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“The Great Replacement Is No Longer A Theory, It’s Reality” (12:40)
by Eva Vlaardingerbroek
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Eva Vlaardingerbroek

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Silent Screams
In 1984, eleven years after the Supreme Court issued its Roe vs. Wade decision, a documentary called Silent Scream debuted. Obstetrician Bernard Nathanson, who was instrumental in the production of the film, performed thousands of abortions before changing his mind after ultrasound technology made it possible to see the baby in the womb. The film included ultrasound footage of the abortion of a twelve-week-old baby, revealing that the baby opened its mouth during the abortion procedure in what Nathanson called a silent scream. According to National Right to Life, there have been more than 63,000,000 abortions performed in the U.S. since 1973. These babies had no voice, but their silent screams echo just the same. Now, in 2024, after four years of propaganda, lies, fraud, coercion and mandates, the silent screams are from the covid vaccine injured and their families, as well as from the families of those killed by the vaccines or the deadly hospital protocols. Not silent because they don’t speak up, but because the world is largely ignoring them, or mocking them, or gaslighting them. Their silent screams echo in my mind and heart. Churches such as mine are outspoken regarding abortion, as they should be, but what about the events of the last four years? What about the trans agenda, which is destroying bodies and lives? We have become a culture of death. Meanwhile, even as I hear of vaccinated congregants repeatedly getting sick, having strokes or heart attacks, or developing brain cancer or pancreatic cancer soon after receiving a booster shot, the church is quiet for the most part. I know vaccinated children who are diagnosed as autistic and/or ADHD. Some of their parents now realize childhood vaccines caused their child’s problems. Imagine living with that guilt. More silent screams. No one is warning them.
by Anne Clifton

Hidden History Of Zionism (47:09)
by Robert Sepehr

Manipulation Politics: Israeli Gaslighting In The United States
Although the pro-Israel camp and their allies continue to dominate and influence Congress and the executive branch, they have slowly begun to lose control of the narrative.
The Middle East will not be the same in the wake of October 7, 2023. More was breached on that day than the prison wall that Palestinian fighters burst through. The fantasy Israel has staged-managed, and the United States has parroted, for over seven decades has finally seen the light of day. The global community can no longer be gaslit. Merriam-Webster defines gaslighting as “the act of grossly misleading someone especially for one’s own advantage.” The term has resonance for what Israel and the United States have successfully done over a number of generations-creating a benign identity for Israel that has never corresponded with its ruthless settler-colonial reality. The awful truth is that it has taken the death of over 34,000 Palestinians for many in the United States and the world to say “Free Palestine.” The mainstreamed Israeli “good guy” narrative that has colonized the US body politic for so long is being whittled away by the horrific images of daily genocide and ecocide from Gaza. A country does not become cruel overnight. It takes intent, years of practice and strategies to effectively hide the cruelty. Since it declared itself a state in 1948, the occupied territories known as Israel has relied on an elaborate state-run public relations industry to convince Western audiences, particularly Americans, of its bravery and noble intentions.
by Dr. M. Reza Behnam

College Protests Against Gaza Genocide: An OpEd Screed For The Patriot Movement
I really want this screed to be very short and to the point. I fear it may not be, so sorry in advance. Back in the late 1960s and early 70s me my bros and sisters eventually saw that the Vietnam War was planned out as the first MIC forever war. Everything about Nam was ugly—VERY UGLY!!! The CIA drug-running. The Agent Orange poisoning of whole countrysides. The brutal war crimes against an innocent people. The nonstop and insulting lies by the US government. The Kent State massacre. The brutal government response at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. The needless deaths of 58,220 U.S. service members. And much, MUCH, worse, but only conspiracy realists would understand. Now here’s the real deal: Most of us were out there protesting and demonstrating because our lives depended on it. We shut down college military recruiting offices and university administration buildings throughout the 50 states—literally—because our own lives depended on it! (Look it up.) We were afraid—VERY AFRAID. We were really scared of being sent into the Vietnam meat grinder—for no fuckin’ good reason. Even those of us who were lucky enough to get deferments knew that our number would come up once we left our college undergrad or university grad program. What’s the point? Most of us were out there to save our own friggin’ asses—THAT’S THE POINT. Now, here we see today college kids across the USA out their protesting an in-your-freakin-face GENOCIDE … … … of totally innocent women and children, elderly and infirm in Gaza. These kids are literally sacrificing themselves for a much greater cause, YES?!?!?! Support these people.

by A Vietnam War Protester

Neil Oliver: “We’re Being Played By Our Governments Over And Over Again.” (17:03)

American Spring?
Suppression of Free Speech is Undermining the U.S. Constitution
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” ~ The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Ratified December, 15, 1791.
An open assault on the First Amendment is occurring across America, as college students who are peacefully exercising their Constitutional right to freedom of speech, challenging government policies, are being arrested in droves. The self-appointed Congressional Overseers of Higher Education, who hauled politically naïve university presidents into their star chambers and publicly castigated the savants for not admonishing their students to be sufficiently sympathetic to genocide, essentially demanded loyalty, not to America, but to the deadly agenda of a country not our own. College students are not rejecting the evidence of their eyes and ears. Thirty-Four thousand dead Palestinians, most of them women and children. The students know the horrific violence going on thousands of miles away, and they know their government is licensing it. They are demanding the war cease. They are standing on more than two centuries of citizen action challenging the government. Those who misuse their authority to suppress legitimate dissent are undermining foundational Constitutional freedoms, the Freedom of Speech and the Right to Protest. The First Amendment is the cornerstone of the American Republic.
by Dennis Kucinich

Neglect, Abuse, Torture: The West Is Ignoring The Fate Of Palestinians Stuck In Israeli Jails
Released detainees tell of suffering in indefinite detention, but their plight is unlikely to gain much traction in the West
For over six months, the world has watched the devastating Israeli campaign against Palestinians in Gaza, which has killed over 34,000 people so far (including over 16,000 children). Fewer are aware, however, of the nearly 10,000 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons, many of whom have been repeatedly arrested and held for prolonged, indefinite periods. These include children, university students, medics, doctors, and journalists, among others. While these numbers have increased dramatically in just over half a year, media coverage is scant, with the exception of some reporting on Layan Naser, one of the Christian university students re-imprisoned earlier this month. She was taken by Israeli troops from her family’s home in the early morning, with her parents held at gunpoint. But this is not an isolated phenomenon, she’s just one of many Palestinian students similarly abducted, ostensibly in the name of security, for taking part in campus activism. On April 7, the Palestinian Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs condemned the latest kidnappings of Layan Kayed and Layan Naser, two young women who have previously been targeted and imprisoned, along with multiple others.
by Eva Bartlett

Six Lessons To Save The World (3:39)
by Peter St Onge Ph.D.

Free Speech In American Universities
The heroism and idealism of youth in full and glorious display
Free speech only comes into its own when you freely consent to hear what you hate to hear. When everyone is singing from the same songbook, it sure may sound mighty sweet – but it is not free speech. It then becomes a type of cackle of congregating geese or perhaps even the synchronized song of several robins of early spring, singing the same song together. Except for the robins themselves (or perhaps even for them!), this would become insufferably boring after the first full flush of amorous feeling. It is the multitudinous, different tones and timbres and pitches of birdsong that has been the stuff of the poet’s longing and the spurned lover’s consolation when he walks in the woods alone. In comparing the song of the skylark to that of the nightingale and several other choristers of the skies and choosing one (Shelley, the skylark) or the other (Keats, the nightingale), we may join the poet in the exercise of free choice that follows the exercise of free speech. For those of us who have resolved to fight the good fight of freedom, for those of us who believe in the right to protest and the right to free speech, we must support free speech anywhere, everywhere, even in our universities. Especially in our universities.
by Francis Christian

BRICS Pushing For Common Currency, In Bid To Reduce Reliance On Us Dollar: South African Envoy
The BRICS are advancing the progress of its common currency, while actively promoting the use of local currencies from member states to reduce the risks of solely relying on the US dollar, South African Ambassador to China Siyabonga Cyprian Cwele told the Global Times on Friday. In an interview on the sidelines of a reception hosted by the South African embassy in China to mark the country’s 30th anniversary of freedom, Cwele also spoke highly of China-South Africa bilateral ties and refuted slanders against China’s cooperation with Africa. Regarding the BRICS currency, the taskforce formed by the financial ministers of the member states will have a meeting in May to move corresponding discussions forward, with a focus on key issues including promoting greater stability of international monetary and financial systems, the South African envoy said.
by Xiong Xinyi

Six Minutes Of Time Magazine: The Deadliest Propagandists On Earth
It’s a six-minute read, or so Six Minutes of Time Magazine: The Deadliest Propagandists on Earth. Before I dove in, my first question was, “Who wrote this?” I guess you already suspect some would-be propaganda expert. And Peter Pomerantsev is the spurt in question. Now, if I may, allow me to poke holes like the Swiss in this cheesy bit of Putin-phobia. Before I launch into this Time Magazine horse manure, it’s significant to note that Pomerantsev hatched his genius Putin hate piece with a catchy story about traveling to Kyiv from Poland. Please, let’s face it: anybody traveling from Poland to Ukraine’s capital is never going to be carrying any good news about Russia. Let’s address the author’s (or Time’s ownership’s) the biggest question. Do Russians believe the news in Russia? I am told by most Russians I know that, like any other media market in the world, a lot depends on who you are reading, watching, or listening to. That said, the best way to shred Time Magazine’s propaganda is to examine what Western elites say Putin lies about. A few examples will suffice.
by Phil Butler

The Law: An Intro From The Founders To Frederic Bastiat (23:49)
by Tenth Amendment Center

Hamas Calls On 18 Countries Signing Hostage Release Initiative To Expose Israel’s Crimes
The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas expressed its regret over the statement issued by the White House, signed by 18 countries, calling for the release of the hostages in the Gaza Strip. The movement conveyed on Friday that the statement: “Did not address basic issues for our people who are suffering under the burden of a comprehensive genocidal war and did not stress the need for a permanent ceasefire and the withdrawal of the occupation army from the Gaza Strip. This is in addition to the ambiguity surrounding other issues.” Hamas stressed that it is: “Open to any ideas or proposals that take into account the just needs and rights of our people, represented by a complete cessation of the aggression against them, the withdrawal of the occupation forces from the Gaza Strip, the unconditional and unrestricted return of the displaced, reconstruction, lifting the siege, and moving forward with reaching a serious prisoner exchange deal through the Palestinian people receiving their full legitimate national rights by self-determination, and establishing their independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

Russia Never Threatened NATO, Has No Interests In Attacking Member States – Shoigu
ASTANA (Sputnik) – Russia has never threatened NATO and has neither geopolitical nor military interests to attack the states of the alliance, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Friday.
“Russia has never threatened NATO. We have neither geopolitical nor military interests to attack the states of the bloc. We are simply protecting our people in our historical territories,” Shoigu said during a meeting of defense ministers of the SCO member countries in Astana. Russia has always made maximum efforts to maintain strategic stability and balance of power in the world, the minister added. The SCO was founded in 2001. India, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan are its full members. Afghanistan, Belarus, and Mongolia are observer states; Azerbaijan, Armenia, Egypt, Cambodia, Nepal, Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkiye, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar, Bahrain, and Kuwait are dialogue partners.
by Sputnik

Killing The Constitution
In the last days of East Germany, when government officials detected that their power was unraveling, they ratcheted up enforcement of the nation’s reporting laws. The reporting laws made it a felony to know of a crime and fail to report it. It was also a crime to tell the person of whose crime you learned that you had done so. There was no right to privacy and there was no freedom of speech. This Orwellian tangle resulted, of course, in many false reports of crimes. It also resulted in many prosecutions for failing to report crimes or for warning others that they were being spied upon. As of this past weekend, we in America are headed to the same authoritarian place. Thanks to legislation that fell one vote short of demise in each house of Congress last weekend, America in 2024 will soon resemble East Germany in the late 1980s, where nearly everyone was a spy and no one could talk about it. Here is the backstory. The quintessential American right is the right to be left alone. Justice Louis Brandeis called it the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized persons. It presumes that you can think as you wish and say what you think and read what you want and publish what you say, that you can exclude whomever you wish – including the government – from your property and from your thoughts; and that you can do all this without a government permission slip or fear of government reprisal.
by Andrew P. Napolitano

Adolf Hitler (1:11:50)
Chapter 9 A Death In The Family 1928-1931

by John Toland

Israel’s Anti-UNRWA Campaign Falls Flat
The Israeli authorities, in their campaign of remorseless killing, doctoring and adjusting the numbers of the Palestinian populace for whatever future awaits, have been found wanting on accusations that Hamas terrorists packed, stacked and filled UNRWA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East). Not that this, in of itself, negates the need to feed, clothe and provide medical assistance to Palestinians being pummelled into oblivion. Or avoid committing war crimes against them. Or avoid starving, humiliating, and degrading them through administrative fiat and bureaucratic oppression. By any estimation, bad apples do not destroy the entire crop, and still need harvesting. From the outset, Israel asserted that 12 such individuals in UNRWA had participated in the October 7 attacks by Hamas, sharing the sparse details on January 29 with media outlets. The grateful recipients of the alleged scandal proceeded to gorge on the thin morsel comprising a few pages. The Financial Times, for instance, wrote of Israel’s ministry of foreign affairs having “something explosive on their agenda”, even if 12 suspects from a Gaza complement of 13,000 would have barely caused a ripple in any other circumstance.
by Binoy Kampmark

Passing Observations 236
“You must never, never despair, whatever the circumstances. To hope and to act, these are our duties in misfortune. To do nothing and to despair, is to neglect our duty.” ~ Dr Zhivago. There is now a vaccine to protect against Urinary Tract Infections. Oh goody. When is there going to be a vaccine against the damage done by all these vaccines? Al Packer, the NATO bureaucrat in charge of something insignificant tells me that citizens throughout Europe and the US will be asked to send all their spare armaments to Ukraine. “We need missiles, ammunition, tanks and stocks of depleted uranium,’ says Mr Packer. `Please search through your loft, cupboards and garden sheds and take a good look under the kitchen sink and in the wardrobe in the spare bedroom. Most people have a few unwanted rockets and fighter jets tucked away, and if every home sends us half a dozen heat seeking missiles we’ll have enough to last until next Wednesday.” The Bank of England has screwed up so much that it is costing taxpayers £40 billion a year. No wonder we’re all poor. We should sack everyone at the Bank of England, close it down and sell the building. We’d all be much richer. And since central banks all over the world all followed the same ruinous policies, it would make good sense to close down all the other central banks too. Brilliant, eh? I just saved us all £40 billion a year each.
by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
HBOT boosts mitochondrial function, decreases inflammation, helps cells generate energy, stimulates stem cells, growth factors, collagen and angiogenesis. Plus “The Oxygen Cure” Book Summary.
This came about because Larry Cook said this is our recent interview with Larry Cook: You’ve mentioned using hyperbaric oxygen treatment for vaccine injuries. Can you explain how this therapy works and the types of conditions it helps with? Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) is the process of laying or sitting inside a pressurized chamber for one hour to two hours per session to “squeeze” ambient oxygen into the cells, which in turn will help improve healing at all levels since oxygen is required for all metabolic action. Hard chamber hyperbaric treatment pressurizes a hard chamber up to 3 times more atmospheric pressure than normal atmospheric pressure and a soft chamber mild hyperbaric oxygen treatment pressurizes 1.3 to 1.5 times normal atmospheric pressure (ATA). Hard chamber higher pressure hyperbaric oxygen treatment (usually 2.0 ATA or higher) is very useful for wound healing, like for a diabetic foot that may need to be amputated if it is not quickly healed, or when divers surface too quickly and need to be pressurized again to reduce potential problems. Depending on the facility and the chamber, pure oxygen may also be added to the chamber to increase oxygen levels even more. Hard chamber treatments are often priced between $250 and $350 per session, depending on where one lives, and the type of chamber being used.
by Unbekoming

SSRI’s Devastating Side Effects (16:49)
The pandemic response supercharged a mental health crisis and now some in the medical community are publicly calling a dangerous solution – over-the-counter antidepressants. With new science showing long term issues even after discontinuing the drugs, including sexual dysfunction, many are wondering why there is a push to make them available over the counter.
by The Highwire with Del Bigtree

Explain Why White People Don’t Have The Right To Exist?
Eva Vlaardingerbroek warns the White people of Europe against massive demographic changes in their native countries. Dutch lawyer Eva Vlaardingerbroek warns Europeans to take a stand against population replacement or become a minority in their motherlands. You’ve spoken a lot about White rights and the White replacement. But of course, this kind of opens you up to these accusations of racism. So, how do conservatives deal with this Catch-22 of not wanting to be replaced in their native countries, but also not wanting to be attacked with this term? You can’t. That’s the thing. So, you have to pick a side. Of course, you’re going to be attacked if you say, ‘Hey, this continent, Europe, has been White for the entirety of its history, and now suddenly within one generation, a few bureaucrats against the will of the people have decided that we should suddenly be a minority. Why do we agree with that, or why do we allow that to happen?’ If you say that, you are going to be attacked. But the only other option is to say nothing and have it happen, so the choice is yours, and I’ve made my choice. I think there are many ways in which you can defend yourself against this ridiculous attack. So, I’m sure that they’re going say about me that I’m a terrible racist again. No, that’s not true. I don’t think that any race is superior to another. I just think that mine is also not inferior to that of others.
by Michael Walsh

Yemen Downs Third US MQ-9 Reaper Drone Since November
A US-led naval mission to protect Israeli trade interests has failed to deter Yemeni attacks in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean
The spokesman for the Yemeni armed forces, Brig. Gen. Yahya Saree, announced on 27 April that Sanaa downed another MQ-9 Reaper drone and that its troops successfully targeted the British-owned MV Andromeda Star crude oil tanker. According to the US Central Command (CENTCOM), the Yemeni armed forces launched three anti-ship ballistic missiles into the Red Sea, causing minor damage to the Andromeda Star. One of the missiles landed near a second vessel, the MV Maisha, but it was not damaged, CENTCOM said. On Saturday, an unnamed US military official confirmed to CBS News that an MQ-9 Reaper drone “crashed” inside Yemen early on Friday and said an investigation is underway. According to Saree, the $30 million drone was shot down by Yemeni air defenses in Sadaa province. Yemen has downed three MQ-9 Reaper drones since the start of its operations in support of Palestine last November, costing the US government at least $90 million.
by News Desk

Pieces Of The China Puzzle
You are receiving this post/email because you are a patron/subscriber to Of Two Minds / Charles Hugh Smith. This is Musings Report 2024-17.
As a 50+ year student of China’s history, culture and intellectual heritage, I hesitate to share my own thinking about China because I fear that what interests me is too obscure to be of general interest. On the other hand, what’s obvious may be less consequential than what’s obscure. By way of example, this recent article in Foreign Affairs on Xi Jinping’s campaign to unify Confucianism and Marxism was of intense interest to me on multiple levels. The Real Roots of Xi Jinping Thought: Chinese Political Philosophers’ Long Struggle With Modernity. As the author noted, “his attempted synthesis of Marx and Confucius has prompted bafflement, even mockery, among observers outside and inside China.” To me, there is nothing baffling in this synthesis; it not only makes perfect sense, it can be understood as essential in the broader context of China’s history and culture. In my view, Xi has grasped the necessity of recontextualizing the national identity and the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party’s control of the nation and its government.
by Charles Hugh Smith

China Demands US Not Interfere In Its Internal Affairs Amid Blinken’s Visit (4:05)
Chinese leader Xi Jinping has met with top US diplomat Antony Blinken amid a visit to Beijing aimed at salvaging the strained ties between the world powers. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned Blinken that Washington must not interfere in his country’s internal affairs. We hear from blogger and political analyst Alex Reporterfy, who says that America has been bullying China for a long time, but Beijing is not putting up with it.
by RT

Blinken In Beijing: The US Tried To Turn China Against Russia – But Did It Work?
Washington wants Beijing to disown Moscow so that it is isolated in a potential confrontation
Antony Blinken traveled to China this week to warn Beijing about sanctions for supplying military technology to Russia, according to the Financial Times and Bloomberg in their previews of the US secretary of state’s visit. They didn’t specify which sanctions might follow, although FT sources suggested that financial and other institutions in China could face restrictions. Meanwhile, the Izvestia newspaper has revealed that several Chinese banks, including the largest, ICBC, are already not accepting payments in yuan from Russia, for fear of secondary sanctions. Almost 80% of payments to China have been returned, the newspaper claimed. Washington is apparently convinced that China’s support for the Russian defense industry, although not publicized, is genuine and that this is having a significant impact on the course of the Ukraine conflict. Even with all this in mind, it was hard to imagine that Blinken would communicate in the language of threats and ultimatums. The first experience of this type of rhetoric between the administration of US President Joe Biden and the Chinese showed that hard and fast pressure does not work with the current leadership in Beijing.
by Maxim Yusin

US Campus Crackdown: 500 Pro-Palestinian Protesters Arrested
US police have arrested more than 500 protesters during a crackdown against pro-Palestinian protesters on university campuses across the country on Thursday.
Anti-riot police used chemical irritants and tasers against protesters, who set up camps in defiance of police warnings from Massachusetts to California, to protest against Israel’s savage war against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Protesters were arrested at schools including the Ohio State University, the University of Minnesota, Indiana University and Princeton University. At Emory University in Atlanta, police clashed with protesters, including students from other Atlanta universities and area activists and arrested dozens of protesters, including faculty members. Videos are shared on social media, showing officers using tear gas, tasers and handcuffs to detain protesters.
by Press TV

Daughter Of Martyr Al-Areer Martyred Along With Husband, Newborn Baby In Israeli Airstrike
The daughter of martyr Refaat Al-Areer, Shaima, was martyred on Friday along with her husband, engineer Muhammad Siam, and their newborn baby in an Israeli airstrike that targeted their apartment near Al-Rimal Clinic in Gaza City. Media sources said Israeli aircraft launched several attacks this morning targeting the headquarters of the International Red Cross, which houses displaced people, and a residential apartment near Al-Rimal Clinic, resulting in a number of martyrs and wounded. The sources revealed that among the martyrs was Shaima, the eldest daughter of martyr Dr. Refaat Al-Areer, who was previously assassinated last December in a deliberate Israeli airstrike targeting his sister’s home in Gaza City. Dr. Refaat Al-Areer was one of the pillars of the English Section at the PIC, and the supervisor of its Social Media Department. He was martyred along with his brother, sister, and her four children.
by The Palestinian Information Center

The Narrative On Anti-Semitism: Addressing Blind Spots In Media Coverage (5:59)
Mainstream media has brought attention to the rise of anti-Semitism globally, but there is a blind spot in addressing the crisis affecting Palestinians, particularly in Gaza. Israel’s actions towards Palestinians, including settlements, home demolitions, and military operations, violate human rights and international law. Media bias in favor of Israel often overlooks the suffering of Palestinians. Consumers can influence media coverage by engaging with outlets, supporting alternative sources, holding media accountable, and educating themselves and others on the complexities of the conflict, promoting empathy and justice for all affected communities.
by AurigaBooks

cry havok and let slip the dogs of woke
ideology absent repercussion becomes societal terrorism
i don’t know who needs to hear this, but: we can argue about political and personal ideas without being savages. one might even go so far as to define the ability to do so as the basis of civilization. but you cannot argue rights, ethics, or mores with deranged or amoral people. there is no shared frame or values to permit it. and this is why we need to stop giving such people not only equal but privileged seats at the table. they are eating us alive. the problem arises from the erection of “protected classes” that are allowed infinite license without repercussion or responsibility, whose “violence” is treated like “speech” while any who speak against them get their speech treated as violence. this sort of unaccountable fiat turns these ideologies into scuppers which collect anti-social and dark triad/cluster B trait individuals seeking an opportunity to act badly. this rapidly drives all reason and civility from movements and renders them functionally insane. and this is why there is such derangement in these “social justice” and “marginalized communities” movements.
by el gato malo

The Scam Of “Government” Explained In Less Than 5 Minutes… Now… With Memes! (Text and Video)
In “Government”—The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! I break down the illegitimacy, illogical nature and criminality of “government” in 150ish pages, with another 20 pages of endnotes cataloging 776 references. In this short clip from a podcast, I was able to break down the basics in Five (5) minutes flat. Hat tip to David Rodrigues, the founder of the Gatto Project and Valor Academy, for adding value by editing in some examples from the book. The weirdest thing about the scam of “Government” is that ANYONE can understand its illogical nature and immorality. Here are the basics… In memes! Backstory: Abolitionist and legal theorist Lysander Spooner completely destroyed the legal and moral legitimacy of the U.S. Con-stitution in his 1870 masterwork No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority, whose arguments are just as valid today. If my buddy and I can’t vote to rob you because there are two of us and one of you, it doesn’t matter how many additional people vote to rob Peter to pay Paul; it is still theft and immoral.
by Etienne de la Boetie

You Can Now Buy A Flame-Throwing Robot Dog For Under $10,000 (Text and Video)
Thermonator, the first “flamethrower-wielding robot dog,” is completely legal in 48 US states.
If you’ve been wondering when you’ll be able to order the flame-throwing robot that Ohio-based Throwflame first announced last summer, that day has finally arrived. The Thermonator, what Throwflame bills as “the first-ever flamethrower-wielding robot dog” is now available for purchase. The price? $9,420. Thermonator is a quadruped robot with an ARC flamethrower mounted to its back, fueled by gasoline or napalm. It features a one-hour battery, a 30-foot flame-throwing range, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for remote control through a smartphone. It also includes a LIDAR sensor for mapping and obstacle avoidance, laser sighting, and first-person view (FPV) navigation through an onboard camera. The product appears to integrate a version of the Unitree Go2 robot quadruped that retails alone for $1,600 in its base configuration.
by Benj Edwards

Enoch Powell Responds To Being Called A Racist | The Dick Cavett Show (8:28)

Did Columbia University Violate The First Amendment?
It’s commonly argued that private groups cannot break the First Amendment, but there’s an exception: If there’s “entanglement” between the private entity and the government. It looks like there was.
Defending Rights & Dissent in their recent letter to Columbia President Minouche Shafik (which has lots of good information) stated: “Although Columbia University is a private institution not governed by the First Amendment, the role of state actors — in this case members of Congress — in instigating the action would raise serious First Amendment concerns.” This might seem odd to people. Many people think that private groups can disregard the First Amendment, which only limits government action. However, Defending Rights & Dissent is perfectly correct in noting this case may be different. The group adds that “Even if the First Amendment could not be found to apply, it would still be a serious breach of norms of academic freedom.” But, if you examine, as Defending Rights & Dissent indicates, the interaction between Shafik and members of Congress, it could be worse. Just before she called the police on the student protesters, it certainly appears that Shafik got her marching orders from the government at the Congressional hearings.
by Sam Husseini

Follow-Op On Universities And First Amendment
Part of the pressure from the government to universities is a cutoff of funding if they don’t clamp down more on protests.
Columbia calling on the police effectively paved the way for other universities to do so, most notably University of Texas (which is public) and Emory (which has extensive ties to the CDC). As I saw videos of “security” forces brutally throwing students, media workers and even professors to the ground, I was reminded of Karl Marx’s adage, “When the train of history hits a curve, the intellectuals fall off.” 1 The video above is a manifestation of the fascist underbelly of US society, usually unseen or ignored by many liberals… Many US police forces have received training from Israel, see Jewish Voice for Peace report: “Deadly Exchange: The Dangerous Consequences of American Law Enforcement Trainings in Israel.” Vanessa McCray reports: “In an overwhelming vote Friday afternoon, the faculty senate for Emory University’s College of Arts and Sciences decided to hold a college-wide no-confidence vote in President Gregory Fenves.” Reader M Miller makes several great points including: “I wonder if government entanglement with a private entity (in this case Columbia University) also ensues from grant support, in which case there are more strands to the web.”
by Sam Husseini

One In Five Mail-In Voters Admitted To Committing Voter Fraud During 2020 Election: Rasmussen Poll
21% of mail-in voters admitted to illegally filling out a ballot on someone else’s behalf, and 17% admitted to voting from a state where they are not a legal resident.
(LifeSiteNews) — One-fifth of voters who cast mail-in ballots during the 2020 presidential election admitted to committing at least one kind of voter fraud, according to the results of a recent poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports and The Heartland Institute. Carlson posted to X on Friday an excerpt of a discussion with Justin Haskins, director of the Socialism Research Center at the Heartland Institute, in which Haskins explained how a poll conducted together with Rasmussen Reports revealed widespread illegal voter activity among mail-in voters during the 2020 election. The poll was first published in December, 2023. About one in five mail-in ballots in the last election was fraudulent, handing Biden the presidency. We know this because the people who committed the fraud have admitted it in a new poll. pic.twitter.com/fxHL9hT4sw ~ Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) April 26, 2024. Respondents who indicated that they voted by mail in the 2020 election were asked a series of questions probing for illegal, fraudulent activity, although the questions did not explicitly label these activities as “fraud.”
by Emily Mangiaracina

The Savage War And Toxic Information Battle In Sudan | The Listening Post (24:46)
by Al Jazeera English

Americans Are Increasingly Negative About China
So propaganda works!?
Data by Gallup shows that Americans’ views of China have continued to worsen after 2018. The deterioration started with the U.S.-China trade war under President Donald Trump, continued during the coronavirus pandemic that originated in China and has recently taken on yet another dimension among concerns about widespread Chinese tech and industrial espionage and subversion as well as continued human rights abuses and tension surrounding Taiwan. As Statista’s Katharina Buchholz details below, among American adults in 2024, unfavorable views of China were voiced by 77 percent of respondents after having reached a high of 84 percent in early 2023. In 2005, that figure had stood at just 47 percent. In 2023, 77 percent of Americans said the viewed Taiwan very or mostly favorable. At the same time, 66 percent saw the military power of China as a critical threat, up from 41 percent in 2016. 64 percent said the same about the economic power of China. Republicans voters saw China more critical with just 6 percent who had a favorable view in 2023, compared to 18 percent of Democrats and 17 percent of Independents.
by Tyler Durden

What The Hell Is Going On?
The Intergovernmental Negotiating Body is engaged in a very evil psychological operation. These Negotiations Must Be Halted Immediately.
Did you notice this detail in the latest leaked document? In the leaked proposed draft of the “resolution” to be presented to the 77th World Health Assembly, the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body seems to want to mandate the Director-General “to implement with immediate effect” specific articles of the proposed “Pandemic Agreement.” Why is it considered vital for the Director-General “to implement with immediate effect” the specified articles? Why? I wonder… Are the insiders aware of details that are likely to appear in the final document before those details have been made public? Is this really a “member nation led negotiating process”? Do the references to articles that are non-existent in the latest official draft of the “Pandemic Agreement” expose a glitch in the INB’s utilization of the Delphi Technique?
What the hell is going on here?
by James Roguski

Colombia Uni Panel Slams President For Suppressing Pro-Gaza Protests
Columbia University’s Senate establishes a task force to monitor the “corrective actions” taken by the president, as requested by the body regarding the pro-Palestine protests.
The President of Columbia University faced increased pressure on Friday as a campus oversight committee strongly condemned her administration’s actions in suppressing a pro-Palestine demonstration in the school. Universities across the United States have witnessed in the past few weeks a historic surge in student protests in support of Palestine and Gaza, calling for ending all agreements with “Israel” and divesting from the occupation entity. Students also demanded an end to US support to “Israel” and involvement in the genocidal war. Cross-country protests in the US continue to grow as the Israeli genocide in Gaza reaches its 204th day. The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced on Saturday that the number of Palestinians killed in the ongoing Israeli genocide in the Strip since October 7 has now reached 34,388, with 77,437 injured.
by Al Mayadeen English

Bidenized (6:46)
Parody to the tune of The Eagles’ “Lyin’ Eyes”
Lyrics by DC Dave
Video by BuelahMan
Singing by B’Man and The Buellettes

SITREP 4/27/24: U.S. Admits Top Weapons Failures To Superior Russian EW (Text and Videos)
A relatively scattered update today more as a filler piece and addendum to the last SitRep for which there have been a few interesting topical updates. Firstly, last time I had posted Ukraine’s head of aerial reconnaissance support, Maria Berlinskaya, stating how Western systems in Ukraine have proven worthless because of the power of Russian EW. In fact, I’m going to post it again just to have it all under one roof for those who haven’t read the previous SitRep, and because I think this particular thread is that important. Well, now, we have the highest level confirmation of the above from an actual U.S. official. The Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, William Laplante, just dropped a major bombshell which should dim any hopes of major ATACMS triumphs, as so many are emptily looking forward to.
by Simplicius

Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated Based On Bad Science
The Fisman et al. Psi parameter is concocted and invalid
Fisman et al. (2022, 2024) concocted a parameter, which they denote Psi (the Greek letter, ?). They applied their concocted Psi to incorrectly claim that the risk of infection with COVID-19 to the vaccinated is Psi-fold disproportionately due to the unvaccinated. Their Psi parameter is mathematically ill-defined, artificially large by its design, and varies in directions contrary to what is physically possible. It is an absurd quantity introduced ad hoc, having no epidemiological basis. With my co-author Joseph Hickey, PhD, we rigorously proved that the Fisman et al. parameter Psi is nonsense, and we showed that its application can cause harm in society. We made our proof and demonstration in this detailed report: Rancourt, D.G., and Hickey, J., “Comment on ‘Impact of immune evasion, waning and boosting on dynamics of population mixing between a vaccinated majority and unvaccinated minority’ by Fisman et al. (2024): Incorrect definition and application of a parameter ?”. CORRELATION Research in the Public Interest, Brief Report, 25 April 2024. https://correlation-canada.org/comment-on-fisman-et-al-2024/ (also available at several other websites)
by Denis Rancourt

China Calls For ‘International Investigation’ Into Nord Stream Attack
Those who oppose a UN-led probe of the incident could “have a hidden agenda,” Chinese diplomat Geng Shuang has said
China’s deputy envoy to the UN has called for an international probe into the bombing of the Nord Stream gas pipelines, adding that Russia would be involved in such an investigation. “With the situation standing where it is, one cannot help but suspect a hidden agenda behind the opposition to an international investigation, while lamenting the potential cover-up and loss of quantities of compelling evidence,” China’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Geng Shuang, said on Friday, according to the Xinhua news agency. “We reiterate our call for the early launch of a UN-led international investigation to bring the truth to light for the international community,” Geng continued, adding that Western nations should “actively communicate and cooperate with Russia and jointly investigate the incident.” Nord Stream 1 and 2 each comprised two separate pipelines, linking Russia and Germany. Three out of the four lines were destroyed in a series of explosions near the Danish island of Bornholm in September 2022, severing Germany’s energy ties to Russia and leaving its gas-dependent economy reliant on more expensive American liquefied natural gas.
by RT

ACH (2345) I’m Talking To YOU #116 – The 35th Anniversary Of The April 27th Demonstrations In China (Audio 15:50)
In today’s show originally recorded and broadcast on April 27 2024, Andy presents a show entitled, “The 35th Anniversary Of The April 27th Demonstrations In China.”
“I’m Talking To YOU,” is a largely unscripted solo show covering a variety of topics, which is only available on Andy’s website, and unlike his weekday shows, is not syndicated elsewhere.
by Andrew Carrington Hitckcock

Which Side Are You On?
I’ve unfortunately felt constrained to ban a number of regular commenters who have insisted on maintaining that the opposition to genocide in Palestine—as manifested in college campus demonstrations—is simply the expression of “leftist brats”, or that these demonstrations are somehow equivalent to the previous BLM and Antifa excesses. As commenter mistcr pointed out early on, the big difference is plain to see: These almost uniformly peaceful demonstrators are being arrested. They are not being protected, as the anti-Trump demonstrators were. That’s a dead giveaway that their protests are not supporter by the ruling class. Gallup Poll showing US change from majority approval (Nov. 2023) to majority disapproval (March 2024) of Israeli military action in Gaza.