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Biden’s Vaccination Mandate: Where Are The Regulations? by Jeffrey A. Tucker

The Human Resource order comes down to you with ferocity: get the vaccine or lose your office access and eventually your job. You are stunned. You had heard that the Biden administration was favoring this but your company has only 150 employees and it lives entirely within the private sector. Surely this cannot be right. Surely there is a way to fight back. Maybe a lawsuit against the mandate is in order. The HR department says it is only following federal guidelines. So you look for them. You look again and again. Somehow nothing turns up. You can find plenty of statements by Biden and administration spokespeople. You can find hundreds of news stories about the impending regulation. There is no shortage of blustering talk. What you cannot find is an executive order from the Biden administration. You can find no directive at all. How can something be challenged that doesn’t actually seem to exist? I was alerted to this strange situation from a discussion with a Republican congressman who finds himself confused about how to challenge this too. He is against the mandate and wanted to find out precisely what the mandate said. But he looked and looked and found nothing. Again, just press statements, and promises to issue something later. He finds himself at a loss about what to do. How can one legislate against a regulation that does not exist?

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