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US Embassies Around The World Fly Black Lives Matter Flags With Biden’s Backing by Raymond Wolfe

Biden administration Secretary of State Anthony Blinken encouraged US embassies to hang the flag of the pro-LGBT Black Lives Matter movement yesterday. Several embassies did just that. American embassies around the world flew flags with the words “Black Lives Matter” yesterday after being encouraged to do so by the Biden administration. According to a leaked memo published by Human Events News on Monday, Jewish U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken urged embassies to push Black Lives Matter messaging and authorized them to “hang BLM flags” “for calendar year 2021.” The release of Secretary Blinken’s guidance comes days after new data found that approval of the Black Lives Matter movement has reached its lowest level among American voters in two years. Black Lives Matter, which rose to international prominence after George Floyd’s death, has hemorrhaged popularity amid an ongoing wave of destruction waged across U.S. cities in connection to the movement.

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