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Come, Infant Jesus! by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Better be run through with a flaming sword
Than scandalise the little ones of Our Lord.
This is the story of a miracle that took place a few days before Christmas of 1956 in Communist-occupied Hungary. The story comes to us through one Fr. Norbert, a parish priest in Budapest, who later fled to the West. It must be known to a number of readers of these “Comments,” but not to all. The text is taken from’s stories/come-infant-jesus. We thank “America Needs Fatima.” 
Gertrude was a rabidly militant Communist who was an elementary teacher in a girls’ school. She made it her mission to try to steal her pupils’ Catholic faith, and constantly mocked their belief, or taught them Marxism. One particular pupil, Angela, an intelligent, devout little leader, asked Fr. Norbert to let her receive Holy Communion daily to help her to endure her teacher’s constant persecution. “She will persecute you worse,” Fr. Norbert warned, but the ten-year old insisted she needed Jesus more than ever. 
Sure enough, from that day, sensing something different, Gertrude began a veritable psychological torture campaign. On December 17, the schoolmistress devised a cruel trick, meant to strike a deadly blow against what she termed “ancient superstitions infesting the school.” In a sweet voice, she began to teach the children atheistic materialism by arguing that things only exist that can be seen and touched. To illustrate her point, she asked Angela to step out of the room. Then she had the whole classroom call to her. The girls called out, “Angela, come in!,” and Angela duly entered, intrigued, but suspecting a trap.

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