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A Halachic Observation In The Context Of The Vaccine Crusade by Michael Hoffman

Take heart and and witness one small victory. In an article online today titled,”The Cult of the Vaccine:’ The Jab’ is Just the Latest Story to be reported as Mantra,” Substack columnist Matt Taibibi puts forth an audacious halachic observation concerning the editors of the corporate media and their “Cult of the Vaccine.” The context is the media’s imposition of moralizing dogmatic cultism. Taibibi writes: “…This was the beginning of an era in which editors became convinced that all earth’s problems derived from populations failing to accept reports as Talmudic law…” The connotation is not difficult to spot: Talmudic law is dictatorial; it brooks no disagreement. Witness too another of Matt Taibibi’s sardonic insights: all of earth’s problems stem from the refusal to place the media on the same commanding dogmatic pedestal as Talmudic law. The corollary is the profound abasement of reason. Reason has no part in the proposition that the media are to be believed the way the Talmud commands belief. How is the Talmud of Babylon believed? With blind obedience. As noted, the stating of these facts in a nationally circulated column is a tiny triumph and the author may be coerced into recanting his candor. Nonetheless, it’s a leak — a pin-sized hole in what is otherwise an insurmountable dike. Yet behind the dike, pressuring and probing, is an ocean of truth that cannot be forever held back. So take heart and fear not.

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