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The Vaccination Racket by Whale

Whale home page for vaccination documents (books, articles, media stories, quotes, citations, videos, memes, ingredients, contaminants, package inserts, VAERS, also critics & mind control), exposing vaccination, collected over 20 years. For quick expose: (FB Intro: Vax MMR Smallpox DPT) THE VACCINATION RACKET (Summary), & VACCINATION IS CHILD ABUSE (Memes), also Why Vaccination Continues, and you will need Anti-vaccine support. Vaccination is, essentially, a sterilising, death & disease producing child abusing vivisection racket, disguised as ‘disease prevention’, (smallpox vaccine being a textbook example of germ warfare), that maintains control through mind control, mainly Medical lies & the Viral Fear Racket. Proving Diabolical Psychopaths (Mafia) rule. And it’s not difficult to prove, if you open your eyes, but who wants to wake up out of Stockholm syndrome and see it?

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