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IBM And The “Holocaust”: Where’s The Beef? by John Wear

One of the most popular and well-researched books ever written on the “Holocaust” is IBM and the Holocaust, by investigative journalist Edwin Black. This book asks whether IBM (International Business Machines) was knowingly involved in the so-called Holocaust. Black concludes that IBM was knowingly involved, stating that his book “tells the story of IBM’s conscious involvement—directly and through its subsidiaries—in the Holocaust, as well as its involvement in the Nazi war machine that murdered millions of others throughout Europe.”[1] This article documents that IBM and the Holocaust fails to prove IBM’s conscious involvement in the “Holocaust.” Black’s statement that Germany claimed to be or wanted to create a “master race” is a myth. Hitler never made any such claim or used any term remotely resembling “master race.” Instead, Hitler used the term “Aryan” to represent all the Germanic peoples of Europe, including the British, Dutch, Swedes, Norwegians, Fins, Swiss and all other European people of Germanic origin.[21] The term “master race,” so dearly beloved by anti-Germans, was never even used in SS training.[22] Black’s statement that Hitler had wanted to dominate or conquer Europe is also not true. In reality, Hitler’s diplomatic and military actions were in response to the actions of the Austrian, Czech and Polish leaders. American historian Harry Elmer Barnes agreed with Hoggan’s analysis. Barnes wrote: “The primary responsibility for the outbreak of the German-Polish War was that of Poland and Britain, while for the transformation of the German-Polish conflict into a European War, Britain, guided by [British Foreign Secretary Lord] Halifax, was almost exclusively responsible.”[24] Barnes further stated: “It has now been irrefutably established on a documentary basis that Hitler was no more responsible for war in 1939 than the Kaiser was in 1914, if indeed as responsible….Hitler’s responsibility in 1939 was far less than that of Beck in Poland, Halifax in England, or even [French Prime Minister] Daladier in France.”[25] Edwin Black writes in the dedication to his book: “To my daughter, Rachel, who will read this book, and to six million who will not.” IBM and the Holocaust provides no credible proof that Germany murdered 6 million Jews. Black, whose Jewish Polish parents both survived the so-called Holocaust,[42] fails to document in his book a German program of genocide against European Jewry. Like most other Holocaust historians, Black merely assumes the “Holocaust” happened without credibly documenting its existence. Instead, we are supposed to assume that the so-called Holocaust happened, and that IBM should be demonized merely for conducting normal business operations with the Third Reich.

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