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British Police Launch Major Investigation Into Covid Vaccine Crimes by State of the Nation

The world’s largest-ever international criminal investigation is now under-way, involving Hammersmith Police and The Metropolitan Police. The UK police accepted the supporting information and agreed there is enough evidence to proceed under the above crime number. The case was lodged on 20 December 2021 by Sam White MD; Philip Hyland (PJH Law); Lois Bayliss (Broad Yorkshire Law) and retired policeman Mark Sexton; requests for assistance have been made to the likes of: International Lawyer Robert F Kennedy Jnr (U.S.) (nephew of President J.F. Kennedy); Dr Reiner Fuellmich (German Corporate Lawyer who won the case against Volkswagen-Audi’s emissions scandal); Dr. Michael Yeadon (ex-CEO of Pfizer); plus countless other doctors, professors, virologists, biologists, data experts and lawyers nationally and internationally; some of whom have already made direct contact with the police and have been acknowledged by Cressida Dick’s personal assistant, Superintendent Simpson. The complaint alleges, among other things, misfeasance and misconduct in public office; gross negligence manslaughter; corporate manslaughter, murder, conspiracy to murder, genocide and crimes against humanity. The evidence submitted by Philip Hyland and Dr Sam White against the mHRA is damning and shows they did not carry out due diligence surrounding the vaccine data, trials and studies and that they continued to ignore the death, harm and injury the vaccines cause.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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    Came across your website today and am very happy I did. Great letter from archbishop Vigano and
    hope to find lots of other valuable info. Thank you and may God bless you.

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