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A Breakup Letter…To Society by Raminder Mulla

In The Name Of Those Who Had Their Trust Misplaced. Better Than Forgiveness, Is Vigilance.
Dear Society, It’s time for us to part. We’ve both changed and I don’t think we can be together anymore. When we first met, you were huge, radiant, so full of promise. I still remember the words you said to me; It didn’t matter that you said them to so many others. ’If you work hard, be kind, and look after others, then life will be good. I will look after you.’ For quite a while, you did and everything was good. I worked hard in our younger days in the hope that all that I learned could be used to for you. So much of it was for you. I even tried to bring some new knowledge into the world, since I thought you’d rather like that. It sounded like you did, but actions speak louder than words, and I could always feel your gaze drifting to that one in the corner with the sharp suit and a tongue to match, who often told you he’d like to chop you up and sell bits of you back to yourself. I suppose that should have been a red flag.

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