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Cyber Polygon: Why The NWO Globalist Cabal Is Ramping Up The Ransomware And Cybersecurity Attacks Worldwide by State of the Nation

Imagine if there were 100+ articles posted on the Internet during August of 2001 predicting the US Government-sponsored, false flag terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11th, 2001? Well, if ever there was a HUGE opportunity for humanity to avert another global catastrophe/crisis that has been fastidiously planned by the New World Order globalist cabal, that time is now. How so? Because of the Cyber Polygon cyber-conference that will be held on Friday, July 9, 2021 which is supported by the notorious World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity as follows. Quite conveniently, there has been a suspicious spate of high-profile ransomware attacks and cyber-security compromises in the USA and beyond since POTUS imposter Joe Biden took office. Clearly, these black cyber-operations and MSM-conducted psyops were deliberately carried out before the upcoming Cyber Polygon conference begins. After an utterly staged and fake COIVD-19 pandemic, there’s simply no better way to shut down the entire planetary civilization than to perpetrate a series of cyber-attacks across the world community of nations. Particularly a cyber-security attack that so threatens national security it could trigger a nuclear war is there potential for bring the world to a standstill.

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