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Nature Ridiculizes The “Bacterial Theory” (Foundation Of Medicine) by Enrico Manicardi

Demonstrating That The Declared “State Of Siege” Can Eradicate Only Our Freedom
The so-called “bacterial theory” (officially known as “disease germs theory”, and also called “germs theory” or “microbial theory”) is a scientific theory worked out by the French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur (1822 – 1895), according to whom the infectious disease would be caused by types of unchangeable bacteria, able to invade the body from an external source. More generally, after the work of the German microbiologist Robert Koch (1843 – 1910) – that completed Pasteur’s in 1880 –, and also after the discovery of viruses (1890), the bacterial theory argues that micro-organisms so small that can be seen only with microscope, defined “pathogens” (bacteria, viruses, protists, prions, etc.), would invade from outside human beings, animals, plants, and other living hosts causing the disease (called “infectious”). Since this is a theory, it doesn’t rise the acclaimed truth. However today it is considered “the scientific theory of the disease”, i.e. the official explanation given by Medicine to the arising of the disease (and also represents the ideological ground of the vaccinal practice), it keeps being a “theory”, i.e. an opinion, a conjecture, a belief, exactly like the one defended by the Catholic Church in Seventeenth century against Galileo Galilei, believing that the sun turned around the Earth (geocentric Ptolemaic cosmology). On the other hand, if believing in Ptolemy’s geocentric theory can be easy (actually, what we see every day is a sun that rises, moves through the sky, and sets), the idea that in the Nature there are terrifying little animals that want the death of people, animals, plants, and other living beings, as an end in itself, isn’t only a disputable, but also an absurd idea, and above all, it is senseless from a biological point of view: how can a living being want the death of another one only in order to kill it? The viruses would attack the other living beings only to kill them, and afterwards to die with them: a biological absurdity! Not even the parasites, that stick to other living beings to nourish themselves and live (sometimes with very dangerous effects for the host), do it with the precise aim of killing. Although the Medicine isn’t inclined to admit this, and its promoters, well integrated in the ranks of the health system, have been indoctrinated first to believe that it proclaims truths and not disputable opinions, the bacterial theory keeps being a disputable one: besides being a biological contradiction, it is an ideologically well-oriented paradigm as well.

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