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Pfizer Accused Of Jabbing Orphan Babies In Covid Trials by Kate Dunlop

Pfizer are being accused of conducting trials of their Covid-19 mRNA jab on babies. Polish whistle-blowers allege that the company has been experimenting on ‘healthy infants from three and six months up to age 11’ since June. The campaign group Children’s Health Defense speculates that given the secrecy surrounding the exercise and the speed with which it has been organised the likely subjects are orphans. As there is evidence that babies and children are at little risk from Covid and rarely transmit the disease, any such experiments would be unnecessary, unethical, and likely to be unlawful. A group of lawyers, medical professionals and activists met members of the Polish Parliament and Senate in Warsaw on October 2 to consider: ‘Medical Tests on Children and Infants – Medical, Legal and Ethical Issues’. It would appear that knowledge of these Pfizer trials has been suppressed because of ‘secrecy clauses’ in the Pfizer procurement contract, with even a member of the Polish Parliament being refused access to the documents, in violation of Polish law.

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