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Culture War by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Good men, the fight is over God, no less.
Fight openly for Him, and see Him bless!
But the left-wingers are intent on driving God out of His Creation. Correspondingly, they hate the “Culture War,” and want it never to be mentioned, nor its issues to be raised. The cultural warriors who do so are “deplorables” (said Hilary Clinton), with no legitimacy inside the liberals’ overwhelming liberal culture. It goes without saying that the vile media do all they can to stifle the conservatives and to stop them from framing the issues as cultural or moral, i.e. pointing towards God. They absolutely cannot handle Him, nor even His shadow. Man has taken God’s place, and nothing and nobody may be put forward as imposing on man any objective right and wrong. Therefore anyone attempting to do so will be discredited as a “racist” or “sexist,” or “fascist” or “anti-semite,” or by some other bigoted label of hatred. And yet so little do liberals know themselves that they are fanatical believers in “anti-hate” legislation!

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
Earth Newspaper – A Major Source of Information
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