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The Beginnings Of A New Parallel Economy On Gab by Andrew Torba

For the month of September we have been running an invite-only beta test of Gab Ads with hand-picked advertisers of all shapes and sizes. We tried our best to pick a wide variety of businesses and services that best reflect our community and represent a budding new parallel economy on Gab. Our advertisers are newly established businesses, small business owners, well established businesses, politicians, a famous rock band, and a Christian crowdfunding site that is an alternative to GoFundMe to name a few. One of our advertisers is Dissident Soaps, a self-described “based soap merchant” and Christian-run family business. Their premise is simple: we all use soap, we all buy soap, why not buy soap from a family-owned Christian business that shares your values instead of a multi-national corporation who hates you? It’s a simple and effective strategy, and it works. They also have an incredible product at a fair price. I use it everyday and have for months, long before they ever became a Gab Advertiser. You can check out their products here. When was the last time you saw a Bible verse on the packaging of the multi-national megacorp soap you buy at Walmart?

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