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Villains Overviewed by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Poor planners of a “great” and godless world –
Into the depths of Hell they will be hurled!
A colleague in the priesthood has written another valuable overview of the whole Corona or Covid affair, to help souls to see clearly what it is all really about, as opposed to what liars of the past, present and future tell us it is all about. He explains how the insane pride of a tiny group of men is wanting to build “The Final Tower of Babel,” to shut God out and take His place, once and for all. Their purpose is therefore threefold: to decimate mankind; to create a global New World Order; and to create an entirely new kind of man, to be controlled by a satanic elite – themselves. In fact they have been working on this project for centuries, but the final breakthrough of something so new called for a worldwide “pandemic” to usher it in – hence the “Corona virus,” from Wuhan in China.

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