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Israel To Get Another Billion Dollars – Time For An Iron Dome For Palestinians by Alison Weir

U.S. politicians just voted another billion dollars to Israel – allegedly to protect civilian lives. If they really wish to save civilian lives, it’s time for our Congress members to introduce legislation for a missile defense system for Palestinians, who are being killed in vastly larger numbers… Use the form below to contact Congress now. The House of Representatives just voted 420-9 in favor of a fast-tracked bill (H.R. 5323) to give Israel an additional $1 billion dollars. The bill is now in the Senate (S.2839), where it is expected to be passed with little or no dissent. In other words, once again, the vast majority of U.S. politicians from both parties obeyed Israel’s demand that American taxpayers give Israel their hard-earned tax dollars. Keep in mind that this $1 billion is over and above the $3.8 billion – $10.5 million per day – in military aid Israel currently receives from the U.S. Plus, our reps plan to expend an additional $3 billion on behalf of Israel. This is on top of decades of receiving more U.S. tax money than any other country on earth. On average, Israelis have received 7,000 times more aid from the U.S. per capita than others around the world.

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