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June 26, 2022

“He who does not punish evil, commands it to be done.”
Leonardo da Vinci

America Archive With 3,323 Posts

Review Of Sean McMeekin’s Book “Stalin’s War: A New History Of World War II” Part One
Sean McMeekin is a professor of history at Bard College in upstate New York. Stalin’s War: A New History of World War II is McMeekin’s latest book that focuses on Josef Stalin’s involvement in World War II. This well-researched and well-written book uses new research in Soviet, European and American archives to prove that World War II was a war that Stalin-not Adolf Hitler-had wanted. A remarkable feature of Stalin’s War is McMeekin’s documentation showing the extensive aid given by the United States and Great Britain to support Soviet Communism during the war. This article focuses on the lend-lease and other aid given to the Soviet Union during World War II which enabled Stalin to conquer most of Eurasia, from Berlin to Beijing, for Communism.
by John Wear

Review Of Sean McMeekin’s Book “Stalin’s War: A New History Of World War II” Part Two
Sean McMeekin’s latest book Stalin’s War: A New History of World War II is a well-researched book that documents that World War II was a war that Josef Stalin-not Adolf Hitler-had wanted. McMeekin describes the literature on World War II as excessively German-centric. For Americans, Australians, Britons, Canadians and Western Europeans, World War II has always been Hitler’s war.[1] McMeekin states that, starting with the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in September 1931 and ending with Japan’s final capitulation in September 1945, there were numerous wars on the planet. It would be a stretch to blame them all on Hitler, since Hitler was not in power in Germany when the Manchurian conflict erupted, and had been dead four months before Japan surrendered. McMeekin writes:
by John Wear · June 2, 2022

Woke Corporations Offering Relocation And Travel Cost Services For Employee Abortions
Yesterday we noted one of the likely downstream consequences from the Supreme Court decision on Roe might be that increased federalism and state control over abortion laws would lead to national ‘red lining.’ Essentially, leftists would avoid red state abortion restrictions and self-isolate in deepening blue regions where abortion is more common and accessible. Within hours of that prediction, Google Inc sent an internal memo to employees offering to pay relocation assistance for any worker who would want to leave an area where abortion is likely to be restricted.
VIA NBC – Google sent a companywide email Friday about the historic Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, explaining employees in affected states can apply for relocation without explaining why. “This is a profound change for the country that deeply effects so many of us, especially women,” wrote Google Chief People officer Fiona Cicconi in an email to workers, viewed by CNBC. “Googlers can also apply for relocation without justification, and those overseeing this process will be aware of the situation.” The note doesn’t say how many requests the company would approve and makes no promises. The company is still in the process of assigning relocations for employees who don’t want to come back into their assigned physical office due to the company’s return-to-office policy, which began in April. Google has more than 30 locations across the U.S. Cicconi also said it will be providing “support sessions” to employees in the coming days.
by Sundance

Ukraine Military Summary And Analysis June 25, 2022 (19:12)
by Military Summary

EU Commissioner Claims Bloc Never Pushed People To Get COVID Vaccine
Senior EU officials’ assertion that COVID was never forced upon individuals has been met with scepticism from detractors. On Tuesday, a senior EU official shocked observers when she asserted that the bloc had never required its citizens to receive a COVID-19 vaccination in order for them to have access to public services and that claims to the contrary had primarily been made by what she called “anti-vaccine activists.” It happens as the EU gets ready to update its transnational COVID-19 passport system – a tool that allows EU member states to lock down their own people and shows whether or not a bearer is vaccinated and/or boostered against the disease.
by Save Britain

Russia Fighting In Lysychansk, Ukraine Announces Tactical Withdrawals, EU Distances From Lithuania (30:20)
by Alexander Mercouris

CIA, European Commandos Operating On The Ground In Ukraine: NYT
Previous reporting from the New York Times and CNN said the White House had incomplete intelligence about the war because of a lack of personnel in Ukraine
The New York Times reports CIA officers are in Kiev to pass intelligence to Ukrainian officials, and special operations forces from several allied countries are training Ukrainian troops near the battlefield. The covert operations in Ukraine are a part of a significant effort by Western governments to weaken Russia. Citing unnamed current and former officials, the NYT explains the CIA has officers secretly deployed to Kiev to give intelligence about the war to Ukrainian officials. “CIA personnel have continued to operate in the country secretly, mostly in the capital, Kiev, directing much of the massive amounts of intelligence the United States is sharing with Ukrainian forces,” Eric Schmitt writes in the NYT.
by Kyle Anzalone

Cop Who Killed Hero Who Stopped Active Shooter Sued
An Arvada, Colorado, police officer shot and killed the good Samaritan even though he looked nothing like the shooting suspect.
Johnny Hurley, 41, was shopping for camping supplies at the Arvada Army Navy Surplus, 20 minutes north of Denver, when a man killed a police officer with a shotgun and armed himself with an assault rifle. Instead of ducking and covering, Hurley pulled out his concealed pistol, ran toward the perpetrator and fatally shot him. As he was disarming the assault rifle, however, an Arvada police officer mistook Hurley as an assailant and shot and killed him. Hurley’s mother Kathleen Boleyn sued Arvada police officer Kraig Brownlow and Chief of Police Link Strate in the District Court of Jefferson County on Wednesday, over the death of her son. “Mr. Hurley’s heroism saved countless lives that day, but it cost him his own,” Boleyn said in her 17-page lawsuit. “Unlike Mr. Hurley, the three Arvada Police Department officers did not spring into action. Rather, they cowered inside, choosing self-preservation over defense of the civilian population.”
by Amanda Pampuro

Roe Has Fallen: These States Are Already Protecting The Unborn
Numerous states had anticipatory ‘trigger bans’ on the books ahead of the Supreme Court’s decision on Dobbs, while others are able to re-enact historic anti-abortion laws which, until now, had been superseded by Roe.
Many U.S. states have outlawed abortion in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, largely owing to “trigger laws” set up in anticipation of the historic decision. Thirteen states had prepared “trigger” bans on abortion, either completely banning or severely limiting access to abortion within 30 days of the fall of Roe. Those states include Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. State authorities acted swiftly to enact abortion bans, with Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt announcing that Missouri would be the first state to protect life in the womb by banning abortion just minutes after the Court’s decision on Dobbs had been handed down.
by David McLoone

US Eyes Russia, China At G7 Summit Amid Woes At Home
Biden makes final attempt to rally allies facing possible midterm loss: observer
Aiming to keep pressure on Russia and seek solidarity to cope with challenges from so-called systemic rival China, the G7 summit is convening in southern Germany, as leaders of the group including US President Joe Biden began arriving on Saturday afternoon local time. According to media reports, leaders of the world’s seven most industrialized countries are gathering in the Bavarian alpine resort of Elmau Castle, with the topics of the discussion including a possible cap on Russian oil imports and reaching agreements on banning imports of gold from Russia.
by Deng Xiaoci and Xie Jun

‘No NATO’: Watch Thousands Protest Alliance In Madrid On Eve Of Key Summit
Alliance leaders will gather in the Spanish capital this week to outline a new “strategic concept” containing ideas about how to counter adversaries Moscow and Beijing. On Sunday, Spanish media reported that the issues on the agenda could include significantly ramping up the size of NATO battlegroups in countries ringing Russia. Thousands took to the streets of Madrid on Sunday to protest the upcoming NATO summit.
Carrying modern-day Spanish flags, banners of the old Spanish Republic and flags identifying a range of Leftist forces, including the Party of Labour, the Communist Party, the United Left, the social democratic Unidas Podemos and the Solidaridad Obrera union, demonstrators chanted ‘No NATO’ and ‘NATO Bases – Out’ as they marched along Paseo del Prado Boulevard.
by Ilya Tsukanov

Kaliningrad Provocation And Ukraine’s EU Candidacy… Desperate Diversions From NATO Propaganda Lies
The cat is out of the bag. The warmongering policies of Western misrulers are being connected and comprehended by the general populace. The Western propaganda narrative on the conflict in Ukraine is in big trouble. Months of lying by governments and dutiful news media are falling apart as Russia makes major advances to safeguard the Russian-speaking populations in Crimea and Donbass, the formerly eastern Ukrainian region, and to neutralize Nazi military forces under the control of the Kiev regime and backed to the hilt by NATO. Recall how only a few weeks ago Russia was being pilloried in Western media for making a “strategic blunder” from its military intervention in Ukraine that began on February 24. Western leaders were gung-ho in predicting military defeat for Moscow. After four months of conflict not only are Russian forces decimating NATO-backed Ukrainian flanks, the wider repercussions that the Western powers could have avoided if they had engaged diplomatically with Russia to resolve long-held security concerns are rebounding with devastating economic impact. The U.S.-led NATO and European Union axis is digging a giant hole for itself. If not a grave.
by Strategic Culture Editorial

Of The World’s Continents And Great Countries, White Europe Alone Is Slated For Population Displacement
Twenty per cent of babies born in France in 2021 were given a Muslim name, according to a new analysis of data released from the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies. The French civil registry, a list published since 1900 of all the first names of children born in France, is reviewed by the Fdesouche news outlet every year. Using additional information such as names not necessarily Muslim, the figure for migrant births could be as high as 30 or even 35 per cent. Bear in mind too, that the migrant population is young and the progeny are tomorrow’s childbearing generation. Expect the 30 per cent to quickly outpace the birthrate of Europeans.
by Michael Walsh

‘Disinformation’ Police To Silence All Non-Government Narratives, Warns Former Fed (14:48)
The federal government is launching a war on so-called disinformation that is cover for silencing critics while promoting government-approved disinformation, warned former federal officer Celeste Solum in this interview with The New American magazine Alex Newman for Conversations That Matter. According to Solum, who worked in disinformation and attended government trainings, all non-government narratives are in the crosshairs for total silencing. Former Homeland Security boss Michael Chertoff is overseeing the latest effort, she added. Patriots and those who love freedom must continue to speak out.

Lavrov Warns NATO-EU Alliance. EU Stirs Up Trouble In Tbilisi. Blue Pacific Takes On China. (24:14)
by Alex Christoforou

Printing Widows
Is another banker-orchestrated brother war needed for their reset agenda?
They insisted, “never again” about many tragic events of the twentieth century, and yet the world is dancing around another banker-orchestrated brother war with the conductors of global chaos keen to push it beyond the borders of Ukraine. They are quickly reaching their sell-by date and soon Ukraine will not be capable of doing much of anything no matter how many billions are gifted from failing empires. The empire war modelers need new sacrificial lambs, and they’re turning the dials of those they know to be most eager for the job. Poland appears happy to oblige them, as do the little impotent Baltic states flexing behind their NATO and EU masters committed to turning the region into a flaming hell pot. Like middle school children mouthing off and throwing rocks from behind their older big brothers, the Baltic States aren’t afraid of Russia, even though Russia could steamroll all three nations in an afternoon.
by Good Citizen

British “Watchdog” Journalists Unmasked As Lap Dogs For The Security State
London – Events of the past few days suggest British journalism – the so-called Fourth Estate – is not what it purports to be: a watchdog monitoring the centers of state power. It is quite the opposite. The pretensions of the establishment media took a severe battering this month as the defamation trial of Guardian columnist Carole Cadwalladr reached its conclusion and the hacked emails of Paul Mason, a long-time stalwart of the BBC, Channel 4 and the Guardian, were published online.
Both of these celebrated journalists have found themselves outed as recruits – in their differing ways – to a covert information war being waged by Western intelligence agencies. Had they been honest about it, that collusion might not matter so much. After all, few journalists are as neutral or as dispassionate as the profession likes to pretend. But as have many of their colleagues, Cadwalladr and Mason have broken what should be a core principle of journalism: transparency.
by Jonathan Cook

Iran Arrests Israel Mossad Cell Planning To Assassinate Scientists
Iranian authorities announced yesterday that they had arrested an Israeli Mossad cell which planned to assassinate nuclear scientists in the country. Local news agencies reported that the Prosecutor General of Sistan-Baluchistan province, Mehdi Shamsabadi, had confirmed the arrests. “The arrest of these Mossad operatives came after a complicated intelligence operation that lasted for eight months of monitoring,” Shamsabadi said, explaining that “there was so much evidence” against them that they did not protest at all when the arrest warrant was issued.

UK’s Johnson Warns Of Downside To Ending Ukraine Conflict
Any effort to resolve the conflict between Moscow and Kiev peacefully will cause more harm than good, the UK PM has said
The West needs to keep arming Ukraine instead of seeking a peaceful resolution to the conflict between Kiev and Moscow, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told French President Emmanuel Macron, according to Downing Street. Any attempt to resolve the conflict peacefully will lead to global instability, he said at a meeting on the sidelines of the G7 Summit on Sunday. The military action in Ukraine is at a “critical moment,” the two leaders agreed, but there is still “an opportunity to turn the tide.” According to the statement, Johnson and Macron have agreed to continue supporting Kiev militarily to “strengthen their hand in both the war and any future negotiations.” The prime minister also cautioned the French leader against seeking alternatives to resolving the conflict.
by RT

King Of Jordan Floats Idea Of A NATO-Like Military Alliance In West Asia
Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said it would be ridiculous for the US to declare a Middle East NATO that includes Arab states under the control of the Israeli regime
Jordanian King Abdullah stated that he would warmly support a NATO-style military alliance for West Asian nations during an interview with CNBC on 24 June. “I would be one of the first people that would endorse a Middle East Nato,” King Abdullah stated in the interview. The Jordanian monarch noted how the Levant nation has participated in various military drills with NATO, as Jordan is considered a major non-member ally of the western military alliance, and that a similar alliance should exist in West Asia. The mission and vision statement of a potential new alliance in the region should “be very clear, and its role should be well defined,” he said.
by News Desk

birx had a tough day in congress (text and video)
“hope” is no basis for health mandates or treatment policy
leaders do not, mostly, lead. they follow the public mood. and as that mood is shifting, it’s becoming OK to ask the pointy questions and start getting to the bottom of things. debbie had a tough outing here and gets pinned on a simple and vital issue: when public health officials and agencies stridently told america that the covid vaccines would be a “dead end for the virus” and stop infection and spread, upon what did they base that claim and how did they get it so wrong?
by el gato malo

The Red Fog Over America (Book)
The evidence obtained by Commander Carr, as the result of thirty five years of investigations, is submitted. We ask our fellow Christian Laymen to study that document and then give us their verdict. Something interesting; When Cmd. Carr tried to get his other book,”Pawns in the Game”, printed, no one would do it. He was introduced to a printer, by trade, and he said, “find someone with an Electric Typewriter.” So they did and they stayed up all night typing the book and so now we have it today. After the book was out, Cmd. Car was run off the road into Lake Ontario and died. A friend of mine died recently and a letter was found, on this subject, and I found it good to add it here. First, this friend of mind was the printer and a friend of Comdr. Carr. To whom it may concern: I, named removed for surviving wife’ sake, met Commander Guy Carr in 1954. He made the Canadian Navy his life career, retiring as a Commander. He was involved in the Intelligence Branch. Durning WWII he was a bodyguard to the Prime Minister of Canada, William MacKenzie King. He was at all the Big four Conferences, including Potsdam, Teheran, Yalta, and others. While at these conferences he saw a lot of strange documents. He tried to get “Pawns In The Game” printed. More than one printer was put totally out of business for trying to print this book. After meeting Cmdr. Carr, I helped him, through contacts that I had, to get the first edition of this book printed. In 1958 Cmdr. Carr died under mysterious circumstances. “Pawns in the Game” went out of print in the early 1960’s. A group of patriots had it reprinted in the early 1970’s. Upon the retirement of these patriots, Christian Patriots (CPA) of Boring, Or. has been printing this book. (And still is.) Click “CPA BOOKS” to view more books we have to offer.
by William Guy Carr

European City Heads Targeted By ‘Fake’ Mayor Of Kiev
Law enforcement is investigating video calls by imposter pretending to be Vitaly Klitschko
Mayors of three European capitals – Berlin, Madrid and Vienna – have found themselves engaged in video calls with an imposter claiming to be their Kiev counterpart, Vitaly Klitschko. Berlin’s mayor, Franziska Giffey, wrapped up the conversation after “its course and the setting” made her suspect that the person she was speaking to was not Klitschko – something that was later confirmed by the Ukrainian Ambassador Andrey Melnyk, the mayor’s office revealed on Friday. Police are investigating the incident which is apparently a deepfake video, according to the office. Deepfakes use artificial intelligence to create animations of politicians, among other things. “Unfortunately, it is part of the reality that the war is being waged with all means – including online, with use of digital methods to undermine trust and to discredit Ukraine’s partners and allies,” Mayor Giffey said in a statement.
by RT

European City Heads Targeted By ‘Fake’ Mayor Of Kiev
Law enforcement is investigating video calls by imposter pretending to be Vitaly Klitschko
Mayors of three European capitals – Berlin, Madrid and Vienna – have found themselves engaged in video calls with an imposter claiming to be their Kiev counterpart, Vitaly Klitschko. Berlin’s mayor, Franziska Giffey, wrapped up the conversation after “its course and the setting” made her suspect that the person she was speaking to was not Klitschko – something that was later confirmed by the Ukrainian Ambassador Andrey Melnyk, the mayor’s office revealed on Friday. Police are investigating the incident which is apparently a deepfake video, according to the office. Deepfakes use artificial intelligence to create animations of politicians, among other things. “Unfortunately, it is part of the reality that the war is being waged with all means – including online, with use of digital methods to undermine trust and to discredit Ukraine’s partners and allies,” Mayor Giffey said in a statement.
by RT

The Korean War: Another Conflict That Served The Illuminati Agenda
On June 25, 1950, Kim Il-sung, North Korea’s communist dictator, sent his troops to invade South Korea. American forces, fighting under UN authority, came to South Korea’s defense, in a bloody three-year war that ended in stalemate. But how did Kim Il-sung and the communists come to power in North Korea? U.S. foreign policy put them there, in a roundabout way. During World War II, the U.S. fought the Germans in Europe and the Japanese in Asia. The Soviet Union, then under Joseph Stalin’s brutal rule, was America’s “ally” during this war. The Soviets, however, only fought Germany; they maintained a nonaggression pact with Japan. But at the “Big Three” conferences at Teheran and Yalta, President Roosevelt asked Stalin if he would break his treaty with Japan and enter the Pacific war. Stalin agreed – on condition that the United States supply him with all the weapons, vehicles and materiel his Far Eastern army would need for the expedition. Roosevelt agreed, and some 600 shiploads of supplies were sent to Russia to equip Stalin’s army to fight Japan.
by James Perloff

Who Started World War II? by Viktor Suvorov (49:46)

Who Started World War II? by Viktor Suvorov (49:46)

June 25, 2022

“The study of money, above all other fields in economics,
is the one in which complexity is used to disguise truth or to evade truth, not to reveal it.”
Kenneth Galbraith

Creepy Joe Biden Archive With 705 Posts

ACH (1828) I’m Talking To YOU #22 – The Ancient Pregnant Tortoise Show (Audio 31:57)
In today’s show originally broadcast on June 25 2022, Andy presents a show entitled, “The Ancient Pregnant Tortoise Show.”
“I’m Talking To YOU,” is an unscripted solo show covering a variety of topics, which is only available on Andy’s website, and unlike his other shows, is not syndicated elsewhere.
by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Everybody’s Guilty: To the Police State, We’re All Criminals Until We Prove Otherwise
The burden of proof has been reversed. No longer are we presumed innocent. Now we’re presumed guilty unless we can prove our innocence beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. Rarely, are we even given the opportunity to do so. Although the Constitution requires the government to provide solid proof of criminal activity before it can deprive a citizen of life or liberty, the government has turned that fundamental assurance of due process on its head. Each and every one of us is now seen as a potential suspect, terrorist and lawbreaker in the eyes of the government. Consider all the ways in which “we the people” are now treated as criminals, found guilty of violating the police state’s abundance of laws, and preemptively stripped of basic due process rights.
by John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead

Eva Bartlett On The George Eliason Show (Audio 55:50)
George Eliason is based in the Donbass and for the entirety of Ukraine’s war against the people of the Donbass Republics has been living and reporting from here. It was a huge honour to meet George some months ago and to be interviewed by him recently.

Ukraine Military Summary And Analysis June 24, 2022 (25:41)
by Military Summary’

Abortion: Now Comes The War
I’m writing this a few minutes after the Supreme Court decision, so I’m not making reference to widespread violence. Yet. I’m talking about the propaganda war, which will be huge. Basically, the Court’s decision places abortion back in the States. Each State makes its own laws. The majority of politicians and academics and lawyers hate this idea with white-hot fury. The last thing they want is: federalist principles actually working: power divided between the federal government and State governments. They want all the power at the top. For themselves. Ideally, they want to wipe out State powers altogether.
by Jon Rappoport

Supreme Court Issues Ruling, Gutting Miranda Rights And Threatening The Fifth Amendment
On Thursday, the Supreme Court issued a ruling in Vega V Tekoh, a case involving the administration of Miranda rights, with the court ruling that a suspect’s words or statements can be used in court regardless of their Miranda rights. For background, these are the facts of the case in question: Terence Tekoh worked as a patient transporter in a hospital in Los Angeles. After a patient accused him of sexual assault, hospital staff reported the allegation to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Deputy Carlos Vega went to the hospital to ask Tekoh questions and take Tekoh’s statement. Although the parties described vastly different accounts of the nature of the interaction between Tekoh and Vega, it is undisputed that Vega did not advise Tekoh of his Miranda rights before questioning him or taking his statement.
by Michael Robison

10 More Taxes The Government Should Pause Forever
President Biden has asked Congress to implement a federal gas tax holiday to help Americans deal with rising gas prices. If implemented, Americans can look forward to saving 18.4 cents a gallon on gas. We’ll all be rich! Too bad the gas tax holiday is only supposed to last three months. Here are some taxes we think should be done away with forever:
by BabylonBee.com

Ukrainian Resistance Collapsing In Donbass, Economic Crises Wrack Europe, UK’s Johnson About To Fall (37:15)
by Alexander Mercouris

swedish vaccine injury data
more viking truth bombs
the nordics have done a better job of playing it straight on vaccines than most of the rest of the west. their increasing honesty about side effects and risks is both limiting/eliminating their pediatric covid vaccine programs and providing some stark perspective to places like the US that are running full speed at “vaxx the kids.” here are some useful comparisons on side effects (source HERE) shared with me by longtime gatopal™ and noted swedish data maven @HaroldofWorld with whom i have collaborated on many past projects. this is the kind of comparison the CDC seems to be trying very hard not to make in the US.
by el gato malo

Europe’s Death Rattle, Part II
Mass migration is not, as it seems, an organic emanation of humanity from poor countries, but a calculated project to repopulate the territory of the declining West, with racism its chief instrument.
Open Borders, Shut Mouths
Though, in his remarkable book, The Scramble for Europe, Stephen Smith tends to soft-focus these aspects, what we can see clearly from his analysis is that there is in train a cultivated exodus from Africa into Europe that is orchestrated from within the West, with motives that are self-evident to even the casual observer. Although conventional wisdom in the West has it that the issue of mass migration out of Africa (and by extension other ‘developing’ countries — for which read ‘the undeveloping countries’) is one of absolute need on one side and a ‘duty’ to step up and deliver ‘compassion’ on the other, the reality, as we have seen, is rather different. The vast majority of migrants are not ‘the poorest of the poor’ of popular bleeding-heart spin, but the relatively better-off. They are, as Smith explains, the ones who have managed to up sticks and come to the West as a direct result of Western aid that was, nominally at least, intended to provide Africans with a jumpstart in their own countries, but is instead functioning to suck the most intelligent and creative human life out of Africa and deposit it in Paris, Dublin, Berlin and London. The point of this has to do with neither the dreams and desires of the migrants nor — even less — the betterment of poorer countries, but is entirely about achieving certain outcomes in Western societies, the first among which is to drive down wages so as to make the world even more congenial to corporate interests. And there are other motives also, as we shall see.
by John Waters

Imperial Narrative Control Has Five Distinct Elements
All of our world’s worst problems are created by the powerful. The powerful will keep creating those problems until ordinary people use their superior numbers to make them stop. Ordinary people don’t use their superior numbers to stop the powerful because the powerful are continuously manipulating people’s understanding of what’s going on. Humans are storytelling creatures. If you can control the stories humans are telling themselves about the world, you control the humans, and you control the world.
Mental narrative plays a hugely prominent role in human experience; if you’ve ever tried to still your mind in meditation you know exactly what I’m talking about. Babbling thought stories dominate our experience of reality. It makes sense then that if you can influence those stories, you’re effectively influencing someone’s experience of reality.
The powerful manipulate the dominant narratives of our society in approximately five major ways: propaganda, censorship, Silicon Valley algorithm manipulation, government secrecy, and the war on journalism. Like the fingers on a hand they are distinct from each other and each play their own role, but they’re all part of the same thing and work together toward the same goal. They’re all just different aspects of the US-centralized empire’s narrative control system.
by Caitlin Johnstone

EU Candidate Status To Ukraine & Moldova, Georgia Denied. Cauldrons In Donbass. (34:37)
by Alex Christoforou

Louis Pasteur vs Antoine Béchamp And The Germ Theory Of Disease Causation (Part 1)
Misconceptions about health are ingrained in our culture. The road to understanding the process of maintaining and restoring health has been a long and twisted one. From ancient and intuitive knowledge, science has taken over, made colossal errors, and clings to them for dear life. There was a rejection of wisdom or scientific discovery in favor of a more popular, convenient, or politically desirable system. Just as Socrates was poisoned for his ideas, and Galileo was forced by a fanatic clergy to withdraw his statements about astronomy, ignorance and power can be a dangerous combination.
We do not catch diseases. We build them. We have to eat, drink, think, and feel them into existence. We work hard at developing our diseases. We must work just as hard at restoring health. The presence of germs does not constitute the presence of a disease. Bacteria are scavengers of nature…they reduce dead tissue to its smallest element. Germs or bacteria have no influence, whatsoever, on live cells. Germs or microbes flourish as scavengers at the site of disease. They are just living on the unprocessed metabolic waste and diseased, malnourished, nonresistant tissue in the first place. They are not the cause of the disease, any more than flies and maggots cause garbage. Flies, maggots, and rats do not cause garbage but rather feed on it. Mosquitoes do not cause a pond to become stagnant! You always see firemen at burning buildings, but that doesn’t mean they caused the fire…

Louis Pasteur vs Antoine Béchamp And The Germ Theory Of Disease Causation (Part 2)
DNA may also be damaged when excess acetaldehyde reacts with it, creating the following symptom pictures: pancreatitis, cardiomyopathy, dilated cardiomyopathy, brain atrophy dementia, atrophied brain with large ventricles, jaundice, spider angina, enlarged spleen, stomach ulcers, esophageal varicosity, ascites, cirrhosis, enlarged spleen, tremor, bleeding tendency, bruising, ankle edema, and reddening of the palms, and others. Another example of the damaging effects of the waste products of yeast and fungus is the mycotoxin cyclosporin. This toxin suppresses the immune system so greatly that it’s used to prevent the rejection of transplanted organs. The irony is that people rarely get it directly from the fungus, but are dosed with it by doctors doing transplants. Cyclosporin has been shown to cause cancer and atherosclerosis in all humans who have been long-term survivors of transplants. Other mycotoxins, such as uric acid and oxalic acid, provoke symptoms ranging from gout to kidney stones. Cancer and AIDS are nothing more or less than a cellular disturbance of the electromagnetic balance, disorganization of the cellular microzymas, their morbid evolution to bacteria, yeast, fungus, and mold, and their ensuing production of exotoxins and mycotoxins. Cancer, therefore, is a four-letter word–acid, especially lactic acid, a waste product of yeast and fungus.

Evil Doctors Pushing Devastating Transgender Drugs On Children (2:20)

Evil Doctors Pushing Devastating Transgender Drugs On Children (2:20)

Satellite Imagery Shows Construction Of US Military Facility In Pacific
Satellite imagery revealed that the United States is constructing a new military facility in the Pacific, possibly preparing an alternative landing site for its airforce should the military bases on Guam become inoperable. Land-clearing activity has been spotted at Tinian International Airport in the Northern Mariana Islands, based on satellite images obtained by The War Zone on June 15. Past satellite imagery from the Planet Lab suggests that construction work at the site started in May. This appears to correspond to the Tinian divert airfield projects that commenced in February, which will cost about $162 million and are expected to complete by 2025. At the first project’s ground-breaking ceremony in February, brigadier-general Jeremy Sloane, commander of the 36th Wing, emphasized the importance of the Tinian divert airfield projects for the U.S. forces. “Its airfield, roadway, port, and pipeline improvements will provide vital strategic, operational, and exercise capabilities for the U.S. forces and support humanitarian assistance and disaster relief,” Sloane said, DVIDS reported. In May 2019, the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands government signed a 40-year lease agreement with the U.S. Defense Department, which was worth $21.9 million for the U.S. Air Force’s divert airfield on Tinian.
by Aldgra Fredly

EU Renews Digital Covid Pass Despite 99% Negative Public Feedback
Acting on a proposal of the European Commission, the European Parliament, as expected, voted yesterday to renew the EU Digital Covid Certificate for another year. The vote was 453 for, 119 against and 19 abstentions. The certificate regulation had been scheduled to expire on June 30. Earlier this month, a delegation from the parliament had already reached a “political agreement” with the Commission on renewing the certificate, thus making yesterday’s vote virtually a foregone conclusion. The certificate regulation was originally adopted in June of last year, ostensibly to facilitate “safe travel” between EU member states. But the EU digital certificate quickly evolved into the model and sometimes infrastructure for the domestic “health” or Covid passes that would serve to restrict access to many other areas of social life over the following year.
by Robert Kogon

EU, Ukraine And Moldova; Rearranging Deck Chairs On The Titanic (28:15)
by The Duran

Polio Back In UK – But Is It Thanks To Bill Gates?
The UK Health Security Agency (just how many of these health organisations are we paying for?) has declared a national incident and warned that parents must check that their children are vaccinated against polio after traces of the virus were detected in Britain’s water system. It’s difficult to avoid the suspicion that this could be just a scam to persuade more parents to have their children vaccinated against polio. (Like most people, I no longer trust anything that comes from any quango, government advisor, minister or government department.) But one or two things are worth mentioning. First, polio was officially eradicated in the UK in 2003. So, why are the authorities still vaccinating children against a disease that was eradicated 19 years ago? (Actually, the last case was in 1984 – nearly 40 years ago.)
by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Officials Still ‘Don’t Know’ If Us Arms Were Used To Kill Yemeni Civilians
It’s not that the military and state department lack the capacity for tracking their weapons, it’s just that such inquiries tend to get in the way.
Amid President Biden’s controversial decision last week to soon meet with Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman – a move that appears to be following the lead of prominent Middle East hawks – the Government Accountability Office released a new report finding that the State and Defense Departments failed to thoroughly investigate and “don’t know” whether the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen used American-made weapons in attacks that killed civilians. What’s perhaps more revealing about the GAO’s assessment is that it shows the militaristic mindset and poor judgment that got the United States into this strategic and humanitarian nightmare in the first place are alive and well inside the executive branch.
by Kate Kizer

Utah Ritualized Sexual Abuse Investigation: Is There A History Of Ritual Abuse In Utah?
As the Utah primary draws near, the investigation into “ritualized child sexual abuse” has garnered more than 120 tips related to claims of ritualistic sex rings. Let’s examine the history of these allegations in Utah. In the nearly 4 weeks since the Utah County Sheriff’s Office announced an investigation into allegations of “ritualized child sexual abuse” in three Utah counties, they have received more than 120 tips in the form of phone calls, texts, and emails. UCSO Public Information Officer Sgt. Spencer Cannon told the Salt Lake Tribune that the office has “pulled in” sergeants with experience in sex assault cases to help review the information.
The Last American Vagabond (TLAV) has been following the unusual situation since May 31st when the Utah County Sheriff’s Office announced they were working with multiple county and federal agencies investigating reports of ritualistic child sexual abuse from as far back as 1990. The Sheriff’s Office said the investigation began in April 2021. The investigation subsequently discovered previous reports alleging “similar forms of ritualistic sexual abuse and trafficking” that occurred in Utah County, Juab County, and Sanpete County during the time between 1990 and 2010.
by Derrick Broze

The Causes And Consequences Of The Ukraine War A Lecture by John J. Mearsheimer (2:07:15)

Israeli Troops Kill 16-Year-Old Palestinian For ‘Throwing Rocks At Road’
Dozens of Palestinians have been killed in the occupied West Bank by Israeli troops since mid-March, including Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Aqla
A Palestinian teenager was shot by Israeli troops on the evening of 24 June for allegedly “throwing rocks at a road” leading to the illegal settlement of Ofra in the occupied West Bank. The victim, identified as 16-year-old Abdullah Muhammad Hammad, died of his injuries in the early hours of 25 June. According to a statement released by the Israeli army, Hammad was part of a group throwing rocks at the road near the city of Ramallah. “Soldiers at the scene operated to stop the suspects in accordance with standard operating procedures, using live fire as a last resort,” the statement says. However, there was no clarification as to why the troops opened fire during the arrest procedure. Israeli troops increased operations in the occupied West Bank following a wave of retaliatory attacks carried out by Palestinians against Israeli settlers, which has left 19 dead since late March. Over the same period of time, 46 Palestinians were killed by Israel, including Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Aqla, who was wearing a helmet and bulletproof vest clearly labeled PRESS at the time of her murder.
by News Desk

America’s Largest Newspaper Chain Goes ‘Woke’
A lot has changed at USA Today and throughout the rest of Gannett — the largest newspaper chain in America — over the last few years. The newspapers have gone “woke” writes David Mastio, the former deputy editorial page editor of USA Today in a Thursday New York Post editorial. Mastio, after relating his own story of being demoted at USA Today for posting at Twitter the “unwoke” comment that “People who are pregnant are also women,” details the current state of affairs at Gannett: Gannett’s top editors and publishers are filling the company with a cadre of young college graduates who share a narrow “woke” ideology that is alien to the values of most of its readers. In a closely divided America, Gannett has a grand total of one local conservative staff columnist. There’s one conservative editorial page left in the network. In recent years, I’ve watched good conservative editorial pages in Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Oklahoma City wink out to be replaced with bland corporate liberalism. There are zero conservative editorial cartoonists left in the network.
by Adam Dick

Summer Preview: Rolling Blackouts, Higher Gas Prices, Natural Gas Rationing In Europe And A Historic Diesel Crisis
Almost everyone has heard about the rapidly growing global energy crisis by now, but most people assume that this crisis will eventually go away because they think that authorities have everything under control. Unfortunately, that is not true at all. This crisis has taken our leaders by surprise, and now many of them have shifted into panic mode because they realize that there will be no easy fixes. Decades of neglect and foolish decisions have brought us to the precipice of a nightmare, and many of us are going to be absolutely astonished by some of the things that happen in the months ahead. Here in the United States, we have neglected to properly invest in our power grids for a very long time, and now they are at a breaking point.
by Michael Snyder

June 24, 2022

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
Mohandas K. Gandhi

Abortion Archive With 123 Posts

Is This What They Mean By “Democracy Is Under Attack”? (Text and Audio)
Today’s missive looks a bit different from our normal Friday roundup. As you probably know, a few big rulings came down from the United States Supreme Court over the past 24 hours– one on gun control, the other on abortion. Predictably, the rulings were accompanied by a great deal of noise and outrage. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that ‘mostly peaceful’ protests don’t start up again. More importantly, we wanted to weigh in with a healthy dose of rationality. My bet is that the vast majority of angry protesters have probably not bothered to read any of the Justices’ opinions. They probably never read the original Roe v Wade opinion. They probably don’t know who was Roe and who was Wade. They probably haven’t even read the Constitution. All they know is that they’re outraged.
by Simon Black

ACH (1827) Steven Douglas Whitener – Did They Escape From Alcatraz? (Audio 54:02)
In today’s show originally broadcast on June 24 2022, Andy is joined by Steven Douglas Whitener, for a show entitled, “Did They Escape From Alcatraz?”
We discussed: the Daily Mail article on the legendary escape from Alcatraz back in 1962; why it is subjective as to whether people do or do not deserve clemency for their crimes; how Alcatraz has become a part of American culture; the curious case of the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski; the serial killer phenomenon and how there may be more to that than meets the eye; and many other topics.
by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Amalgam Mercury Fillings, Vaccines And Neurodegeneration: Watch Mercury Kill The Brain (4:23)

Watch Mercury Kill The Brain – Vaccines And Neurodegeneration (4:23)

Why Are The Nation’s Pharmacies And Retail Outlets Refusing To Give The New Fda-Authorized Covid Shots To Babies?
Florida’s largest private employer, Publix Food & Pharmacy, announced yesterday that they would NOT be giving the new FDA-authorized COVID vaccines to babies and toddlers between 6 months old and 4 years old. The Tampa Bay Times reports: “Since COVID-19 vaccines first became available, Publix has played a major role in tackling the public health emergency in Florida by offering vaccines to adults and, later, children as young as 5. But the Lakeland grocery company says it will not offer the vaccine approved for children ages 4 and under ‘at this time.’ Spokesperson Hannah Herring said Tuesday that Publix will not release a statement explaining its decision.”
Apparently Publix is not the only retail outlet in Florida refusing to inject babies with the toxic COVID shots. Brianna Andrews, writing in Jacksonville for News4Jax, reports: “Children under 5 years old are now eligible for COVID-19 vaccines, but some local parents say they are struggling to find appointments to get them. News4JAX called a dozen local pharmacies in the area, and none of them offered the vaccine for children under 5. They told us they did not intend to.” And while this hesitancy to inject babies with COVID experimental shots is at least somewhat understandable in Florida, where the State announced they were not supplying the shots through the Health Department, national retail outlets are also seemingly hesitant to inject babies and infants.
According to an article published on Axios yesterday, Walgreens, Costco, Rite Aid, Walmart, H-E-B, Hy-Vee, and Wegmans are only offering the shots to 3 and 4-year-olds, but not 6 months old through 2. CVS offers the shots for children as young as 1.5 years old, but apparently not babies younger than that. Why are these retail outlets refusing to inject the babies now that they are authorized by the FDA? Publix refused to explain their decision, suggesting that this is a legal can of worms. Hospitals are apparently the only ones injecting the babies. Is it because they have Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) to handle the casualties, while retail outlets do not?
by Brian Shilhavy

Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Board To Reject 2020 Presidential Election After Election Audit And “2000 Mules” Documentary Prove Irrefutable Evidence Of Fraud
The Maricopa County Republican Committee has introduced a resolution to formally reject the certification of the 2020 Presidential Election. The Gateway Pundit recently reported that the same was done in Texas, where the Texas GOP declared the Joe Biden Regime illegitimate. “The 2000 Mules Documentary irrefutably proves election fraud occurred in Maricopa County during the 2020 Election in the form of ballot trafficking through drop boxes,” states the resolution in Maricopa County. “2000 Mules” was the latest blow to the stolen 2020 Presidential Election. Massive evidence of illegal ballot trafficking and a coordinated nationwide election fraud ring was presented by True the Vote and Dinesh D’Souza. The film revealed that over 200,000 illegal ballots were trafficked in Arizona. The Gateway Pundit continues to release more and more footage of ballot traffickers dumping handfuls of ballots illegally in ballot drop boxes in Michigan.
by Jordan Conradson

Secrets Of Aging Revealed In Largest Study On Longevity, Aging In Reptiles And Amphibians
At 190 years old, Jonathan the Seychelles giant tortoise recently made news for being the “oldest living land animal in the world.” Although, anecdotal evidence like this exists that some species of turtles and other ectotherms—or ‘cold-blooded’ animals—live a long time, evidence is spotty and mostly focused on animals living in zoos or a few individuals living in the wild. Now, an international team of 114 scientists, led by Penn State and Northeastern Illinois University, reports the most comprehensive study of aging and longevity to date comprising data collected in the wild from 107 populations of 77 species of reptiles and amphibians worldwide.
Among their many findings, which they report today in the journal Science, the researchers documented for the first time that turtles, crocodilians and salamanders have particularly low aging rates and extended lifespans for their sizes. The team also found that protective phenotypes, such as the hard shells of most turtle species, contribute to slower aging, and in some cases even ‘negligible aging’—or lack of biological aging.
by Pennsylvania State University

Editor Of The British Medical Journal, Peter Doshi’s Latest Paper Shows Covid-19 Vaccines Associated With Increased Risk Of Serious Adverse Events
Surpassing the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalisation
Peter Doshi, editor of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) is once again bravely sticking his neck out with his latest co-authored paper. He and six other authors from the US, Spain and Australia decided to investigate serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA vaccination in randomized trials. They used a World Health Organisation (WHO) endorsed priority list of adverse events of special interest (AESIs) to identify serious adverse events that occurred during phase III clinical trials on which emergency use authorisation (EUA) was based. The list comprised of adverse events based on the specific vaccine platform, adverse events associated with prior vaccines in general, theoretical associations based on animal models and COVID-19 specific immunopathogenesis.
by The Naked Emperor

Day Of Disaster For Ukraine In Donbass, UK Military Think Tank Confirms US Unable To Re-Arm Ukraine (52:41)
by Alexander Mercouris

No Rational Basis (Text and Videos)
Readers who happen to be lawyers might be expecting a legally related post, but … no. This is a Ukraine – Russia update, mostly brief links. The title comes from a phrase that Lt Col Daniel Davis uses in this brief video interview: there’s “no rational basis” for continuing this insane war against Russia in Ukraine in the expectation that Ukraine will somehow “win”.
American and Western policy towards Russia is founded on two serious errors. (A considerable understatement, of course – the past thirty years show that conventional Western ideas of Russia are almost completely wrong.) But these two are endlessly repeated and, no matter how many times they are proven wrong, they remain the foundational assumptions of the West’s attempts to change or control Russia. First is the idea that the Russian economy is feeble, unbalanced and dependent on income from the West. The second is that Putin is the chief of a band of thieves who, who if made to feel pain, will get rid of him. Sanctions will collapse the first and bring the pain to cause the second.
by Mark Wauck

Israel Murders Iranians While Biden Kills The Iran Deal
In a clear message to Tehran, an American B-52 flew over the Persian Gulf as soon as Joe Biden entered the White House. Biden promised to return the U.S. to the Iran nuclear deal. But indirect talks to revive the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which began last April, have stalled for three months without a resolution in sight. Counting on the reliable support of Biden and bipartisan Iran hawks in Congress, the nuclear-armed Israeli apartheid regime intends to kill the deal entirely. Tehran, a decades-long signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, is neither seeking nor has ever sought nuclear weapons. But the Islamic Republic, once Tel Aviv’s “best friend,” serves as Israel’s favorite boogeyman, superficially justifying billions of dollars in American military aid each year. The JCPOA threatens the racket.
by Connor Freeman

There’s Been A 44% Increase In Death Rate In Just Under A Year Of Reporting According To The CDC.
Why are they not informing the public?
PHARMACOVIGILANCE? Pharmacovigilance is the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other medicine/vaccine related problem.1 VAERS IS A PHARMACOVIGILANCE TOOL OF THE CDC AND FDA. The take home message of this article is this: The CDC has admitted to an increase in death rate in the context of the COVID-19 products. They don’t realize it, but they have. So honest, these alphabet groups. Background: In the U.S., the COVID-19 injectable products administered since December 14, 2020 include the manufacturers Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna and Janssen, with Pfizer/BioNTech being administered most frequently (58%, 36%, 6%, respectively).
by Jessica Rose

Moderna And Pfizer’s Infant And Toddler Covid Shots Were Designed For A Strain That No Longer Exists
And Government Health is rubber stamping them anyway.
Designed in January of 2020, Moderna and Pfizer’s COVID shots are long past their variant expiration date, but that hasn’t stopped the mRNA cartel from encourage their use in our most vulnerable populations. Comparable to a continuously deployed flu shot from several years ago, these shots do not seem to work whatsoever, and new data continues to showcase that striking reality. Big Pharma continues to manufacture and deploy an extensively outdated formulation. And that hasn’t stopped the federal government to continue to purchase these shots (sending Moderna and Pfizer’s profits through the roof) and encourage their perpetual use through an endless booster regimen of the same active ingredients.
by Jordan Schachtel

Suppressed, Banned And Demonised
I’ve been getting into trouble for years. I didn’t want to get into trouble. And I didn’t mean to get into trouble. But that’s the way it’s always been. In 1964, at the age of 18, I went to Kirkby, Liverpool to spend a year as a Community Service Volunteer.I arrived as a schoolboy, in a school blazer, tie and flannels. I spent my time there helping old people and working with an army of teenage school-children. I organised groups of teenagers to tidy gardens, paint flats and do shopping for lonely, housebound people. Nine months later, I had seen more of life than I’d seen in the previous 18 years. I had become a professional rebel – fighting for freedom and human rights and against injustices of all kinds.
When I started medical school I carried on working with ‘lost’ teenagers in Birmingham. I recruited a couple of gangs and got the members to help me run a night-club in the city centre so that kids had somewhere to go in the evenings. And I spent much of the 1960s and 1970s writing articles and columns which were critical of the establishment. To begin with, the establishment was moderately tolerant.
by Dr. Vernon Coleman

The Federal Bureau Of Tweets: Twitter Is Hiring An Alarming Number Of FBI Agents
SAN FRANCISCO – Twitter has been on a recruitment drive of late, hiring a host of former feds and spies. Studying a number of employment and recruitment websites, MintPress has ascertained that the social media giant has, in recent years, recruited dozens of individuals from the national security state to work in the fields of security, trust, safety and content.
Chief amongst these is the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The FBI is generally known as a domestic security and intelligence force. However, it has recently expanded its remit into cyberspace. “The FBI’s investigative authority is the broadest of all federal law enforcement agencies,” the “About” section of its website informs readers. “The FBI has divided its investigations into a number of programs, such as domestic and international terrorism, foreign counterintelligence [and] cyber crime,” it adds.
For example, in 2019, Dawn Burton (the former director of Washington operations for Lockheed Martin) was poached from her job as senior innovation advisor to the director at the FBI to become senior director of strategy and operations for legal, public policy, trust and safety at Twitter. The following year, Karen Walsh went straight from 21 years at the bureau to become director of corporate resilience at the silicon valley giant. Twitter’s deputy general counsel and vice president of legal, Jim Baker, also spent four years at the FBI between 2014 and 2018, where his resumé notes he rose to the role of senior strategic advisor.
by Alan Macleod

Infographic: How To Spot A Homeschooler
With homeschooling on the rise, there’s a good chance you and your children may come in contact with one of these strange homeschooled people. Oh no! To help you remain vigilant, we have created this handy infographic that will help you spot them.
by BabylonBee.com

Unstable Personalities
Commodities dip, housing slumps and cryptos tank as gravity has its revenge
Stocks were green again yesterday… but the bounce faded far short of the 33,000 Dow half-way point. There’s probably more bounce left. As they say on Wall Street, even a dead cat bounces more than this. We take the thud to mean Mr. Market has more work ahead – dismembering Frankensteinian businesses… de-worming the market of the Fed’s vile parasites… killing off the zombies… and generally deflating everything that gets in his way.
Steel prices have been cut in half in the last 6 months. Existing house sales and housing starts have both fallen to their lowest points since we masked up and locked down in 2020. Junk bond yields have doubled – making it very difficult for the zombies to borrow more money and survive. Fertilizer prices crested in late March and are now headed down (food prices should follow). Oil is slipping. So is copper. And even used cars are falling in price. They’re down 6% since early this year.
But when it comes to price cuts, nothing quite matches the tales of woe and worry coming out of the crypto-sphere. Trying to keep up with them is a challenge; like broken-down hulks on the side of the road, there are now nearly 20,000… out of gas, flat tires, or they just won’t start – and no tow truck in sight.
by Bill Bonner

Mass Shootings And The State Of Our Culture by Sarah Cain (4:42)

Mass Shootings And The State Of Our Culture by Sarah Cain (4:42)

Palestine Welcomes UN Findings On Israel’s Targeted Assassination Of Shireen Abu-Akleh
RAMALLAH, Friday, June 24, 2022 (WAFA) – The State of Palestine welcomed today the independent findings of the United Nations Human Rights Office on Israel’s targeted assassination of veteran Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu-Akleh. “The United Nations echoes the findings of the General Prosecutor of the State of Palestine which conclusively found that Israel deliberately targeted Palestinian journalists, killing Shireen Abu-Akleh and injuring Ali Sammoudi on 11 May 2022,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement. “Israel’s killing of Shireen Abu-Akleh is an established fact. The circumstances around her killing are clear,” added the statement. “Today, the United Nations Human Rights Office reaffirmed, similar to other previous investigations, including by Bellingcat, CNN, the Washington Post, Aljazeera, and New York Times, what eyewitnesses and the official Palestinian investigation concluded: an Israeli soldier deliberately and willfully killed Shireen.”

first a trickle, then a flood: the vaccine adverse events dam is breaking
that which was recently unspeakable is fast becoming common conversation
certain internet felines have proven prone to repeating certain adages over and over as though they were some sort of mantra. and, apparently, they do not plan to stop now. but perhaps more interesting than snarky cats sounding like broken records are the new voices joining this chorus. more and more heavy hitters of academia and research are taking the stage and imposing once more some semblance of harmony upon two years of dissonant atonal screeching by histrionic backbench blowhards. what had been the province of bloggers and a small vanguard of the uncommonly brave professors and pundits is fast opening up to the meaty masses of these fields. THIS PAPER has a real whom’s whom (far more proper than a who’s who doncha know) in its authorship. these are top folks. sander greenland wrote more than a few of the widely used epidemiology textbooks. this one will get much harder for those convinced of credentialism as the wellspring of all credibility to ignore. and won’t t