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Yeadon Sums It Up “These Are Not ‘Slip-Ups’, ‘Well-Intentioned Mistakes’, ‘Erring On The Side Of Caution’ Or Similar. They’re Deliberately Misleading.” by Dr. Mike Yeadon (Text and Video)

To all on this list, It is quite clear to me that, whatever the truth is about the origins of the virus or whether or not it actually exists in the precise form that we’re told, certain things have happened & continue to happen. Very closely together in time, scores of countries simultaneously discarded their […]

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A Thoughtful Look At The German-Soviet Clash: Could Hitler Have Won? Review by Joseph Bishop

How close did Hitler come to winning World War II? What was the real turning point in the war, and why? In this pathbreaking revisionist study [Hitler’s Panzers East], Professor Stolfi provides some startling answers to these questions. If Hitler had played his cards just a bit differently, contends the author — a professor of […]