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Paris Computer Center Connecting Biden-Blinken, Epstein, Maxwell, Steve Jobs, Russia, Bush, Iran-Contra And More Together by MiningAwareness

As has been documented in previous posts, Samuel Pisar was Biden Secretary of State Tony Blinken’s stepfather. At around age 9, Blinken moved to Paris when his mother married Pisar. Leah Pisar is Blinken’s half-sister. Pisar was an international lawyer who took business people to the Soviet Union (USSR) to do business. He was the lawyer and friend-confidant of Robert Maxwell (Ghislaine’s father). He also acted as a liaison in Paris for Jeffrey Epstein, according to Le Parisien. Pisar seems to have been a very important, and maybe the main, liaison between western business people and the USSR. He seems to have been the person who took Steve Jobs to the USSR in 1985. That his stepson recently prostrated himself before Putin and former Stasi agent, Matthias Warnig, by allowing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to move forward, should come as no surprise. That his stepson appears to have sold out the United States in Afghanistan should, perhaps, not come as a surprise, either. He allowed Putin to get his vengeance in Afghanistan.

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