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May 22, 2022

Bill Gates Archive With 558 Posts

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Snippits And Snappits
Laugh Knowledgeably At Our Enemy. The Devil And His Brood Hate To Be Mocked.
Saturday Cartoons: Mistakes, Myopia And Ambitions: May 21, 2022

ACH (1794) I’m Talking To YOU #17 – The Lady Of Shalott (Audio 45:07)
In today’s show originally broadcast on May 21 2022, Andy presents a show entitled, “The Lady Of Shalott.”
“I’m Talking To YOU,” is an unscripted solo show covering a variety of topics, which is only available on Andy’s website, and unlike his other shows, is not syndicated elsewhere.
by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Could Monkeypox Be The Next “COVID-19”? What Did The Secret 2021 “Monkeypox Exercise” Say? (Audio and Video)
Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (5/20/22).
As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.
by Ryan Cristián

Iran Revolutionary Guard Colonel Assassinated
The Quds Force member was shot five times outside his home in Tehran
Sayyad Khodaei, a colonel in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ elite foreign operations squad, the Quds Force, has been shot dead by a pair of motorcycle-mounted assassins outside his home on Mojahedin-e Eslam Street in Tehran, Iranian state media reported on Sunday. Khodaei was shot five times while sitting in his car in broad daylight on the street, which is considered a secure area and located near the Iranian parliament. His body was discovered by his wife, and the Tehran prosecutor quickly appeared on the scene to call for a thorough and rapid police investigation.
The IRGC decried Khodaei’s murder as a “terrorist act” and blamed “elements linked to global arrogance” for the crime, a reference to the US, Israel and their allies. He was described as a “defender of the shrines,” meaning he fought with the Quds Force in Syria and Iraq. “The sworn enemies of the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran once again showed their evil nature with the assassination and martyrdom of one of the members of the IRGC troops,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Saeed Khatibzadeh said following the announcement of Khodaei’s killing.
by RT

Why The World Should Be Very Concerned About New Zealand Under The Jacinda Government
The New Zealand government relies upon a science body known as Te Punaha Matatini (Centre for Science in Society) whose work is funded directly by the office of the Prime Minister and cabinet. Yesterday, Te Punaha Matatini published a 21-page document entitled “The Murmuration of Information Disorders” (see attached release from the Science Media Centre) designating those opposed to the government’s pandemic policies as violent right wing insurrectionists planning the weaponised storming of parliament and the execution of public servants, academics, journalists, politicians, and healthcare workers.
This 21-page document, represented to the public as a scientific paper, contains not a single discussion of the scientific concerns being raised in opposition to government pandemic policy. It omits for example analyses of the government’s own official figures which show that the vaccinated are more vulnerable to infection, hospitalisation, and death than the unvaccinated, a fact that has been deliberately hidden from the public. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern introduced yesterday’s Te Punaha Matatini report with the words: “One day it will be our job to try and understand how a group of people could succumb to such wild and dangerous mis- and disinformation. And while many of us have seen that disinformation and dismissed it as conspiracy theory, a small portion of our society have not only believed it, they have acted upon it in an extreme and violent way that cannot stand. We have a difficult journey in front of us to address the underlying cause.” I am tempted to think that Ardern could just as well be talking about her own government.
by Guy Hatchard

Florida Appeals Court Reinstates Congressional Map Signed Into Law By Governor DeSantis
Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida lawmakers proposed a redistricting map in April for the Sunshine State. The new map gets rid of previous gerrymandered seats and gives Republicans a 20 to 8 advantage in the state. The new map proposed by Governor DeSantis will give Republicans 4 new seats in the US Congress. The new map includes an extra seat awarded to Florida this year due to its population growth. Democrats caught a break earlier this month when a judge who reviewed the maps declared the changes in the northern part of the state to be unconstitutional. But on Friday a Florida appeals court reinstated Governor DeSantis’s map that was signed into law last month. This allows the new districts to take effect for now.
by Jim Hoft

WHO Wants To Censor Infodemic “Misinformation” With Pandemic Treaty
A World Health Organization White Paper advocating for expanding WHO powers through the pandemic treaty puts tackling “infodemic” COVID “misinformation” at the top of their list.
Under the guise of “Community protection,” the WHO writes, “Infodemic of COVID-19 misinformation – often combined with ineffective and inconsistent risk communication and public health messaging – eroded public trust in public health authorities and science and undermined the effectiveness of public health and social measures and the demand for countermeasures such as vaccines.” “… New techniques for infodemic management can counteract some of the corrosive effects of misinformation on public trust in science and authorities, but enduring trust and resilience must be built through effective engagement with communities before, during, and after health emergencies.”
According to the WHO, national governments should receive support to “coordinate risk communication and infodemic management policies and strategies that ensure health and wellbeing at all times” to build “misinformation” resilience. The WHO further states that public health institutes should work with “influential private companies” to communicate the risk of misinformation and that social media should “develop infodemic management and community engagement tools.”In other words, the WHO expects social media companies to continue doing what they’ve done throughout the pandemic: censor people and media organizations who go against the mainstream narrative. But what’s an infodemic?
by Keean Bext

The DHS’ Latest Appointment To The Disinformation Board Adds To Its Credibility Problem
Michael Chertoff himself has pushed false claims about disinformation and is a prime example of how boards such as this shouldn’t exist.
The US administration is getting further entangled in missteps, in an attempt to create a credible Disinformation Governance Board. The latest addition to the outfit, former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff – now nominated as the board’s adviser by the same agency – is unlikely to add to the credibility or clear up “confusion” about the board’s role – given that he, too, in the past peddled misinformation, reports say.
The infamous case of the Hunter Biden laptop is at the center of it all, as more officials who have pushed the now-debunked theory that the emails retrieved from the device were not authentic but a Russian conspiracy are getting appointed to the board. This new government body is often referred to by critics as the “Ministry of Truth” – a reference to Orwell’s “1984” where the said ministry served a purpose opposite of “truth” – its job was to falsify historical events in order to advance government propaganda. Chertoff – along with former CIA director Leon Panetta and several others who also in the past broadcast what turned out to be false claims that the publishing of the Biden emails was “a Russian operation” are now joining the board in advisory roles.
by Didi Rankovic

Hillary Clinton’s Trump/Russia Media Strategy Revealed
Sussmann trial day 4
Yesterday morning we saw the continued testimony of former FBI general counsel James Baker and Hillary Clinton Campaign manager Robby Mook. (As we previously observed, Mook had already admitted to being briefed on “general updates concerning” Fusion GPS findings – though he has denied knowing who Fusion GPS was.) I’m traveling this weekend and can’t do the deepest dive into yesterday’s testimony – including that of the CIA agent in the afternoon session – but here are the highlights from Baker and Mook.
Some final thoughts: while this trial is about Sussmann’s false statements to the FBI, it’s also more than that. This is Special Counsel John Durham telling the public the story of the Clinton opposition research machine, and how the campaign, through their lawyers and contractors (Fusion GPS), developed and spread lies to the media to influence the election. It’s the story of Clinton Campaign lawyers to using the FBI to further that strategy of deception. With that in mind, do not forget the Igor Danchenko case. Is it the case that Charles Dolan, a Hillary Clinton friend and supporter, was coincidentally feeding false information to Christopher Steele’s primary sub source?
And on that thread, what are the odds that another Clinton ally – Alexander Downer – took his “info” to the FBI? Downer’s tip was referenced in the opening of the Alfa Bank-Trump investigation, seen below. (Note that the FBI misrepresents both the Downer tip and Mifsud’s purported statement to George Papadopolous.) Are we to believe the Clinton Campaign and it’s agents had nothing to do with Dolan and Downer? When it comes to the broader Trump/Russia matter, there are too many Clinton links to ignore. Let’s hope that Durham is unraveling that thread.
by Techno Fog

Western Media Run Blatant Atrocity Propaganda For The Ukrainian Government
The Ukrainian government is quickly learning that it can say anything, literally anything at all, about what’s happening on the ground there and get it uncritically reported as an actual news story by the mainstream western press.
The latest story making the rounds is a completely unevidenced claim made by a Ukrainian government official that Russians are going around raping Ukrainian babies to death. Business Insider, The Daily Beast, The Daily Mail and Yahoo News have all run this story despite no actual evidence existing for it beyond the empty assertions of a government who would have every incentive to lie.
“A one-year-old boy died after being raped by two Russian soldiers, the Ukrainian Parliament’s Commissioner for Human Rights said on Thursday,” reads a report by Business Insider which was subsequently picked up by Yahoo News. “The accusation is one of the most horrific from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but is not unique.”
by Caitlin Johnstone

Could Cannabis Be The Best Anti-Aging Component? Telomeres And Brain Health
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if cannabis’ healing properties can reverse aging? A recent study is leading us to investigate just that. The results are adding to a promising list of findings that should continue to encourage cannabis research.
According to new research published in the scientific journal Nature Medicine, a team of researchers gave mice low doses of THC at three different life stages: two months, 12 months (mature) and 18 months (old age). These scientists believe that the THC stimulates the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), a biochemical pathway throughout the central and peripheral nervous system that becomes less active with age. The study builds from a theory that the brain’s ECS is related to cognitive aging and decline. The older we get, the more the activity in this system slows down, and our brains gradually produce fewer naturally occurring endocannabinoids. The consequences of this slowdown aren’t entirely understood, but there’s enough evidence from animal models to suggest that it’s tied to memory loss and decreased learning ability.
According to The University of Bonn’s Professor Andreas Zimmer, one of the study’s authors, “With increasing age, the quantity of the cannabinoids naturally formed in the brain reduces.” Zimmer continued, “When the activity of the cannabinoid system declines, we find rapid aging in the brain.” According to lead author Andras Bilkei-Gorzo, also of the University of Bonn, “If we can rejuvenate the brain so that everybody gets five-to-ten more years without needing extra care, then that is more than we could have imagined.”
by Dr. Pepper Hernandez

Governments Worried About Covid Misinformation Should Start With Their Own Lies and Distortions, Says U.S. State Attorney General
Governments concerned about Covid misinformation should start with their own lies and distortions, Indiana’s Attorney General has told the U.S. Government. In a submission to the U.S. Surgeon General, who had requested information on the impact of online health misinformation during the pandemic in the United States, Todd Rokita joined with leading scientists Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Dr. Martin Kulldorff to set out nine examples of disinformation propagated by the CDC and other health organisations that have “shattered the public’s trust in science and public health and will take decades to repair”. Read their full submission below.
by Will Jones

A Step Towards Cheaper Solar Power
Organic solar panels have the potential to rapidly improve our solar capacity. These can be printed like newspaper—and so can be flexible, lightweight, much cheaper to make, and more versatile than current silicon solar technology. However for over three decades, organic solar panel research has been held back by the fact that when the organic solar panels absorb light, the excited negative electrons and positive charges remain “stuck” together. In order to generate solar power, these positive and negative charges must be split, or freed from each other. To do this, solar researchers have had to make complicated blends of materials to split the electrons apart to generate electricity. This has added significant complications and has resulted in efficiency losses.
by MacDiarmid Institute

It’s Time That U.S. Taxpayers Defund The Davos Sponsor – World Economic Forum
The WEF received $60 million In taxpayer funding over the last eight years.
Davos. It’s a “playground” for the world’s billionaire business elite. Every year, the uberrich and powerful people descend upon a picturesque ski town in Switzerland to mix with world leaders. They discuss shaping our future into a utopian global society. For the first time since 2019, the 2022 Davos meeting will be in person beginning Sunday, May 22. The host organization, World Economic Forum (WEF), founded by German economist Klaus Schwab, says it provides a platform for high-powered leaders to “shape global, regional and industry agendas.” In other words, they want to socialize the world order and much of this runs contrary to American values.
Attendees cough up $28,000 just for a ticket, with a coveted all-access badge fetching more like $50,000 – and that’s before attendees spend tens or hundreds of thousands on private air travel, ski chalets, and entertainment. You probably didn’t even realize it, but you – the American taxpayer – helped fund the sponsoring organization with tens of millions of dollars in federal grants. Since 2013, WEF received nearly $60 million from U.S. taxpayers. Our auditors at OpenTheBooks.com found that under the Trump Administration, the WEF received $33 million, which outpaced the $26 million in second-term Obama-era funding.
Why are American taxpayers funding this organization?
by Adam Andrzejewski

German Prosecutors Seek 5 Years For 101-Year-Old German Sentry
German prosecutors have sought a five-year prison sentence for a 101-year-old man who is on trial for his alleged role as a guard at a concentration camp during World War II, which ended 77 years ago. The former conscript soldier who would have been in his early twenties at the time is ludicrously charged with 3,518 counts of being an accessory to murder at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. He has been identified only as Josef S. in keeping with German privacy rules. The defendant has been on trial since October at the Neuruppin state court, with hearings being held in the nearby eastern city of Brandenburg. He has told the court that he didn’t know the Sachsenhausen camp. However, there are no formal pleas in the German legal system and on many occasions lawyers for the defence have been dismissed, fined and even gaoled for offering a defence.
by Michael Walsh

How Has Monkeypox Spread All Over The Globe At Lightning Speed?
What in the world is going on? In the past, we were told that monkeypox was not a major concern because it was so difficult to spread it from person to person. But now monkeypox seems to be spreading like wildfire. On May 7th, the very first case in the western world in 2022 was confirmed in the United Kingdom. Now here we are less than two weeks later and there are now dozens of confirmed and suspected cases in seven different countries outside of Africa. Yesterday, I discussed the cases that have popped up in Spain, Portugal and the United States. Now there are three more nations that are reporting confirmed or suspected cases, and that should greatly alarm all of us.
The confirmed case in Massachusetts involves a man that had recently traveled to Canada, and so it was suspected that there were additional cases among the Canadians. Earlier today, we learned that “thirteen probable cases are being investigated in Canada”, and the test results for those thirteen “probable cases” should be released soon. Meanwhile, a case has been confirmed all the way up in Sweden…
by Michael Snyder

We Finally Learn Something From The Sussmann Trial
The trial of former top Clinton and DNC lawyer, Michael Sussmann, began on Monday. I haven’t been attempting to cover it, for three reasons: Better qualified lawyers are giving it blow by blow coverage, which I don’t have time to do even if I were as qualified; and For the most part there’s no real news coming out of the trial, due mainly to the very limited scope of the indictment (false statements to the FBI). I’ll expand on the second reason.
What we’re seeing in the testimony so far simply confirms what every intelligent person has known all along. The lawyers are excited because Marc Elias-ueber Dem election lawyer-is finally on the stand testifying under oath. For all his dodging, he admitted under oath that, in effect, the whole Russia Hoax was a Clinton op and was coordinated at the highest levels of the Clinton organization. Fine, but did anyone doubt that? Of course not. The practical effect of that and similar testimony-if any-remains to be seen.
As for Sussmann, he basically doesn’t deny the facts contained in Durhams charge. Sussmann’s defense amounts to Hillary’s Libya defense—Sure I lied, but what does it matter? It may or may not work, but it’s not the kind of defense or prosecution that’s conducive to bombshell revelations. It might be very different if Sussmann were the innocent victim of a politically motivated government setup but, really, who believes that? However, there has been a revelation, and one which bears upon the possibility that John Solomon raised—that Durham may be contemplating charges against former top FBI officials and, possibly, DoJ officials.
Mark Wauck

America’s Church Leaders Now Wolves In Shepherd’s Clothing
Those who claim to be tolerant shout that they can’t tolerate everyone
American culture is unraveling. Few would argue otherwise. Whether you stand on the right or left of the political divide, we all seem to agree on one thing: Something is desperately wrong. The United States has become the divided states. “E pluribus unum” has become “ex uno plures.” Where we were once a diverse people coming together in common cause, we now seem to be a fractured country with no social and moral glue to hold us together. A nation that, just yesterday, taught its progeny the value of axioms such as “give me liberty or give me death” now responds to a 99% survivable health “crisis” with “I fear death, so everyone should lose their liberty.”
We are self-refuting at every turn. Those who claim to be tolerant shout that they can’t tolerate everyone else’s intolerance. People waving banners of “love trumps hate” declare that they absolutely hate the people they view to be hateful. Teachers teach that there is no such thing as truth. Preachers preach that they know nothing can be known. Politicians swear to honor and defend a Constitution that they then disparage as an antiquated document of systemic racism, intersectionality and white privilege. Feminists deny the biological fact of the female. Misogynists march with MeToo. Child advocates advocate for the right to kill children. Proponents of prenatal health are now apologists for perinatal death. The world is upside down. How did we get in this mess?
by Everett Piper

Fauci Recommends Stopping Spread Of Monkeypox By Covering Eyes, Ears, Mouth
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Monkeypox pandemic has finally breached the shores of the United States, with the CDC confirming a staggering 1 infections so far. In response, America’s favorite, most trusted doctor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, issued a statement recommending people stop the spread of Monkeypox by covering their eyes, ears, and mouth. Fauci accepted 137 TV interviews and a book deal after issuing the guidelines essentially recommending people look the other way rather than investigate the source of this new outbreak.
“As I, the Science, have always said, lockdowns don’t work. What really works is turning a blind eye to where this outbreak nonsense may or may not have leaked from,” said Dr. Fauci to a fawning NBC news anchor trying to get his autograph. “And I’d like to add that there is no evidence the Monkeypox outbreak is connected to the NIH-funded Institute of Monkeypox Studies next door to patient zero.”
by BabylonBee.com

What Is The History Of Monkeypox?
Monkeypox has a relatively recent history. People first discovered it in monkeys in 1958, although a “vesicular disease in monkeys” was described in the 1860s. The disease, and eventually the causative virus, was named monkeypox because the lesions (pox) seen in monkeys developed like other known pox-forming diseases (pustules that eventually break open, ulcerate, crust over, and some pox form scars in the skin). Later studies showed the “monkeypox” virus was actually sustained endemically in African rodents.
It was not until 1970 in Africa (Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo also termed Republic of the Congo, DRC, and Congo), when a 9-year-old boy (who developed smallpox-like lesions) was the first person to eventually be diagnosed with monkeypox. This situation initially caused concern that smallpox may also have an animal reservoir or endemic population that would make eradication of smallpox impossible. Fortunately, this was not the case because monkeypox was found to be a different species of poxvirus, and smallpox was eradicated from the human population by vaccinations in 1979 (currently, only a few research labs have access to smallpox viruses). Monkeypox is now the major Orthopoxvirus (also termed orthopox) that infects humans and fortunately, not frequently.
However, vigilance is warranted, as there have been several outbreaks of monkeypox since the 1970s. Although most have occurred in Africa (mainly western and central Africa), there was an outbreak in the U.S. in 2003. This apparently happened when an animal distributor either housed or transported monkeypox-infected African rodents (Gambian rats) with prairie dogs that people later purchased as pets, became “sick,” and transmitted the disease to their owners. Other animals like the rope squirrel (Funisciurus anerythrus) and the sun squirrel (Heliosciurus rufobrachium) may transmit the virus to humans in Africa.
The usual prognosis of patients with monkeypox is good to excellent. Many patients have mild symptoms. However, patients with immune or other compromised health problems (malnutrition, lung problems) may develop complications of secondary bacterial infections, pneumonia, and dehydration. Older estimations of a 10% death rate were published, but in the last 10-15 years, this has been revised to less than 2% of infected individuals, with the worst cases originating from animal-to-human infection, not person to person.
by MediconeNet

Is Monkeypox Hype A Paid Media Campaign?
One Case in the US Gets Enormous Media Attention
I love reading news and I know that I tend to be too alarmist. Thus, the recent monkeypox talk, that is all over the liberal press and Twitter, piqued my interest. Is there a new terrible pandemic coming? Will it kill 10% of our population? Do we need to trust science, as always, and urgently inject ourselves with a recently developed “monkeypox vaccine”, that is definitely safe and effective? Should we forget Covid vaccination lies and abuses, endless illness among the boosted, etc, and again look at “health authorities” as our saviors, swallowing every word? Or, perhaps, this is just noise and the media trying to distract us from something? Is someone paying off the media to sell us a new concern and new “treatments”? Let’s look.
by Igor Chudov

Why Is A New War Coming To Afghanistan?
Afghanistan, every now and then, is hit by a bomb attack. Most of the recent attacks have been claimed by the Islamic State in Khorasan (terrorist organization, banned in Russia). Its ability to orchestrate highly sophisticated attacks shows that the group, contrary to the claims the US military officials made during the US occupation of Afghanistan, has not lost its strength at all. But, to the surprise of many, the IS-K, while a potent threat to the Taliban (radical organization, banned in Russia) and the wider region of South and Central Asia, a new armed resistance is emerging against the Taliban, this time led by local Afghans rather than transnational jihadis. Afghanistan’s National Resistance Front (NRF) being led by Ahmad Massoud and Amrullah Saleh, Afghanistan’s former vice president, has officially launched an offensive against the Taliban. Scores of other armed groups, too, have announced their formations and declared their intentions, on their Facebook pages and otherwise, to resist the Taliban on their own or in alliance with the NRF.
by Salman Rafi Sheikh

CDC Used Cell Phone Data To Track Americans During Lockdowns And COVID Vaccination Campaigns
The cell phones of tens of millions of Americans were tracked by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials, who used location data to ensure compliance with COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccination campaigns according to Vice, which was able to obtain internal documents through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).1
The CDC used the cell phone data to determine whether lockdown quarantine curfews and travel restrictions were complied with, to track people entering K-12 public schools, and to monitor the effectiveness of COVID response policies, particularly within the Navajo Nation.2
The cell phone data was given to the CDC by the databroker, SafeGraph, at first for no cost. Starting in 2021, the CDC paid the company $420,000 to continue to receive cell phone data. SafeGraph is backed by billionaire and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel3 and ex-Saudi intelligence chief Turki bin Faisal Al Saud, among other investors.4
by Carolyn Hendler, JD

Quinnipiac Poll, 60 Percent Of Hispanics Disapprove Of Joe Biden, 61 Percent Of Young Voters Feel Same, Overall Approval Drops To 35 Percent
The latest polling from Quinnipiac [DATA HERE] about American opinion of Joe Biden is quite remarkable. With numbers like this the Democrat communists are positioned for substantial losses in the mid-term election.
Biden’s overall approval has dropped to 35% with 57% disapproval.
Among young voters aged 18-to-34 the disapproval is 61% (approval 27%).
Among Hispanics Biden disapproval is 60% (approval 26%).
Among Independent voters disapproval is 62% (approval 30%)
Joe Biden’s highest level of constituent support comes from older, black, female, democrats. NOT accidentally, that exact demographic is the backbone of the national African Episcopal Methodist (AME) church network, which was activated by the alliance between James Clyburn and Barack Obama in 2020 to support the Biden installation.
by Sundance

House Passes Antisemitism Resolution Calling For Surveillance And Censorship Of Online Content
Only one Member of Congress voted against the resolution.
The House of Representatives has voted to pass a resolution that calls for increased surveillance and censorship of online speech, to help reduce antisemitism. The resolution goes beyond condemning antisemitism; it goes into the realm of calling on social media platforms to do more to stop it. We obtained a copy of the resolution for you here. The resolution calls on social media platforms to “institute stronger and more significant efforts to measure and address online antisemitism” and, like most resolutions of this kind, pays lip-service to the idea of “protecting free speech concerns,” without providing details on how this is possible.
The resolution also calls for the house to work “in tandem with the cross-party Inter-parliamentary Task Force to Combat Online Anti- semitism to help craft thoughtful global initiatives designed to address online antisemitism.” The resolution names platforms specifically, saying there has been an uptick in “antisemitic language, conspiracy theories, and hatred has increased on multiple social media platforms—from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and TikTok.” Rep. Thomas Massie, a Republican, was the only member of the House that recognized the implications of government once again trying to insert themselves into moderation on online platforms and voted against the bill on free speech grounds.
by Christina Maas

May 21, 2022

Jetson ONE – Flying Through The Forest (1:32)

Sam Tripoli Interview – As Engineered Crises Unfold We Must Fortify Physically, Mentally And Spiritually (Audio and Video)
Joining me today Sam Tripoli, here to discuss the current state of the world, and the engineered crises that have been used to drive us here. We will also discuss how to protect yourself from all of this, physically, mentally, and spiritually.
by Ryan Cristián

Tim Noakes On A Low Carb Lifestyle: Interview by Jerm Warfare (1:13:32)
Tim Noakes is one of the highest ranked sports scientists in the world. Prof Noakes was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1949. As a youngster, he had a keen interest in sport and attended Diocesan College in Cape Town. Following this, he studied at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and obtained an MBChB degree in 1974, an MD in 1981 and a DSc (Med) in Exercise Science in 2002. Prof Noakes has published more than 750 scientific books and articles. He has been cited more than 21 000 times in scientific literature, has an H-index of 77 and has been rated an A1 scientist by the National Research Foundation of South Africa for a second 5-year term. He has won numerous awards over the years and made himself available on many editorial boards. I’ve known him for a number of years and his insight has been inspirational to me. In fact, of all my podcast guests, Tim has made close to the most impact on me. Eating healthy is superior to a pill or a vaccine. Diet is foundational to mental clarity and physical wellbeing.

Organic Agriculture Can Feed The World
Organic agriculture practices are often blamed for being unsustainable and not able to feed the world. In fact, several high-profile advocates of conventional agricultural production have stated that the world would starve if we all converted to organic agriculture. They have written articles for science journals and other publications saying that organic agriculture is not sustainable and produces yields that are significantly lower than conventional agriculture. Thus, the push for genetically modified organisms, growth hormones, animal- feed antibiotics, food irradiation and toxic synthetic chemicals is being justified, in part, by the rationale that without these products the world will not be able to feed itself.
by Andre Leu, the author of The Myth of Safe Pesticides

Israeli Forces Use Palestinian Girl As A Human Shield In Jenin
Ramallah, May 19, 2022—Israeli soldiers used a 16-year-old Palestinian girl as a human shield in front of an Israeli military vehicle while deployed in the northern occupied West Bank city of Jenin last week. Israeli soldiers forced Ahed Mohammad Rida Mereb, 16, to stand in front of an Israeli military vehicle on May 13 around 8 a.m. in the Al Hadaf neighborhood of Jenin as Palestinian gunmen shot heavily toward the Israeli forces’ position, according to information collected by Defense for Children International – Palestine. Israeli forces ordered Ahed to stand outside the military vehicle for around two hours while they sat inside.
“International law is explicit and absolutely prohibits the use of children as human shields by armed forces or armed groups,” said Ayed Abu Eqtaish, Accountability Program director at Defense for Children International – Palestine. “Israeli forces intentionally putting a child in grave danger in order to shield themselves constitutes a war crime.”
Israeli forces besieged Ahed’s home around 6 a.m. on May 13 in order to arrest her 20-year-old brother, according to documentation collected by DCIP. Israeli forces ordered Ahed, her parents, and her two younger brothers out of the house and to move to a yard across the street. Israeli forces exchanged fire with Ahed’s older brother, who remained in the house. Around 8 a.m., Palestinian gunmen shot heavily toward an Israeli military vehicle, which is when Israeli forces ordered Ahed to stand outside the military vehicle.
by Defense for Children International – Palestine

Hey Hey They’re The Monkees!
People say they monkey around. But they’re too busy terrorizing.
Was smallpox eradicated in 1980 or simply rebranded as monkeypox? It doesn’t matter. Nations will sign the WHO pandemic treaty and give up their national sovereignty to a bunch of unelected communists and the WEF will decide how far they want us bent over for the next ‘current thing’.
by Good Citizen

“Stop Arguing About The Existence Of The Virus”
The headline of this article has become a battle cry among some “alternative journalists,” activists, lawyers, and doctors. As my readers know, I’ve devoted considerable space, over the past two years, to presenting evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is a scientific fairy tale, a con, and the virus doesn’t exist. So when I hear this battle cry, I’m motivated to mention a few significant points.
Let me start by countering the claim that debating the existence of the virus is wasting time. Here’s a shocker. A person can do more than one thing at the same time. For example, he can expose/oppose the toxic vaccine. He can expose the murderous COVID treatments (ventilators, sedatives, antiviral drugs). He can expose using simple flu-like illness to create fraudulent COVID case numbers. And he can ALSO expose the fact that the virus has never been isolated (discovered) or sequenced. So highlighting the non-existence of the virus doesn’t rule out dealing with other vital concerns.
by Jon Rappoport

US Setting Up Military Bases In Eastern Yemen Cashing In On UN-Brokered Truce, Says Houthi
The leader of Yemen’s popular Ansarullah resistance movement says the United States, with the help of its allied Takfiri militant groups, is building several military bases in the country’s eastern provinces of Hadhramaut and al-Mahrah as well as on the Red Sea coast. ddressing a delegation of tribal leaders from the western Yemeni province of Ibb on Thursday evening, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi said Washington is setting up military installations in eastern Yemen and the country’s southern coastal city of Aden.
He asserted that the Yemeni nation cannot accept Washington’s diktats, warning that the enemies are hell-bent on sowing the seeds of discord and division among people by hook or by crook. We must work for security and social stability in Ibb province through compromise and cooperation among local authorities,” the top Yemeni resistance leader told the delegation. He said the “enemies” have begun to mobilize military reinforcements by taking advantage of the UN-brokered ceasefire, which clearly shows their orientation towards the next stage of the war, and bears testimony to their failure in the previous phase.
by Press TV

Merck Pushes Deadly Gardasil Vaccine On 9-Year-Olds To Increase Sales – Vaccine Known For Causing Infertility
After slumping sales of their blockbuster HPV vaccine, Gardasil, during the COVID-19 plandemic, sales are now rebounding again, and Merck has now started a new ad campaign targeting 9-year-old children to increase sales of their deadly vaccine that has killed and injured so many young people over the years. One of the most devastating side effects of the Gardasil vaccine is premature menopause in young girls, making them infertile and unable to have children. Since Gardasil was approved by the FDA, there have been 70,854 cases filed in VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) resulting in 605 deaths, and 3,411 permanent disabilities.
This probably represents about 1% of the actual cases. Almost 50% of those cases (33,997 cases) were reported in children under the age of 17, in the 6-17 years old age group. When we break it down even further, it is easy to see why Merck is targeting 9-year-olds, the youngest age the vaccine is approved for, as 33,594 of the 33,997 cases for this age group are between the ages of 10 and 17. So this is purely a marketing strategy to grow their market by targeting the least vaccinated, the 9-year-olds, for a virus that is only transmitted among those sexually active. Prior to COVID-19 being forced upon the world to justify the COVID-19 vaccines, many doctors stated that Gardasil was the greatest medical scandal of all time, and there is no evidence whatsoever that a vaccine that targets an alleged “virus” can stop cancer.
by Brian Shilhavy

Damascus Says Areas Of Syria Occupied By US Troops Will Soon Return To Government Control
The United States and its Syrian Kurdish militia allies control wide swathes of territory in eastern Syria, including areas producing the vast majority of the Arab Republic’s oil, gas and food. Damascus has accused Washington of stealing these resources, and demanded repeatedly that the US withdraw its forces. The US occupation of eastern Syria will soon be brought to an end, Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad has said. “The illegal US presence in the Jazira region of northern Syria is reaching its end, and the regions occupied by American forces will soon come under the Damascus government’s authority,” Mekdad said, speaking to Syria’s al-Ikhbariyah TV.
Mekdad called on the majority Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces militias to realize that America would eventually withdraw and abandon them.
The foreign minister said Damascus’s principled support for the Palestinian cause, and its efforts to liberate Israeli-occupied territories in the Golan Heights and southern Lebanon were among the key causes behind the foreign-backed conflict which has rocked Syria since 2011.
by Ilya Tsukanov

China To Receive Two Million Barrels Of Iranian Oil, Despite US Sanctions
Iran has been cooperating with China, Russia, Venezuela, and Cuba in order to bypass the effects of US economic sanctions
China is scheduled to receive around two million barrels of Iranian crude oil this week that it will pump into an oil terminal in the Zhanjiang city of Guangdong province, southwest of the country. The oil will be discharged by the Diona crude oil carrier owned by the National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC), according to Vortexa Analytics, an agency that specializes in tanker tracking. “This would be the third Iranian oil cargo destined for government stockpile following two similar-sized shipments in December and January,” the agency reported. Despite ongoing economic sanctions imposed on Iran by the US, China has been purchasing large amounts of Iranian oil over the past two years.
by News Desk

Caught On Camera – How Trump Was Robbed Of The 2020 Election
Joe Biden is president of the United States. That is an indisputable fact. But how he got to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is questionable. The statistical anomalies of the 2020 election alone make Biden’s victory seem dubious. Here are a few, of many, examples: Donald Trump’s campaign rallies filled stadiums with tens of thousands of supporters; Biden’s campaign events – when he left the basement – hardly attracted a dozen. If these candidates were two musicians, and one was selling out arenas while the other was struggling to fill a little pub, which act would a record company executive bet on becoming a gold-record performer? For the past ten American presidential elections, 19 counties, often referred to as the ‘bellwether counties’, predicted the outcome of the race. In 2020, Donald Trump won 18 of these counties, but Biden won the presidency.
At midnight on election night, vote counting mysteriously stopped in five states – Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and North Carolina – where Trump had a significant lead over Biden. The next morning, Biden suddenly had more votes than Trump. One is expected to believe that nearly 100 per cent of the votes which arrived during this suspicious pause were for Biden? Certain that the election was fraught with fraud, Trump and some of his supporters challenged the results of the 2020 election with dozens of lawsuits. But most of the cases were dismissed by judges due to ‘lack of standing’, which is a legal term that states ‘the party has not alleged a sufficient legal interest and injury to participate in the case’.
by Thomas Lane

Dem Desperate Disaster, More Ukraine Propaganda, Unstoppable Inflation (Text and Video)
The DHS Disinformation Governance Board was put on pause this week as yet another disastrous desperate attempt to control the narrative falls apart for the Democrats in the Biden/Obama Administration. A new person at the board has been appointed, and that is Michael Chertoff. He is the former DHS Secretary in the Bush 43 Administration. The former Disinformation Board leader Nina Jankowicz resigned in disgrace after, wait for it — too much disinformation. Controlling alt media under the label of “disinformation” is a brazen unconstitutional and desperate attempt to try to take control of free speech in America. This is another sign that the Democrats do not feel they can win the upcoming election in November of 2022 without this sort of oppression.
by Greg Hunter

A New Solution To Cool Electronic Devices And Prevent Them From Overheating
Electronic devices, including smartphones and tablet portable computers, are becoming increasingly advanced and compact. As their performance increases and their size decreases, these devices generate more heat, which can reduce their safety and cause them to break.In recent years, engineers have thus been trying to develop strategies that could prevent electronics from overheating. One proposed solution entails the use of heat spreaders, layers that promote the spread and dissipation of heat inside devices.
Researchers at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) have recently devised an alternative strategy that could cool electronics more efficiently than other existing solutions. Their strategy, introduced in a paper published in Nature Electronics, is based on the use of heat spreaders comprised of an electrical insulating layer of poly (2-chloro-p-xylylene) (Parylene C) and a coating of copper.
by Ingrid Fadelli

School Shutdowns Harm Children? It’s A Bit Late To Tell Us Now
I have an article I want to direct your attention to. It is from our friends at the Guardian, who only now are pointing out the damage lockdown did to the youngest children. In this piece we are told: ‘The youngest children have been most affected by lockdowns and closures during the Covid pandemic, with new research finding that the educational progress and social development of four- and five-year-olds suffered severely during their first year at school. Aggressive behaviour such as biting and hitting, feelings of struggling in class or being overwhelmed around large groups of children were among the difficulties reported by teachers.’
It may be new research but it is simply more confirmation of the shocking damage that was officially reported six weeks ago that Kathy commented on at the time on Mark Steyn’s GB News show. It was a cruelty that we witnessed first and reported on at the time, affecting seven- and eight- year-olds too, as reported here.
The Guardian article is worth reading in full, but where was this newspaper at the time? Castigating the teaching unions’ lockdown zealots? No. As you know I was very angry about the lockdown but nothing angered me more than when they closed schools. I could have lived with pretty much any other restriction but closing the schools was an evil, wicked thing to do. It is proven. The government sacrificed children on the altar of Covid. Boris Johnson should have refused to do it and have utterly shamed all those who pressured him to do so, not least the teaching unions as well as the left-wing press.
by Laura Perrins

The Great Replacement In New York City: From 98% White In 1910 To 32% White In 2020
Why take just a macro-look at The Great Replacement in the United States of America, when you can easily take a micro-look? Let’s start with New York City. For those wondering, here’s the racial breakdown of New York City from 1910 to 2020, with the help of one of VDARE.com’s high-tech fever charts: It’s hard to believe that until 1980, New York City was overwhelmingly white, and it was traditionally conservative. Even during the Ellis Island period, it was a white city except for black Harlem. After the 1965 Immigration Act, the city turned multiracial and declined. Though it recovered in the 1990s and early 21st century, the white population is still declining, and the city is now a black-caucus bastion of the far left.
by Michael Walsh

Political Prognosticating
Per Fox, and look-maybe some of the new members will have listened to the people who will be electing them: President Biden’s approval rating among Hispanic Americans has plummeted to 26%, according to a Wednesday poll from Quinnipiac University. Biden is less popular among Hispanics than any other demographic, including age and gender, the poll found. The same Quinnipiac poll conducted last year put Hispanic support for Biden at 55%. Biden approval ratings plummet amid war and inflation fears in new public opinion poll. Biden has been consistently hitting new lows in the polls for nearly a year. Young Americans and White men also have low approvals for Biden, at 27% and 29% respectively. The president’s highest approval ratings are among Americans older than 65 and black Americans, at 45% and 63% respectively. Black Americans are the only demographic in which Biden has a positive approval rating, according to the poll.
Mark Wauck

The Globalists: Here Is The Full Roster Of Davos 2022 Attendees
The infamous World Economic Forum (WEF) will host its annual meeting in Davos next week, and we are going to make sure you know who is attending the invite-only gathering. For those of you who are new to this nefarious organization: The World Economic Forum (WEF), through its annual Davos conference, acts as the go-to policy and ideas shop for the ruling class. The NGO is led by a comic book villain-like character in Klaus Schwab, its megalomaniac president who articulates a truly insane, extremist political agenda for our future. Davos 2022 includes the usual components of WEF’s “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy” totalitarian eco statist agenda.
by Jordan Schachtel

Absolutely Unbelievable! (Video 1:00)
Former U.S. ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul admits to Professor Stephen Walt that diplomats lied about NATO membership for Ukraine, and they lie all the time. Then Walt says, “but we expect them to believe us when we give assurances?”

Pentagon Clears Itself Of Blame In Syria Strike That Killed ‘Piles’ Of Women And Children
No US personnel will be held accountable for a March 2019 airstrike that killed scores of Syrian civilians including women and children, the Pentagon said this week in announcing that an internal investigation into the massacre found that no laws of war were broken and that there was no cover-up of the incident as alleged in a New York Times exposé. An executive summary of a classified investigation led by U.S. Army Gen. Michael Garrett stated that “no rules of engagement (ROE) or law of war (LOW) violations occurred” in connection with the March 18, 2019 strike near the Syrian town of Baghuz that, according to an initial battle assessment, killed around 70 people.
While finding that “policy compliance deficiencies at multiple levels of command led directly to numerous delays in reporting” the civilian casualties, and that “administrative deficiencies contributed to the impression” that the Pentagon did not take the incident seriously, the probe concluded there was “no malicious or wrongful intent” by the military, and that there was “no evidence” to support allegations of a cover-up. However, a former evaluator in the Defense Department inspector general’s office who attempted to investigate the Baghuz strike said he personally witnessed Pentagon brass trying to bury reports of the bombing.
by Brett Wilkins

Al Jazeera Verifies Video That Shows Shireen Abu Aqla Was Killed In Cold Blood
Reports by Israeli media allege the occupation army has no plans to investigate the murder of the journalist
Al Jazeera has confirmed the veracity of a new video which shows the moments leading up to the murder of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Aqla by Israeli occupation troops. The video corroborates eyewitness accounts, which said there were no clashes in the area as the team of journalists prepared to cover Israeli raids in the West Bank city of Jenin. As the team of journalists – including Abu Aqla in her blue press flak jacket – makes its way down an empty street in the direction of the Israeli forces, gunfire suddenly rings out. The renowned journalist is then seen lying dead on the ground.

On 19 May, Israeli officials said the occupation army had “potentially identified” the rifle used to shoot down the Al Jazeera journalist, but added that they “could not be sure” unless Palestinian authorities handed over the bullet that was dislodged from her head. The Palestinians have refused to hand over the bullet, citing a lack of trust based on past experiences. According to Palestinian news agency WAFA, at least 55 Palestinian journalists have been killed since 2000, with no one ever being held responsible.
by News Desk

Conditions Raised By Turkey, Croatia Expose More Cracks Within NATO
As Finland and Sweden officially applied for NATO membership, more divergences are emerging within the military bloc. Following Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s strong opposition to the two Nordic countries’ NATO membership, Croatian President Zoran Milanovic said on Wednesday that he would instruct his country’s permanent representative to NATO to vote “no” as well.
Milanovic said that Finland and Sweden should be allowed to join the organization only when the issue of equality of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina in elections is addressed. “That is not an act against Finland and Sweden but for Croatia,” Milanovic insisted. Just like Erdogan’s concern over the Kurdish issue, the Croatian president has also taken the opportunity to draw attention to an issue that specifically concerns his country.
by Global Times

Stop The Denial: Ukraine Is A Proxy War That Will Lead To Wider World War
At the onset of the Russian incursion into Ukraine I argued in my article ‘Order Out Of Chaos: How The Ukraine Conflict Is Designed To Benefit Globalists‘ that US boots would be on the ground within a few months. I was wrong – As it turns out, US and European military boots were ALREADY on the ground. Ukraine was a proxy war from the very beginning.
But what is a proxy war, really? It means that Russian troops are fighting Ukrainian soldiers that are intermingled with western “advisors” and most likely US and European special forces, not to mention US intelligence operatives utilizing all the information gathering technology at the disposal of the Department of Defense. In other words, Russian soldiers are being killed by Western assets. Some pro-Ukraine people might ask why this is a problem? To understand the gravity of this situation we have to first examine the historical significance.
The closest event in history that I could approximate Ukraine to is Vietnam, when communist elements within the country were receiving constant aid, weaponry and even some troops from China, along with monetary and technological aid from the Soviet Union. Vietnam was essentially a “safe” arena or cage match between the West and Communism; a place where the paradigm players could fight it out without risk of a larger nuclear exchange. The globalists could sit back, relax and watch the show while Americans sacrificed their lives over a conflict that did not need to exist.
by Brandon Smith

The Most Powerful Evidence Yet That Mrna Vaccines Hurt Long-Term Immunity To Covid After Infection
A bombshell study – from the National Institutes of Health and Moderna, no less – should end debate
Unvaccinated people are much more likely to develop broad antibody immunity after Covid infections than people who have received mRNA shots, a new study shows. The gap remains large whether people had mild, moderate, or severe Covid infections, the study showed – undercutting a crucial argument that vaccine advocates have made to defend the shots. The research draws on data from Moderna’s 30,000-person clinical trial for its mRNA shots. It may help explain why so many Americans now suffer multiple Covid infections, sometimes within months. Researchers already knew that many vaccinated people do not gain antibodies to the entire coronavirus after they are infected with Covid.
Alex Berenson

‘This Bill Promoted Internet Censorship And Violations of The 1st Amendment’: Rep. Massie Lone Vote Against ‘Anti-Semitism’ Bill
The House on Wednesday voted 420-1 in favor of a bill that “promoted internet censorship and violations of the First Amendment” in the name of “combatting anti-Semitism.” Republican Kentucky Rep Thomas Massie was the lone vote against the bill. “I don’t hate anyone based on his or her ethnicity or religion. Legitimate government exists, in part, to punish those who commit unprovoked violence against others, but government can’t legislate thought,” Massie said Thursday after getting attacked by the media. “This bill promoted internet censorship and violations of the 1st amendment.” I don’t hate anyone based on his or her ethnicity or religion. Legitimate government exists, in part, to punish those who commit unprovoked violence against others, but government can’t legislate thought. This bill promoted internet censorship and violations of the 1st amendment https://t.co/MWkvcOba7K — Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) May 19, 2022
by Chris Menahan

US Stocks Suffer Longest Losing Streak Since The Great Depression
The latest decline leaves the Standard & Poor’s 500 down 20% from its peak, and the Dow has dropped another 600 points
US stocks were hammered again on Friday, pushing Wall Street into bear market status amid inflation and recession fears and leaving investors on their longest losing streak since the Great Depression by at least one key measure. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index fell as much as 2.3%, leaving it 21% below the all-time high that it reached in January and essentially ending a bull market run that began in March 2020. The S&P is considered the most accurate measure of US stock market performance, as it’s broader-based than the 30-member Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is made up entirely of blue-chip securities.
The Dow slid as much as 617 points, down 2% on the day and 16% year to date. The blue-chip index was on pace to cap a weekly decline of more than 4%, marking its eighth straight weekly drop and the longest such losing streak since 1932, according to Dow Jones Market Data. That year marked the Dow’s lowest point of the Great Depression. The Nasdaq Composite is in even deeper bear-market territory than the S&P, down 30% year to date and 32% off its peak level. The Nasdaq fell as much as 352 points, or 3.1% on the day.
by RT

May 20, 2022

Woke Archive With 168 Posts

ACH (1793) Steve Elkins – Why Politics And Sport Don’t Mix (Audio 55:33)
In today’s show originally broadcast on May 20 2022, Andy is joined by Steve Elkins, for a show entitled, “Why Politics And Sport Don’t Mix.”
We discussed: Wimbledon’s political decision to ban Russian and Belarusian players from this year’s Grand Slam tennis tournament; how cancel culture has subverted the role of law; Donald Trump’s intention to run for President in 2024; the weaknesses in the Trump Presidency; how the term, “hate speech,” has only been able to gain traction due to our acquiescence of it; the casualties of the vaccine; the, “2000 Mules,” documentary; the synchronicity between the UK’s, “Online Safety Bill,” and the USA’s, “Ministry Of Truth,”; and many other topics.
by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

DoD Caught Inflating Old Numbers To Hide Pandemic Of Injected And US Gov’s Alarming New PSYWAR Video (Video 2:48:16)
Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (5/18/22).
As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.
by Ryan Cristián

US Drawing Up Plans To Sink the Russian Black Sea Fleet: Ukrainian Official
Reuters reports the White House is seeking to move advanced anti-ship weapons to Kiev
Shortly after Reuters published an exclusive story that the White House was looking to move advanced anti-ship missiles to Ukraine, an official in Kiev said that the US is making a plan to sink Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs adviser Anton Gerashchenko tweeted, “The US is preparing a plan to destroy the [Russian] Black Sea Fleet. The effective work of the Ukrainians on [Russian] warships convinced [the US] to prepare a plan to unblock the [Ukrainian] ports. Deliveries of powerful anti-ship weapons are being discussed.”
Gerashchenko cited the Reuters report on Washington’s effort to ship Harpoon and Naval Strike Missiles to Ukraine. The missiles have a range of up to 300 km and cost $1.5 million each. Three US officials and two Congressional sources told the outlet the White House was still working out the details for sending the advanced weapons to Ukraine. Logistical issues and the possibility the US would have to remove a launcher from one of its ships to send to Ukraine are current obstacles to completing the transfer.
by Kyle Anzalone

A Primer On The WHO, The Treaty, And Its Plans For Pandemic Preparedness
The World Health Organization (WHO), whose constitution defines health as ‘a state of physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity,’ has recently orchestrated remarkable reversals in human rights, poverty reduction, education, and physical, mental and social health indices in the name of responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. WHO proposes to expand the mechanisms that enabled this response, diverting unprecedented resources to addressing what in terms of history and disease are rare and relatively low-impact events. This will greatly benefit those who also did well from the Covid-19 outbreak, but has different implications for the rest of us. To address it calmly and rationally, we need to understand it.
Building a new pandemic industry
The World Health Organization (WHO) and its Member States, in concert with other international institutions, is proposing, and currently negotiating, two instruments to address pandemics and widely manage aspects of global public health. Both will significantly expand the international bureaucracy that has grown over the past decade to prepare for, or respond to, pandemics, with particular emphasis on development and use of vaccines. This bureaucracy would be answerable to the WHO, an organization that in turn is increasingly answerable, through funding and political influence, from private individuals, corporations and the large authoritarian States.
by David Bell

Hamas: Victory In Birzeit Elections Confirms Support For Resistance
he Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, congratulated Birzeit University students, student blocs, and the university administration for the success of this year’s student elections that progressed in a democratic atmosphere on Wednesday. Hamas said, in a statement, that the elections process represents a source of pride for the student movement and the Palestinian people and a success against Israel’s attempts to disrupt Palestinian democratic life. Hamas also congratulated the participating student blocs and sent congratulations to the members of the Islamic bloc for their great and worthy victory with the students’ trust to represent them in this great scientific edifice.
by The Palestinian Information Center

Swedish Researchers Face Prosecution For Revealing That Most Rapes Are Committed By Non-Europeans
A recent case in Sweden could explain why politicians and human rights activists often claim there is no scientific evidence for higher criminality within immigrant communities in Western societies. Anyone who dares to produce scientific evidence to the contrary is prosecuted and faces fines, loss of job and possible prison sentences.
A recent case in Lund University is now serving as a clear-cut example of what happens when researchers gather scientific evidence regarding issues that do not support the officially sanctioned political narrative. It also demonstrates how funds are restricted for studying the negative impact of immigration, how research into the subject is denied by universities, and how scientists who disobey the restrictions face serious persecution.
by Michael Walsh

The Lawyers Who Ate California: Epilogue
Regulatory controversies help explain corporate flight in part, but why else is California struggling?
Washington [D.C.] is not a place to live in. The rents are high, the food is bad, the dust is disgusting, and the morals are deplorable. Go West, young man, go West and grow up with the country.
New-York Daily Tribune, July 13, 1865
Horace Greeley’s famous injunction held up for a long time. Across parts of three centuries, people flocked to California by wagon, boat, train, car, even on foot, buzzing with dreams of living in a paradise of plenty, free of the “disgusting” dust and “high” rents of the industrial east.
Through the heydays of Hollywood, the Bay Area shipyards, and Silicon Valley, California symbolized freedom, innovation, and the second chance. Here the gangster on the run, the actress with a past, and the crackpot preacher, refugee family, and oft-fired inventor were all able to remake themselves, in this unique place where fame and respectability were somehow the same thing. If you could make it here, you could call yourself whatever you wanted. The Great Gatsby could never have been set in California, a state that agreed with Fitzgerald’s doomed hero, whose belief that “of course you can” repeat the past made him a tragic figure back East.
Thanks to its status at the forefront of everything in our culture, California began decades ago to develop problems other states hadn’t yet. Its entrepreneurial tradition began to cross-pollinate with its hyper-progressive politics, and along with building highways and skyscrapers it began to specialize in growing simple well-meaning laws into vast, ungovernable bureaucracies. As of last year the state boasted an astonishing 396,000 regulations, 100,000 more than its closest competitor, New York.
by Matt Taibbi

The United States vs Spilt Milk
The feds diddle the supply chains… as the market meltdown continues…
Yesterday, it was the Indians – as in, from India – who were blocking exports of wheat. Today, it is the Biden team that is diddling the supply chain. It’s judged baby formula of such strategic importance that it’s rolled out the Defense Production Act to force US companies to make more of it. No kidding. AP: President Joe Biden invoked the Defense Production Act to speed production of infant formula and authorized flights to import supply from overseas, as he faces mounting political pressure over a domestic shortage caused by the safety-related closure of the country’s largest formula manufacturing plant. Congress has gotten onto the baby formula case too, authorizing $28 million to hire more people at the FDA! Up until yesterday, traditional methods – supply-and-demand, give-and-take, private initiative and the profit motive – had kept up tolerably well with the demand for baby formula. But now, the feds have taken charge.
And that’s not the only crisis in the USA. On Wall Street, for example, the slaughter of the little lambs continues. Barrons: It was a day straight out of investors’ nightmares. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1,164.52 points, or 3.6%, while the S&P 500 declined 4%, and the Nasdaq Composite dropped 4.7%. The S&P 500 and the Dow had their worst days since June 11, 2020, while just seven S&P 500 stocks finished higher on the day. Every rube and rascal with a Robinhood account seems to have the knife at his throat. The Dip Buyers… the Technophiles… the Crypto Lovers – the big bad bear market is having a feast.
by Bill Bonner

Barbara Marx Hubbard: Godmother Of Transhumanism And Synthetic Spirituality
[She’s Jewish – a 1 in a 1,000 chance, but never mentioned in this otherwise well-written article.]
The late Barbara Hubbard, a Rockefeller-funded New Age guru, was critical to the development of the ideas, beliefs and technology necessary to market transhumanism as spiritual enlightenment.
In 2016, the Global Future Councils of the World Economic Forum (WEF) posted a video entitled “8 Predictions for the World in 2030,” which infamously forecasted a technocratic New World Order in which “[y]ou’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.” It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to ponder how WEF oligarchs plan to roll out “sustainable development” policies which will ration consumer goods in a global “sharing economy” that employs transient “gig” workers who will be rendered into propertyless serfs under a techno-communitarian rendition of neo-feudalism. But how will the globalist technocrats of the WEF sway the virtual peasant class to be happy with their permanent state of digitally indentured servitude?
Enter New Age guru Barbara Marx Hubbard and her endorsement of the HeartMath Institute’s Global Coherence Initiative [1][2], which is propagating transhumanist neurofeedback wearables across the planet in order to digitally synchronize humanity’s collective heart rhythms and brainwaves into electronically induced states of synthetic spiritual bliss. With Hubbard’s transhumanist blessings, HeartMath’s global neurotech network is primed to lull plebs and proles into happy compliance with the “New Normal” of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s techno-feudal “stakeholder” economy.
by John Klyczek

The Next Big Scare? USA And Europe Buy Up Millions Of Doses Of Monkeypox Vaccine
What’s the deal with Monkeypox?
Suddenly, everyone is talking about Monkeypox, the smallpox-like disease that has surfaced in recent days in both Europe and the United States. Health authorities in the two continents have thus far identified only a few dozen cases. And while there’s no reason for concern at the moment, here’s what convinced me to put this on your radar. Late last night, the U.S. government decided to order millions of doses of monkeypox vaccine. According to a press release from European pharma company Bavarian Nordic, the United States exercised a $119 million option on the doses. The vaccines were purchased through the The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). The U.S. government has an additional $180 million in options if it so chooses to exercise them.
by Jordan Schachtel

Court OKs Puberty Blockers: Medical Con For The Ages
I’ll expose the con. First, the story: Information Liberation: “Judge Rules Parents Have ‘Fundamental Right’ to Drug Kids With Puberty Blockers And Cross-Sex Hormones.” The National Review: “U.S. District Judge Liles Burke… granted a temporary injunction to block the sections of the law banning prescription of puberty blockers and hormone medication, in response to a lawsuit.”
“Parents ‘have a fundamental right to direct the medical care of their children,’ Burke wrote in his opinion. ‘This right includes the more specific right to treat their children with transitioning medications subject to medically accepted standards’.”
“Burke explained that ‘the uncontradicted record [of] evidence is that at least twenty-two major medical associations in the United States endorse transitioning medications as well-established, evidence-based treatments for gender dysphoria in minors’.”
Can you see where this is going?
by Jon Rappoport

Disinformation Board Narrowly Outlasts CNN+
WASHINGTON, D.C.—In its first big win since the inauguration in 2021, the Biden Administration announced that the Disinformation Governance Board has narrowly outlasted failed subscription program CNN+. Citing the first bit of positive news for the White House, Disinformation Board head Nina Jankowicz announced her resignation, saying she was excited to continue fighting disinformation on TikTok by singing more lovely showtunes. “Lasting three weeks despite receiving billions of threatening memes from Russia-backed Jack Posobiec and his followers has only galvanized my resolve to fight disinformation,” sang Jankowicz to the tune of South Pacific’s “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair.”
by BabylonBee.com

Update: Will Excess Mortality Continue?
You may recall that during the second half of 2021 there was a notable spike in mortality. Absent natural disasters or wars only significant disease outbreaks can cause such spikes, but this spike was not due to Covid. What happened during 2021 that was out of the ordinary an