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Covid Visuals Doctors And Other Health Professionals Speak Out On The Covid Vaccines Short Videos And Graphics Tell The Story by James Perloff

Although I have written a book on COVID, I am well aware that we live in a visually oriented age. This post aims to tell the truth about COVID through videos and images. As I know most people are pressed for time, I have sought to keep the videos short. Each clip is marked with its length; I have eliminated seconds and rounded off to the nearest minute. Many clips are two minutes or less, a few are longer. There are some long videos (a half hour or more) that I think some people will want to watch, but these I have placed on a separate page entitled “DEEP DIVE COVID VIDEOS.” Each video or graphic is marked with the source where I found it. Where a short clip has been drawn from social media, I usually do not have the longer video from which it was originally derived. I apologize if this page loads slowly for some; this is likely due to the high volume of video content. I want to acknowledge the assistance I received from Mark Affleck in making MP4s, which was vital to creating this post.

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