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English Touring Opera Fires Half Its Orchestra For Being White by Kyle Hunt

We’re living in a world where you can lose your job just because you are White, but somehow this is not considered racism. “Increased diversity” is just a euphemism for less White people. Since everyone is pushing for “increased diversity” now, it really just means there are very few places that White people will be able to find any work. This is happening all the time now, across almost every sector, but there is little to no uproar about destroying people’s livelihoods based solely on their race. It’s supposedly “racist” to oppose anti-White racism. Any time you have affirmative action hiring, there is no fairness to be found. There is only race-based discrimination, with White people being unfairly denied gainful employment. How can people not understand that it’s wrong to impoverish White people? Although this might seem like a small story, this is how White genocide is unfolding in everyday life. White people are denied employment simply for being White. It must be stopped.

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