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Mass Psychology by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Almighty God is big. If He’s kicked out,
He leaves a big, big gap to fill, no doubt!
People within this mass formation (mass hypnosis) must all participate in the lock-downs, mask-wearing or vaccinations. If you do not participate then you are not showing solidarity with the new group. The Covid measures are designed to identify who is part of the new cult-like social group and nothing more. They are not backed by science, nor do they have any ability to defeat the “pandemic.” Covid is a psychological and not a biological crisis. The artificial focusing of the anxiety leads moreover to a very narrow field of attention. People are only aware of a small part of reality, on which the media narrative focuses their attention. Any arguments against the Covid narrative falling outside this small field of attention get little or no traction, because people are only able to view the “pandemic” through this small lens, as if nothing else mattered. The artificial narrative also enables insubstantial politicians to set themselves up as leaders once more. Prior to Covid they were losing their grip, but now they can resound through the media, which enable them to hypnotise the mass of the population. And the truth? Forget it! It interferes with the narrative. But such artificial narratives do require an enemy. With Covid, that will be the unvaccinated, who will be to blame for all infections and deaths. They are to be marginalised, dehumanised – and vaccinated by force, if all else fails. Dear readers, if all else fails, pray the Rosary to empower the Mother of God to stop these servants of the Devil! She can.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
Earth Newspaper – A Major Source of Information
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