clip that has been doing the rounds; why you don’t make friends by lying to people; the original Battlestar Galactica television series; how we are now up to 2,148 deaths and 456,636 people injured from the vaccines according to figures off the UK Government website; Mallificus’ news on “The Great Distraction”; the sad death of the legendary music journalist David Cavanagh; the remote Scottish Island looking for a new headteacher for their school of four children; the new movie of Winnie the Pooh as a serial killer; Mallificus’ news roundup of the week; and many other topics.
by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Professor Christian Perronne Interview – Monkeypox And The True Nature Of Public Health Organizations (Audio and Video)
Joining me today is Professor Christian Perronne, here to discuss the the hidden reality of public health organizations and the highly suspicious simultaneous outbreaks of Monkeypox that are allegedly taking place in over a dozen countries in a very short period of time. It seems that most of these organizations, with the ostensible objective of keeping the people safe, are in many obvious cases taking action that directly undermines that task, if not completely contradicting it.
by Taylor Hudak

Hillary Was In On Russiagate
Hillary Clinton was involved in the Russiagate hoax from beginning to end.
Hillary Clinton lied about Russiagate. Hillary paid experts to create two data sets, one purportedly showing Russian cellphones accessing Trump Wi-Fi networks, and another allegedly showing a Trump computer pinging an Alfa Bank server in Russia. We’ve seen the lipstick on the collar before, but how do we know this time she was in on it all? Because former Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias, on May 18, 2022, during the trial of his former partner, Michael Sussmann, swore to it under oath. Special Counsel John Durham brought Sussmann to trial for allegedly lying to the FBI and committing perjury. Sussmann claimed he was not working for a client when he was, in fact, surreptitiously representing the Clinton campaign. Small world: Sussmann previously represented the DNC in litigation surrounding the server break-in.
Elias also admitted to briefing Clinton campaign officials, including Clinton herself, campaign chair John Podesta, spokesperson Jennifer Palmieri, and policy director Jake Sullivan, now Joe Biden’s national-security adviser. Elias also personally briefed campaign manager Robby Mook. In a bombshell moment in the Sussmann trial, Mook testified that Hillary Clinton signed off on the plan to push out the information about the link between Trump and Alfa Bank despite concerns that the connection was dubious at best. Mook’s testimony is the first confirmation that Clinton was directly involved in the decision to feed the Trump-Alfa story. It explains some of her later actions.
by Peter Van Buren

“The Constitution, The Second Amendment Was Never Absolute”: Biden Shares Memorial Day Message
Is this what our soldiers died for? From Breitbart, “Joe Biden on Memorial Day: ‘The Constitution, the Second Amendment Was Never Absolute’ “: President Joe Biden pushed for more gun control on Monday, even though it was Memorial Day, a national patriotic holiday. “The Constitution, the Second Amendment was never absolute,” Biden said to reporters. The president spoke to reporters about gun control as he returned to Washington, DC, from Delaware for Memorial Day ceremonies. Biden falsely claimed again that Americans were unable to purchase a cannon when the Second Amendment was passed, despite being repeatedly fact-checked as false by even the Washington Post and Politifact.
Biden also referred to a quote from Thomas Jefferson who said “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants,” tying it in with his argument about the Second Amendment. “There was a while there, where people were saying, you know, the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots, and what we have to do is to be able take on the government when they are wrong,” Biden said. Biden argued in order for citizens to hold the government accountable with equal levels of force, Americans would have to own a fighter jet or a tank. “To do that you need an F-15, you need an Abrams tank,” he said, suggesting it was an outrageous idea.
Empty husk of a man repeats the game generic slogans he has been repeating his entire life.
by Chris Menahan

U.S. And NATO Allies Blockade Russia’s Economy, Then Blame Russia For World Hunger
Can Russia be possibly portrayed as any more evil and monstrous than that, as per Western propaganda narratives of Russophobia? In an incredible feat of hypocrisy, the United States and European Union are accusing Russia of using food exports and global hunger as a weapon. Just when you think you’ve heard the most absurd smear, the Western powers outdo their own perverse ranting and Russophobia. Previously, Russia has been accused of weaponizing energy trade and mass refugee flows in waging a dastardly “hybrid war” to “undermine Western democracies”. Oh, those evil, evil Russians! Cue the James Bond villain caricatures, please.
Never mind that Russia has for decades been a reliable supplier of economical oil and gas to the European Union crucial for the bloc’s civilizational existence. Even during recent geopolitical tensions and insults, Moscow has ensured full delivery of its contracted hydrocarbon resources to drive Europe’s economies and heat European households. Russia has long invested in developing infrastructure to underpin its strategic role as an energy supplier to Europe. And yet when Russia provides even more reliable pipeline infrastructure in the form of Nord Stream 2 under the Baltic Sea it has incurred nothing but foolish and insolent accusations of using energy as a weapon. It is the United States and its lackey European governments who are using the vital resource as a weapon and politicizing economic relations for selfish strategic reasons that end up riling dangerous warlike tensions and conflict while jeopardizing the well-being of ordinary citizens.
by Strategic Culture Editorial

Hunter Biden’s Latest Ally Reportedly Looks To Spin Laptop Scandal With Disinformation Offensive
The contents of the “laptop from hell” surfaced in the media in September 2020. It was presumably abandoned by the president’s son at a Delaware repair shop in 2019. The alleged contents seem to incriminate Joe Biden for illegally helping in his son’s foreign business dealings. Los Angeles-based entertainment lawyer and Hunter Biden’s newest ally, Kevin Morris, has concocted a plan to “blunt the impact” of the laptop-related scandal that has haunted the president’s son for nearly two years, CBS news reported.
According to the broadcaster, citing a leak from the team of 30 lawyers and investigators assembled for the task, Morris planned to launch a PR campaign aimed at discrediting all media reports related to the so-called “laptop from hell”. A leaked photo of the plan, allegedly hand-written by Morris himself, suggested that the team was planning to discredit the way data from the laptop was obtained, rather than trying to prove the falsity of the information. Morris, who has previously donated $2?million to pay for Biden’s tax-related debts, reportedly hope to peddle the theory that Biden never dropped off a laptop at the Delaware repair shop previously owned by John Paul Mac Isaac. Rather, he hopes to argue that Mac Isaac illegally cloned the device after purportedly obtaining it from Dr Ablow – a Newburyport psychiatrist at whose office Hunter Biden once left one of his numerous laptops.
by Tim Korso

Dear Andrew Neil… UK Gov. Report Admits 18.9 Million People Have Not Had A Single Dose Of A Covid-19 Vaccine And There Are Now 30.5 Million ‘Vaccine Refuseniks’
In what is now an infamous headline, disgraced journalist Andrew Neil boldly claimed it was “time to punish Britain’s five million vaccine refuseniks” back in December 2021. The Daily Mail outrageously allowed him to publicly cry that the unvaccinated “put us all at risk of more restrictions. So why shouldn’t we curb their freedoms?”.
But it turns out that not only was this targeted discrimination and abuse, it was also an outright lie. Why? Because official figures published by the UK Health Security Agency show there are 18.9 million people in England alone who have refused to have a single dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, and that total increases to 30.5 million when we take into account those who have refused a second or third dose.
And further data published by the UK Health Security Agency also proves it was the vaccinated who should have been punished and who should have had their freedoms curbed, because they are the ones who have been more likely to be infected with Covid-19, they are the ones who have been more likely to take up hospital beds with Covid-19, and they are the ones who have been more likely to die of Covid-19 since the turn of the year.
by The Exposé

Over 160 Palestinians Injured During Ultranationalist Flag March
Chants of ‘Shireen is dead’ and ‘death to Arabs’ resonated throughout Jerusalem’s Old City as tens of thousands of settlers marched waving Israeli flags
At least 163 Palestinians were injured by Israeli occupation troops and extremist settlers during the ultranationalist Flag March on 29 May. Eleven of those injuries were caused by live bullets, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society. The occupation forces also detained more than 50 Palestinians as part of a crackdown on demonstrations and protests against the provocative march. At least 25,000 settlers waving Israeli flags filled the streets of Jerusalem’s Old City while chanting “death to Arabs” and “Shireen is dead.”
by News Desk

Mass Shooting Deception At The Washington Post
What? There were at least 11 mass shootings in America over Memorial Day weekend? That is what Annabelle Timsit wrote in a Washington Post article. That is news to me, and probably to you as well. Why had we not heard of all these mass shootings? One simple reason: They did not happen. Timsit’s article is greatly inflating the number of mass shootings by including things that do not fit in the category. This is nothing new for the Washington Post. I addressed such deception from the newspaper in my December of 2015 article “Don’t Believe the Hype About Gun Shootings in the US.”
I also provided in that article the much more restrictive definition of a mass shooting that has historically been used. I wrote: Mark Follman, the national affairs editor at Mother Jones, writes in a Thursday New York Times op-ed that so far this year there have been four mass shootings, not the 355 claimed in the Washington Post or similar numbers asserted elsewhere in the media. The inflated numbers many media report, Follman explains, are created by broadening the definition of mass shooting far beyond the historical categorization focused on the indiscriminate-killing-motivated murder of four or more people in a public venue that Follman and his Mother Jones colleagues employ.
In contrast to this standard definition of mass shooting as involving the indiscriminate-killing-motivated murder of four or more people in a public venue, Timsit uses a vastly broadened definition she writes is provided by the Gun Violence Archive. That alternative definition requires that four or more people, other than the shooter, are either killed or just shot.
by Adam Dick

Strategic Ambiguity’ Or Sheer Incompetence? Blinken’s China Speech Shows The US Is Outmatched In Competition With Beijing
Washington’s top diplomat was supposed to clarify its China policy but instead face-planted, highlighting incompetence in the US government
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken outlined his government’s China policy on May 26 in a long-winded speech that can only be described as underwhelming and unconvincing. The speech was slated to take place earlier in the month but was pushed back, thanks to Blinken coming down with Covid-19, and the administration of President Joe Biden stressed to reporters beforehand that it would not contain any major announcements. Some believed that there would be more clarity on certain issues, especially on the question of Taiwan, after Biden’s “gaffe” about a “commitment” to “defend” Taiwan against an attack from the mainland took all of the attention from his first Asia trip as president. That was not the case. Blinken served up the usual rhetoric and platitudes while ignoring the proverbial elephant in the room.
Other than that, the secretary of state assured the world that relations between the world’s two most important and influential countries would remain fraught with contradictions. And on the “competition” Washington so desperately seeks with Beijing, Blinken offered few details. One wonders whether deliberate “strategic ambiguity” on China policy has become just sheer incompetence. The entirety of Blinken’s speech framed the United States as the defender of the existing international order and China as the one tearing it down. Reality tells us a different story, however. The United States has been at war for 228 years out of its nearly 246 years in existence; meanwhile, China is rarely at war.
by Bradley Blankenship

After Assassination of Guards Colonel, Israel PM Says Iran Has No Immunity
Bennett accuses colonel of threatening Israeli interests
Iranian Revolutionary Guards colonel Hassan Khodai was assassinated last week, in an attack Iran blamed on Israel. Israel has declined comment. In the course of continuing to not comment on the killing, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett presented Israel as having targeted “the head of the octopus,” and insisted those in Iran’s regime involved in terror will all pay the “full price.” Emphasizing the idea that Iran no longer has immunity, Bennett accused Iran of threatening Israeli interests, and seemed to tie Col. Khodai into the plots in a generalized fashion. The narrative seems built around justifying an assassination they haven’t admitted to, and threatening more violence for the retaliation that is threatened butr hasn’t actually happened yet.
by Jason Ditz

Yemen Moves To Criminalize Normalization With Israel
Officials from the National Salvation Government say the move is in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle
Yemen’s National Salvation Government (NSG) has moved to introduce a law proposal that will criminalize all means of normalizations of ties with Israel. According to the Al-Masirah television network, Yemeni Prime Minister Abdulaziz bin Habtoor is in the process of passing a law that will prohibit any form of contact with Israel. Habtoor remarked: “We stand by the side of the Palestinian nation and their struggle in the face of Israeli threats to the al-Aqsa Mosque compound and the occupied al-Quds city.” He added that the Israeli provocations at Al-Aqsa Mosque are an attempt to “illustrate their dominance” following their numerous normalization deals with other Arab states. The news come just a week after the Iraqi parliament approved a bill criminalizing any form of normalization or dealings with Israel, with the 275 attending members of parliament unanimously voting in favor of the law.
by News Desk

Biden Is Close To Scrapping The JCPOA Deal With Iran. Can Europe Stop Him?
The Europeans seem to think that the Ukraine war is the perfect setting for him to go back to the Iranians with a deal which satisfies their earlier demands.
Is Joe Biden’s pusillanimous handling of the Ukraine war pushing his administration farther away from getting a no-nukes deal with Iran? Or is it his stubbornness to not concede one relatively minor concession the heart of the matter – which is going to mark his term in office by its foreign policy calamities around the world? European leaders are beginning to think that the Ukraine conflict could be the right time to offer Biden a foreign policy prize, as getting Iran to sign a re-worked nuclear deal which limits its production of uranium is still on the table, despite the chorus of cynics who claim that the so-called Iran Deal is dead in the water.
In late April an impressive list of former foreign ministers and ex ambassadors from EU countries and others like Turkey – totalling 14 in all – signed an open letter urging Biden to not obsess over one particular sticking point, believing that the timing of getting a deal now with Iran is possible, given the backdrop of the war in Ukraine. “At a time when transatlantic cooperation has become all the more critical to respond against Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, for U.S. and European leaders to let slip the opportunity to defuse a nuclear crisis in the Middle East would be a grave mistake”, it reads.
by Martin Jay

Lavrov x Two
This posting contains one recent interview and one recent address by Mr Lavrov. One is extensive and the second contains a few comments not included in the first. One is directed to an international audience (more specifically the Arab world) and the other to a domestic audience. Why should we look at these very carefully, and why do we post them on the Saker Blog? Mr. Lavrov is arguably one of the best diplomats in the world today. In that role, he is a pleasure to read or listen to. But, that is not the main reason. He has a fine facility with language and explains exactly Russia’s position and further, the world position in its process toward multipolarity and a new financial system in a pragmatic realpolitik style, undergirded by an encyclopedic knowledge of world affairs.
Introduction by Amarynth for the Saker Blog

Scientists Genetically Engineer Mother Hens To Kill Their Own Male Chicks Before They Hatch
Transgenic chickens made with CRISPR gene editing are touted as an animal welfare boon – but could result in animal suffering and risks to health and environment.
A concept patent has been filed for a method that includes the use of CRISPR/Cas-mediated gene editing to generate transgenic birds so that no male offspring are able to hatch. Israeli scientists led by Dr Yuval Cinnamon (named as an inventor on the patent) are proposing this method to be used in chickens, so that only female chicks will hatch, which will then go on to become laying hens for egg production. Currently male chicks of egg-laying breeds are killed when young as they are of no use to the egg or chicken meat industries. Even then, hatching the male chicks and keeping them alive until they are killed is viewed by the industry as a waste of energy and other resources.
More seriously, the practice of killing the male chicks is an animal welfare issue. In this light, the transgenic CRISPR-edited chickens are being hyped as a boon for animal welfare, on the grounds (in the BBC’s words) that the technology could “prevent the slaughter of millions of male chickens in the UK, which are culled because they don’t lay eggs”. But our investigation shows that such claims are disingenuous in the extreme. In fact, the technology forces mother hens to pass on a lethality (killer) gene, which is intended to kill all male embryos before they hatch from the egg.
by Claire Robinson and Dr Michael Antoniou

“2000 Mules” Investigator Gregg Phillips Drops A Bomb (Text and Video)
Investigators Discovered Multinational Player and Federal Agencies Involved in Operation – A “Multinational Deal Involving Billions of Dollars”
Earlier this month Dinesh D’Souza and Salem Media released the much-anticipated movie “2000 Mules” on the 2020 presidential election heist. The movie revealed how thousands of ballot traffickers working in all of the battleground states stuffed hundreds of thousands of ballots into the ballot drop boxes in order to steal the presidential election for Joe Biden. “2000 Mules” revealed the extraordinary work by True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and business owner and election intelligence expert Gregg Phillips.
During the discussion Gregg dropped this bomb — According to Gregg, True the Vote team has uncovered a multinational player involving federal agencies that will be so explosive that, according to Gregg, “It’s going to make everybody forget everything about the mules, and it’s going to bring into question everything we think we know about these elections.” Considering the “2000 Mules” film already offers definitive proof of Democrat election fraud and a stolen presidential election, this is a very explosive statement by Gregg Phillips. And for the record, The Gateway Pundit spoke with True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht. Catherine mentioned this very serious situation they uncovered during their investigation that is larger than “2000 Mules.”
by Jim Hoft

video flashback: pre-panic experts (text and video)
the jersey changing is in full swing. unless you want to do this all again, do not let these people pretend they were on your side all along.
6 or 7 months ago, certain internet felines were heard to opine that within a year, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who ever admitted to having been pro lockdown. this was not a difficult call to make. because it’s simple: times change, but people do not. they just change their jerseys, revise their history, and pretend they were playing for the winning team all along. but more so that any time in history, we have the firsthand record of what people said and all the receipts are there for the looking. yale master of absurdist epidemiology gregg g is another perfect example. he claims he did not support lockdowns.
el gato malo

Australia Begins To Reap What It Has Sown. It’s Grim.
All cause mortality goes significantly excess in April 2021 for all age/sex groups bar one…
Apparently, it’s really difficult for our ONS to produce deaths by date of occurrence by sex and age until 7 months after year end. This means we won’t get any reliable death data for 2021 until July this year. Fortunately, Australia is a little more timely with their data releases so we can get a little insight from down under. Looking at both sexes and all ages, it is clear that things have gone really wrong for Australia since the week ending 11th April 2021. Between then and the end of Feb 2022, there have been 16k excess deaths. There have been less than 4k COVID deaths in that same time with most of those coming since Sept 2021. So, much like every other country of the world, Australia has had more COVID death since the COVID vaccine was introduced in Feb 2021 and substantially more excess death from other causes. By the end of the period, more than 90% of the adult population has been jabbed.
by Joel Smalley

44,821 Dead 4,351,483 Injured Following Covid-19 Vaccines In European Database Of Adverse Reactions
The European (EEA and non-EEA countries) database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, verified by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and they are now reporting 44,821 fatalities, and 4,351,483 injuries following injections of five experimental COVID-19 shots. >From the total of injuries recorded, almost half of them (1,972,105) are serious injuries. Here are some faces and names to put on these cold, hard statistics, as these “vaccines” continue to destroy people’s lives.
by Brian Shilhavy

The Corruption Of The World Health Organization
‘Global Health’ is confusing. A few short years ago community participation, disease burden, resource allocation and human rights dominated its decision-making processes. Causes such as improving childhood nutrition, empowering minorities and protecting girls from enslavement and mutilation were acceptable battles to fight. Here we are in 2022: Coercion, exclusion, impoverishment and big business are in, whilst highlighting those other areas is ‘free-dumb’ or some subversive form of denialism. Same people, same organizations, same funders, just a change of the tide.
As with any historic shift towards fascism and colonialism, it takes a considerable group effort to ignore reality to keep this tide moving but humans, especially in hierarchical structures, have always been up to the task. We still are. The World Health Organization (WHO) and its staff are currently engaged in two overriding priorities that are excellent examples of humanity’s proficiency at living such lies: They are pushing the COVAX program to mass-vaccinate most of humanity, at an unprecedentedly high cost for any global health program, against a virus to which nearly all potential recipients are already immune. They are working towards an expansion of their powers to manage infectious disease outbreaks, with the expressed intent of instituting the same measures used for the first time in the response to COVID-19, but more quickly and more often.
by David Bell

Kayfabe Populism: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix
t’s so important that the public have no real say in US politics that the empire not only set up two oligarchic puppet parties which pretend to oppose each other, but also set up fake populist movements within each of those factions which pretend to be fighting the establishment within those parties. It’s a very clever illusion that sucks up almost all real opposition. If you don’t fall for the first kayfabe conflict and realize the game is rigged for the powerful, you can still end up buying into the fake populist movements set up to oppose them. I fell for them both early on in this commentary gig. But after a while of watching what they do (as opposed to just listening to what they say) and seeing where they actually stand and fight or refuse to fight, you see it’s all an Inception-level fakery. The opposition is controlled, and so is the opposition to the opposition.
It’s like when you dream you’re waking up from a dream but you’re actually in another dream; you awaken from the liberals-vs-conservatives puppet show and then turn to the fake progressive Democrats or the bullshit MAGA camp as a solution, but you’re still asleep. This all sounds like an awful lot of work to go through until you remember that an entire globe-spanning empire depends on the ability to prevent the American public from either (A) voting in a disruptive government or (B) fighting a revolution. So much power rides on their ability to do this.
by Caitlin Johnstone

Eva Bartlett Interviews Former CIA And State Department Analyst, Larry C. Johnson, On Ukraine, Donbass And Russia (Video 1:02:11)
I recently spoke with Larry C. Johnson, formerly with the CIA and the State Department’s Office of Counter Terrorism.
Larry provided training to the US Military’s Special Operations community for 24 years.

Do Not Give A Damn What Other People Think; This An Indication Of Respect?
“I don’t give a damn what other people think. It’s entirely their own business. I’m not writing for other people.”
Harold Pinter, Mel Gussow (1996). “Conversations with Pinter”, p.20, Grove Press
Now that we understand one another, it is time to clear the air on a few matters. If my comments here seem disagreeable, or offend in any way, just remember, I don’t give a damn. I do not mean this disrespectfully, it is just that your thoughts are yours, and mine are mine. I have no time to waste worrying about what other’s think about me, what I believe, what I know, or what I write. If I were to spend my days wringing my hands over such nonsense, my entire life would consist only of worry over things of which I have no power to change; not that I would anyway. It is not that I do not have curiosity, compassion, or even agreement with some of the thoughts and ideas of others you see, it is simply that it makes no difference what you or I think about each other’s opinions, only that we are honest with ourselves. With that said, I will outline some of my positions so that there is no misunderstanding and no doubt as to where I stand.
First, I am an anarchist, pure and simple, which means I am not conservative or “liberal,” (a misused word) not right or left, Republican or Democrat, or Libertarian for that matter. For those unable to comprehend proper language, or who are not willing to do the five minutes of research necessary to understand the real meaning of words, I will explain. Anarchy, from the Greek, French, and Latin roots of our language, means in essence, “without rulers or without rule,” nothing more. In other words, it means no belief in government, or any one or any group ruling over another. It does not mean total chaos, rioting, property destruction, violence, lawlessness, or any other such bastardized meanings falsely attributed by political propagandists and accepted by the ignorant populations of today.
by Gary D. Barnett

China’s High-Speed Trains. America, Where Are You?
China has the world’s longest high-speed rail (HSR) network with some 38,000 kilometers in operation,[1] which comprises nearly 70% of all the world’s high-speed lines[2] and more than three times that of the entire European Union.[3] China has more than 2,500 high-speed trains in operation, more than all the rest of the world combined,[4] and it also has the fastest trains in operation anywhere,[5] with several generations now operating at speeds between 350 Km/h and 400 Km/h. Shanghai’s Maglev is still the fastest operating train in the world,[6] with sustained speeds of 430 Km/h. China’s rail system carries about 3.5 billion passengers per year, nearly 70% of these on high-speed trains. During the 40 days of China’s Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), passenger volume reached a peak of more than 400 million.
There was a sadness in my heart while writing much of this article. Putting aside any fleeting pleasure in criticising Americans, there was a kind of despondent cheerlessness in a realisation of what might have been but can never be. Today, not only Chinese and Europeans are enjoying the manifold benefits and pleasures of high-speed train travel, but also citizens of Vietnam, Turkey, Venezuela, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, Poland, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia and many more. American citizens surely deserve this fine mode of travel as much as anyone else, and yet their own heavily-politicised and corrupt society prevents it, and there is no solution.
by Larry Romanoff

IRS May Have Wasted $898 Million In Erroneous Pandemic Credits, Refused To Rectify
The Internal Revenue Service wasted nearly $1 billion in improper pandemic tax credits, according to a final audit report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. What’s worse, the IRS declined to review or take steps to recover the funds, says conservative media Just the News. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) has released an audit assessing the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) processing of Recovery Rebate Credit (RRC) claims during the 2021 season.
“The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (CAA) authorised the IRS to make advance payments of the RRCs to eligible individuals,” read the TIGTA report, released in May. According to the watchdog, the IRS processed 26.3 million tax returns with RRC claims until May 27, 2021, totalling $39.2 billion. Of this, the statutory body issued potentially erroneous RRC payments of $898 million. “These include $79.8 million in the RRC that should have been paid to eligible individuals and $818.5 million in the RRC that was paid to ineligible individuals,” the report claimed.
by Ekaterina Blinova

May 29, 2022, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963

“Who had the means, motive, and opportunity to assassinate President John Fitzgerald Kennedy? Only one group had the power and therefore, the means, as they did on September 11, 2001, and still do today, by bringing the world a fake pandemic to vastly depopulate humanity and enslave those who survive. Israel assassinated President John Fitzgerald Kennedy for not letting them obtain nuclear weapons. That was the number one motive. Yes, others, including the CIA, military-industrial complex, and big oil, all went along with it for their own psychotic reasons, but Israel obtaining nuclear weapons was the true motive. James Jesus Angleton, chief of counterintelligence for the Central Intelligence Agency from 1954 to 1975, was the liaison between Israel and the United States that facilitated this barbaric coup d’etat.”
Mark R. Elsis

JFK Hologram T-Shirt
Designed and sold by EyeMagine.org

President John F. Kennedy Archive With 91 Posts

EU Unity On Russia Sanctions ‘Crumbling’ – Germany
German economy minister warns of waning “unity” in the EU as the bloc is struggling to agree on oil embargo against Russia
The unity the EU demonstrated after Russia launched its offensive in Ukraine is starting to “crumble,” German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said on Sunday. The warning comes ahead of the bloc’s summit to discuss a new sanctions package against Moscow and a potential oil embargo.
“After Russia’s attack on Ukraine, we saw what can happen when Europe stands united. With a view to the summit tomorrow, let’s hope it continues like this. But it is already starting to crumble and crumble again,” Habeck told a news conference.
The EU has struggled to agree on imposing the oil embargo on Russia, with multiple member countries voicing concerns that the move would become fatal for their economies. Hungary, which receives most of its oil from Russia, has been the most prominent opponent of the embargo, comparing the potential effect of a full ban to “an atomic bomb.” Similar concerns over the embargo have been voiced by other landlocked nations, namely Czechia and Slovakia.
Earlier this week, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen offered an explanation as to why the EU still continues to buy Russian oil.
by RT

Republicans, Democrats ‘Collude’ To Indulge Gun Violence, ‘Manage Rather Than Address’ Problem
As the US National Rifle Association’s (NRA) annual convention concluded on Sunday in the wake of the two mass shootings taking place in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas, within 10 days, remarks from speakers at the event were revealing enough that gun violence is a social plague indulged by both US parties, observers said. Both Republicans and Democrats used the topic to polarize the American society and consolidate their voter bases, while public opinion on gun control is also split with people reinforcing that polarization with their ballots, experts said.
The NRA event was held in Houston, 430 kilometers from the Texas elementary school shooting which killed 19 children and two teachers. It is the 27th school shooting in the US since the beginning of 2022, according to the NPR on May 24. Addressing the event on Friday, former US president Donald Trump called the school shooting a “hideous massacre,” but backed up Republican calls to resist new gun restrictions and instead called for enhanced school security measures. Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz said at the NRA convention, “The existence of evil in our world is not a reason to disarm law-abiding citizens. The existence of evil is one of the very best reasons to arm law-abiding citizens.”
by GT Staff Reporters

When Will Americans Face War Crimes’ Charges?
This article surveys previous war crimes’ trials from earlier eras to assess today’s plans to put captured Russian soldiers on trial in Kiev and Azov militia members on trial in Donbass. Although all crimes should be appropriately punished, the examples which follow, which are in no way exhaustive, show that has rarely been the case. The article begins with the Nuremberg trials before moving on to some of the more relevant issues those trials, and the Tokyo ones which followed, gave rise to. It uses those trials, rather than NATO’s more recent war crimes in the Arab world, as its benchmarks to more properly hone in on the key issues pertaining to NATO’s war crimes in Ukraine. While just a snap shot, the article is important as it sets out the main parameters under which the main perpetrators in Washington, London, Brussels and Kiev should, with their entourage, be in the dock as a first step to being jailed for life.
by Declan Hayes

Cardinal Sodano, Vatican ‘Godfather’ Alleged To Have Covered Up Clerical Abuse, Dies Aged 94
Cardinal Angelo Sodano, alleged to have been an active homosexual, wielded significant power during his 60 years in the Vatican.
Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the powerful former Vatican Secretary of State for two popes, has died aged 94. Cardinal Sodano died May 27, after having been hospitalized in Rome’s Columbus Hospital-Gemelli for COVID-19 since May 9. Sodano, who has been described as the “Vatican’s Godfather,” was mired in controversy over his alleged role in covering up clerical sexual abuse, particularly in the case of Marcial Maciel and ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick. The Holy See was swift to announce Sodano’s death, and Pope Francis sent a telegram to the cardinal’s sister, Maria Sodano, expressing “gratitude” for the late cardinal and his “solitary work in support of three of my predecessors.” “The death of Cardinal Angelo Sodano arouses in my soul feelings of gratitude to the Lord for the gift of this esteemed man of the Church, who lived his priesthood with generosity,” wrote Francis.
by Michael Haynes

Russia Sets Donbas ‘Liberation’ as an ‘Unconditional Priority’ To End War
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Kiev must allow the people of eastern Ukraine to hold a referendum
After three months of war, talks between Kiev and Moscow have stalled for over a month. On Sunday, Russia’s top diplomat conveyed some of the Kremlin’s demands to end the conflict. However, Moscow claims Ukrainian government officials are making contradicting statements, preventing diplomacy from progressing. In an interview with France’s TF1 television channel, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said taking control of the Donbas was an “unconditional priority,” and the people of eastern Ukraine should be free to hold a vote to decide their future. “The liberation of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, recognized by the Russian Federation as independent states, is an unconditional priority.” He added that the people of eastern Ukraine “must decide for themselves.”
by Kyle Anzalone

Here’s What You Should Know About The Latest Money Pox
Smallpox, money pox, and the vaccines they will try to frighten you into receiving
The WHO released a clever statement to introduce the idea of mass money pox vaccination to the public: The World Health Organization (WHO) maintains that the growing monkeypox outbreak remains “containable,” and that there’s no immediate need for mass vaccination against the orthopoxvirus; since May 7, a total of 131 confirmed cases and 106 suspected cases have been reported in countries where it usually does not spread. (Reuters)
No immediate need. Let that statement ferment in your unconscious. It seems like a benign sentence, but implicit in it is the idea that soon there may well be a need to mass vaccinate the population against money pox, a disease that has never before spread due to casual contact. I don’t think we even know the actual mortality rate for money pox. Has a westerner ever died from it?
Could this possibly be the same money pox that occurs in Africa? If so, how did it suddenly appear in so many countries at once? This fact alone—its novel, never-before-seen pattern of spread, should make us question whether it is a biowarfare agent being seeded deliberately. Probably not meant to kill us, maybe not even to harm us much. We can’t tell yet, based on the minimalist info coming out of our esteemed public health agencies. Perhaps it’s here just to nudge us to get another shot?
Below I give you the basics on smallpox, monkeypox and the newest vaccines coming to a clinic near you:
by Meryl Nass, MD

Deputies Set Motorcyclist And Themselves On Fire After Tasing Him At Gaspump
As TFTP reported last week, for the last several months, 26-year-old Jean Barreto has been fighting for his life in a Florida hospital after being set on fire by an Osceola County deputy. Barreto was pumping gas when a deputy deployed a taser, ignited the pump, causing it to explode, and cooked this man alive.
Since that day, the Osceola County sheriff’s department has refused to cooperate with media and attorney inquiries in regard to releasing body camera footage but over the weekend, all that changed and the footage was quietly released. Now, the officer who started the fire, Deputy David Crawford is facing charges as the footage shows the entirely unnecessary use of force which burned a man alive and set two other officers ablaze as well.
Crawford has since been charged with culpable negligence—a misdemeanor. As for his victim, Barreto has yet to face charges, though police are still threatening charges of fleeing law enforcement, reckless driving and resisting arrest—if he survives.
by Matt Agorist

Teen Who Says He Knew Shooter Shares Disturbing Details He Says No One Is Reporting (Text and Video)
A student at Uvalde High School in Texas who says he knew Salvador Ramos rejected the prevailing media narrative that the gunman was the victim of bullying, and this was the catalyst for his May 24 mass shooting at Robb Elementary School. Ivan Arellano, a senior at Uvalde High School, told WFAA-TV in Dallas that Ramos “was not a good person” and had been a bully himself. “Salvador Ramos was a boy who was not bullied,” Arellano said on Wednesday. “He would try to pick on people but fail, and it would aggravate him.”
Shortly before the attack, the 18-year-old gunman shot his grandmother in her home. Celia Martinez Gonzales, 66, was reported to be in stable condition at a San Antonio hospital. Arellano, who was friends with one of the victims, wanted to set the record straight because he had not seen any media coverage spotlighting Ramos’ cruel personality. “I don’t see this covered and I’m going to put this out there: He would hurt animals. He was not a good person,” he said.
by Samantha Chang

This Is Probably The Worst Thing I Have Seen So Far
You can’t spell hypocrisy without psycho!
Please read this article recently published online in the Toronto Star and written by Health Reporter Megan Ogilvie and Staff Reporter May Warren. You can simply read my screenshots if you’ve been subjected to inflation. To summarize, one Torontonian Dr. Sun claims to have put HIS neck on the line by illegally and unethically injecting 500 infants (children <5) with COVID-19 products that are now proven entirely obsolete against Omicron, in order to protect them from Omicron. Sounds informed and up-to-date, doesn’t he?
He felt he “ethically had no reason to say no”. Say ‘no’ to whom? To the parents? Were those parents signing consent forms for their children? How about liability waivers? How about CAERS reports in the case where one of those 500 infants was injured? If this person was up-to-date in the slightest, or had any ethical bearing, he would have let the concerned parents know that there was nothing to be concerned about, and if their children got a runny nose to give them soup and orange juice.
by Jessica Rose

Ex-Louvre Director Charged In Egyptian Artefacts Trafficking Case
The former president of the Louvre museum in Paris has been charged with fraud in acquisition of archaeological treasures that may have been taken out of Egypt during the Arab Spring uprisings. Jean-Luc Martinez who ran the Paris Louvre, the most visited museum in the world, from 2013-21 was charged this week after he was taken in by police for questioning, a French judicial source told Agence France-Presse.
Martinez, who now serves as an ambassador for international cooperation in the field of heritage, stepped down as the Louvre’s president last year. He was charged with fraud and “concealing the origin of criminally obtained works by false endorsement,” according to a French judicial source. Martinez, who has denied any wrongdoing, is also accused of neglecting fake certificates of origin for the pieces.
by Press TV

Vice Presidents (Video 5:41)
How it started. How it’s going.
by Good Citizen

What Really Happened In Uvalde?
Before I begin, if you believe Uvalde, Parkland, or any of the other school shootings didn’t happen, stop readin.
As we all try our best to make sense of another mass killing in the United States, we’re learning more and more about the situation and getting a better picture of what did (and didn’t) happen. It is of the utmost importance to make sense of these events and learn from them. So much so that if we had done exactly that on February 14, 2018, we may have a different situation today. I am going to outline the series of events as stated by law enforcement officials in Uvalde, TX regarding the shooting, followed by some questions that I feel are incredibly relevant and need answers.
But before we start the timeline, we must first ask an extremely important question: How did an 18 year old man, with no known employment, whom was living with his grandmother because of an addict mother, afford: -Two expensive firearms made by Daniel Defense ($2,000 each) -an EOTech optic ($400-$700) -1,657 rounds of .223 ammo ($800-1000 depending on how they were purchased) -body armor ($500-1000) -and over 60 magazines ($10-20 each) for a total of approximately $6300 to $8,000? Most established adult Americans, especially after the last two years and the current economy, can’t afford a fraction of that. But this young 18 year old was able to do so with no known job and all on a debit (not credit!) card? In a border town reportedly overrun by the worst of the worst from the US Border…I’ll let you make your own assumptions.
by CannCon

The Mass Shooting And Liberal Utopian Society
A Feature, Not a Bug…
In the last two weeks, there have been two mass shootings in the United States, and the second took place this week at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. These shootings have reignited the regime’s already intense desire for a disarmed populace. Even before the bodies of the dead children had been removed from the school, our mentally diminished President spoke to the nation, demanding that rifles (which he is not even able to accurately describe) be confiscated across a 330 million person country spanning an entire continent. This despicable man, and the legion of sociopathic ghouls arrayed behind him, are clearly overjoyed that there is a classroom full of young children lying dead in Texas. They don’t actually care about the anguish of parents who will never see their child grow up. Their deaths are merely a political prop for the most evil people on the planet.
by Pastor Andrew Isker

Russia Says US Sparks Off Food Crisis In Ukraine By Depriving It Of Grain Reserves
Russia says the United States is provoking a food crisis in Ukraine by depriving the ex-Soviet country of its grain reserves. Since the onset of Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine on February 24, waves of unprecedented sanctions from the United States and its European allies have been imposed on Moscow. They are also pouring advanced weapons in Ukraine, a move that Moscow has time and again warned would prolong the conflict.
The ongoing war, and its subsequent blockade on Ukraine’s Black Sea ports, has endangered the world food supply by preventing Ukraine from shipping its agricultural products. Ukraine, one of the world’s biggest grain producers, is a major exporter of corn, barley, sunflower oil and rapeseed oil. However, it now cannot export its grain via its Black Sea ports due to the war, which has reduced its grain exports this month by more than half compared to a year ago.
by Press TV