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Bankrupt Liberalism by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Liberty-from, maybe, but liberty then for what?
A positive programme liberty-from has not.
On the TFP website is another excellent article by John Horvat from one month ago entitled As Liberalism crashes, where should we look for solutions? Now these “Comments” no more agree with everything that that appears on the TFP website than TFP has to agree with everything that appears in these “Comments,” but articles by John Horvat show an exceptional ability to relate a godless world to God, because the Church’s full doctrinal depth gives him a handle on our godless scene –
Modernity presents liberalism as the beginning of history. Before liberalism, liberals claim, there was nothing but ignorance and darkness. Liberalism is credited with all progress and security in the modern world. Thus, as liberalism crashes and crumbles, most liberals automatically exclude that which came before it as a possible solution.

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2 Replies to “Bankrupt Liberalism by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

  1. “they in there HATE Jesus and Christians” They HATE truth and Beurty”Pope Emeritus Benedict describing the Vaticans residents shortly after his abdication.

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