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Federal Reserve – II by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Good institutions help, but if the men
Are bad, what use are institutions then?
In a godless society like our own in the West today, men do not want to recognise that religion governs politics, because even if “God” exists, they do not want to give Him any importance. True, He played a large part in men’s lives yesterday, but today the attitude is that “mankind has grown up, has come of age, men no longer need Him, and men have taken His place. All the glory that used to go to God needs now to go to man, and all that He need do, if He exists, is to give way graciously and leave us men alone. In any case, we can very well do without Him.”
Alas for modern man! At every turn modern life is proving that we cannot do without Him! Two months ago these “Comments” presented a brief history of the USA’s first three central banks, all of which were rejected by Americans, until finally the Federal Reserve was established by a vote of Congress in 1913, since when the “Fed” has gained steadily more power, to the point that it is now the undisputed master of the economical and political life of the United States. What had happened in 1913 was that a cartel (coalition of partners to promote a common interest) of leading bankers had gotten together to persuade Congress that it was in the country’s interest to hand over to them, as experts in banking but independent of politics and politicians, the supply of money in the USA.

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One Reply to “Federal Reserve – II by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

  1. They did it pre emptively to fund ww1, The 3 powerful Jews Astor Guggebheim and rhe 3rd, whose name I can’t recall at present, who all opposed the plan just happened to be aboard Morgans titanic, Booked their tickets especially to have the xhamce to speak with him, but he cancelled his ticket citing “business interests”at the very Last minute,so they went down with the ship.TThat solved that problem.And it was torpedoed or scuttled by the Jesuit Captain And it had Bern on fire since just after leaving port too but they sailed on anyway.IIt was set up to go down.

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