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One Of The Biggest Judicial Scandals In History by Michael Walsh

Efforts to free WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from Belmarsh Prison in the UK was increased this week ahead of the G7 summit with action in Geneva, a petition, and an intervention by the UN special rapporteur on torture. Assange’s fiancée Stella Moris, Geneva Mayor Frederique Perler, and UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer called for the journalist’s release and an end to the US extradition proceedings against him on Friday. Melzer, who also serves as the Swiss human rights chair at the Geneva Academy, called Assange’s incarceration ‘one of the biggest judicial scandals in history’ and referred to the WikiLeaks founder, as well as anti-corruption whistle-blowers Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, as the ’skeletons in the cupboards of Western countries.’ The Assange case may be the biggest judicial scandal in history. It is the story of a man being persecuted for telling the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth. I cannot leave to my children a world where telling the truth has become a crime, for it will be a tyranny.

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