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One Billion For Israel’s Iron Dome Gone, Along With The System’s Credibility by Robert Inlakesh

Israeli regime supIn reaction to the move by some democrats, to withhold their vote for the stopgap government funding bill if it was to include the Iron Dome funding, the 1 billion for the Israeli weapons system was removed. This sparked outrage at what pro-Israel advocates called a pro-Hamas move and led to accusations against the pro-Israeli Democratic Party of being both anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. Democrats introduced a new bill, last Wednesday, to fund Israel’s Iron Dome, following immense pressure from the Israel Lobby and prominent Republicans. It was expected that the 1 billion in funds for Israel’s air defence missile system would eventually pass, and if struck down again, would likely be attached to a 2022 Defence Appropriations bill. Instead the bill was voted through the House with only 9 congresspeople voting against it, even progress congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez voted “present”, seemingly after coming under pressure from Nancy Pelosi. Also of significance is that the Iron Dome Air Defence system was developed with US taxpayer funding and is the premier air defence weapon sold by Israel to foreign countries.porters were driven into a frenzy after House Democrats, in the United States Congress, removed 1 billion dollars in funding for Israel’s Iron Dome air defence system from a stopgap government funding bill.

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