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12-Year-Olds To Be Vaccinated Without Parental Consent In San Francisco by Kenton Biffert

The coronavirus vaccines are not fully approved by the FDA, but merely granted emergency use authorization. In a health order released April 28, 2021, the City of San Francisco officially allowed children as young as 12 to take the coronavirus vaccine without parental notification or consent. The health order was issued even though the vaccines have not been fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but are merely given an emergency use authorization. “The U.S. Supreme Court recognized decades ago that most children, even in adolescence, are not yet ready to make the kind of long term, potentially life-altering decisions often involved in their medical care,” he said. “The Court rightly declared that it is the proper role of parents to make those judgments. Yet today, we are seeing a flood of orders like this one that ignore this vital parental role. Claiming to give a child ‘freedom’ to make their own decision, all they really do is rob the child of the protection that fit, loving, older and wiser parents can give them from a wrong decision. Such orders put children’s lives at risk, and should be discarded for the unconstitutional rubbish that they are.” “It isn’t ‘freedom’ if the only time the law empowers a minor to defy her parents is when she’s making the decision the government wants her to make in the first place,” Ramey continued. “That’s not freedom: it’s coercion of a minor who has been stripped of her defenses.”

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