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Godless Governments – I by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

The Eighth Commandment quite forbids all lies.
With reason – human life they pulverise.
Without a true God or His personal judgement at death to fear, what is there to stop rulers or ruling elites from exploiting their privileged rank for their own benefit and not that of the people they rule? A modern politician answers to nobody except the media. The media answer to very few people who do not belong to a race lusting for world domination by means of installing their New World Order. But this NWO can only be installed secretly because it will eliminate the last vestiges of Christendom, including all the liberties that derived from Christendom – it is not freedom that gives truth, because of original sin. It is truth that gives freedom (Jn. VIII, 32), it was Christian truth that gave the West its political freedoms, and life, whereas the NWO plans to kill off billions of the world’s populations (just as the Covid “vaccines” are starting to do).

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