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The ‘Pandemic Sanhedrin’ Is Spinning A ‘Labyrinth’ Of Covid Lies by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Our ‘Ariadne’s thread’ is the defense of the family, of the social and religious fabric of the nation, of our culture which is inescapably Christian, Catholic and Roman. You have gathered today in Rome, in Piazza del Popolo, and in many other squares in Italy, as hundreds of thousands of people around the world manifest their opposition to the establishment of a global tyranny. Millions of citizens of every nation, in the deafening silence of the media, have been shouting their own “No!” For months: No to pandemic madness, No to lockdowns, curfews, the imposition of vaccinations, No to health passports, to the blackmail of a totalitarian power enslaved by the elite. Almost two years have passed since the beginning of this planetary nightmare. We entered a labyrinth step by step. At the beginning it was the masks indoors; then came the lockdowns with self-certifications; then the curfew … remember? Each time, faced with an abuse that might seem justified by the emergency, we have accepted to let ourselves be deprived of a bit of freedom. Step by step. They prevented us from going to church, leaving the house, working, going to school, visiting loved ones and even dying relatives in the hospital. Step by step. At a certain time of the evening, in our streets, we saw only the riders for the Amazon and JustEat deliveries: New victims of the Great Reset, new slaves of the System, together with many small entrepreneurs, owners of shops, bars and restaurants, forced into bankruptcy by absurd, illegitimate and counterproductive rules.

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