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This Will Change Everything You Know… (16:38)
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November 30, 2023, 45 Posts Published

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”
Henry Kissinger


Satanic Archive With 4,940 Posts

Kissinger Arrives In Hell, Appointed Permanent National Security Advisor
In the illustrious culmination of his 100-year career, Henry Kissinger arrived in Hell today and was immediately appointed Satan’s National Security Advisor. Kissinger will spend the rest of eternity devising futile diplomatic ruses and stratagems aimed at enhancing Hell’s nonexistent chances of defeating Heaven. At a press conference announcing the appointment, Satan said that even though he knows he doesn’t have a chance in Hell of succeeding in his long-standing Global War on God (GWOG), he nonetheless hopes that Kissinger, by injecting notes of gravitas and realpolitic into the Kingdom of Hellfire’s infernally hopeless strategic and diplomatic efforts, will at least make the doomed enterprise more interesting. Back on Earth, American president Joe Biden expressed hope that Kissinger’s mission to Hell would open up a new chapter in US-Hell relations. “Since we just paid Israel to murder 20,000 Palestinian civilians, and provided the weapons, the Devil must be looking fondly on America at this critical juncture in our history,” Biden said. “We have high hopes that Henry Kissinger will soon broker an agreement inaugurating a new era in which America and Hell work closely together to achieve our common goals. As I’ve always said, ‘If Kissinger can go to China, he damned well can go to Hell.”
by Kevin Barrett

Father Of British Student Killed By Israel Urges Tel Aviv To Change ‘Inhuman’ Military Tactics
Father of a British student killed by Israeli soldiers has urged the occupying regime to change its “unethical and inhuman” military tactics, warning Tel Aviv that it will lose support from the West by continuing such policies. Anthony Hurndall, whose 22-year-old son was killed by Israeli snipers in 2004, denounced Israel’s “fundamentally unethical and inhuman attitudes,” in an interview with The Times published on Wednesday. Tom Hurndall, who was a photography student, a volunteer for the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), and an activist against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, was shot in the head by an Israeli sniper in the Gaza Strip in April 2003 and lost his life in January 2004 after spending some nine months in a coma. He was shot when he was assisting Palestinian children caught in the crossfire in the impoverished Palestinian enclave. Soroka Hospital’s medical staff initially claimed that the critical injuries to his head were caused by a baseball bat but an investigation later revealed that the staff had removed bullet fragments from Tom’s brain before making up the baseball bat story. When the fabricated account was refuted, Tel Aviv claimed that the young photographer was allegedly carrying a weapon and was a gunman. “The investigation further revealed that, as standard practice,” the Israeli military “routinely falsely misrepresent civilians and children as militants, or as armed, and fabricate accounts of events as a pretext for their killing,” Hurndall, who is director of the Center for Justice, told The Times.
by PressTV

Important Information: Educational Forum About Judaism (10:18)
by Harry Vox

Exposed: Cyber Threat Intelligence League’s Censorship Empire – A Whistleblower’s Revelation Of Covert Operations And Free Speech Suppression
A new trove of documents reveal all.
A whistleblower has come out with information pertaining to a group known as the Cyber Threat Intelligence League (CTIL), made up of a number of government officials, including at least a dozen from the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). The whistleblower allowed Michael Shellenberger, Alex Gutentag, and Matt Taibbi access to documents corroborating his claims, and the three presented it to the public in a detailed report. The significance of CTIL is that some observers believe it turned out to be the “censorship ground zero” that grew to unprecedented size on both sides of the Atlantic, spawning an entire industry “dealing” with suppressing free speech on anything from Brexit to Covid, and the 2020 election. According to the whistleblower, CTIL was essentially prompted into existence with Donald Trump’s 2016 election as president and involved representatives of both US and UK authorities, and private military contractors. The same source claims that co-leader of CTIL is former UK defense researcher, contractor Sara-Jayne Terp, and that the group’s goal was to be preventing “a repeat of 2016” under the guise of fighting disinformation. Meanwhile the overall ambition was to incorporate CTIL into the federal government, thus formalizing and cementing its role.
by Cindy Harper

Conor McGregor Says He’s Been ‘Scapegoated’ For Dublin Riots
The Irish MMA star was reportedly investigated for “hate speech” after a series of posts condemning Ireland’s immigration system
Martial artist Conor McGregor has accused the Irish authorities of making him a “scapegoat” for the destructive riots that swept Dublin last week. The unrest broke out after an Algerian migrant stabbed multiple children in an incident McGregor blamed on the government’s lax immigration policies. McGregor is “one of a large number of people who are being investigated by [police] for alleged incitement to hatred,” the Irish Independent wrote on Thursday, citing an unnamed source. The source added that many “ordinary members of the public” were being investigated for hate speech over comments they made on the night of the riot. “Attempt to scapegoat me all you wish,” the two-division UFC champion wrote on X (formerly Twitter) a day earlier, adding that the “many failed policies” of the Irish government are the reason “we have innocent children in hospital on life support after being stabbed by a deranged criminal.”
by RT

US Reaffirms There Are No Conditions on Future Military Aid To Israel
An official also clarified that Biden supports Israel continuing its onslaught after a confusing post on X
Senior US officials speaking to POLITICO on Wednesday have reaffirmed that the Biden administration intends to place no conditions on future military aid to Israel despite public comments suggesting the idea was under consideration. Amid growing calls from Democrats to condition military aid to Israel, President Biden told reporters the idea is a “worthwhile thought,” but US officials said it won’t happen. “It’s not something we’re currently pursuing,” one official said. The comments come amid reports that say the US has been pressuring Israel to show restraint when it resumes military operations and expands them into south Gaza, where hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians who fled the south are located.
by Dave DeCamp

Young Woman Who ‘Detransitioned’ Defends Ohio Bill Banning Transgender Mutilation Of Children (Text and Video)
‘I wish I had been told ‘no’ by the practitioners that I trusted,’ the young detransitioner said. ‘I come to you wearing the scars of this medical scandal.’
COLUMBUS, Ohio (LifeSiteNews) — A young woman came forward during a congressional hearing in Ohio on Tuesday to speak for the first time about her experience being victimized by transgender ideology. She said practitioners “affirmed” her gender confusion without addressing her underlying mental health issues, resulting in devastating, permanent effects. “I had become captivated by the idea that my female body was fundamentally wrong, and seduced by the prospect that there was something I could do about it,” 26-year-old Morgan Keller said in testimony supporting Ohio’s HB 68, the Saving Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act. The act, which has been passed by the Ohio House of Representatives, would protect minors from mutilating transgender drugs and surgeries. “I come to you wearing the scars of this medical scandal”
by Ashley Sadler

Jewish Expulsions 1030 Times (5:13)
by Rense

Henry Kissinger Dead At 100
Leading US geostrategist and major war criminal, true founder of the World Economic Forum in 1971, secret architect of the Chile coup in 1973 and the Aldo Moro assassination in 1978, key player in US-China relations, doyen of the secretive Bilderberg Group. To learn more about Henry Kissinger, watch The Trials of Henry Kissinger (2002), The War on Democracy (about Latin America, 2007), Operation Gladio (BBC, 1992), the documentaries on Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, or the Tales of the American Empire. Visit the SPR Media Archive.
by Swiss Policy Research

British Museum Without Stolen Artifacts (Political Cartoon)
by Vitaly Podvitski

November 30: Today’s News On Palestine And Israel – Day 55
Palestinian death toll: OCHA reports at least 14,571* (~14,329 in Gaza** (including at least 6,150 children and 4,000 women), and at least 242 in the West Bank). This does not include an estimated 7,000 more still buried under rubble. Euro-Med Monitor reports 20,360 Palestinian deaths. IAK does not yet include 471 Gazans killed in the Al Ahli hospital blast since the source of the projectile is being disputed; although much evidence points to Israel as the culprit, experts are still looking into the incident. Israel is blocking an international investigation. Israel killed more Palestinians in a little over a month after Oct. 7 than in all the previous 22 years combined. Palestinian injuries: 39,093* (including at least 36,000 in Gaza** and 3,128 in the West Bank). **NOTE: it is impossible to offer an accurate number of injuries in Gaza due to the ongoing bombardment and communication disruption.
by Israel-Palestine News

Whistleblower Reveals U.S. And UK Military Contractors Plan For Global Censorship.
“Many people insist that governments aren’t involved in censorship, but they are” according to Michael Shellenberger, who adds “And now, a whistleblower has come forward with an explosive new trove of documents, rivaling or exceeding the Twitter Files and Facebook Files in scale and importance.” Shellenberger is just one of three investigators from a group called Public, who have documented the rise of the Censorship Industrial Complex, a network of over 100 government agencies and nongovernmental organisations, and have reported on the recently published documents from the whistleblower, which describe the activities of a group called the Cyber Threat Intelligence League, or CTI. The activities are “everything from the genesis of modern digital censorship programs to the role of the military and intelligence agencies, partnerships with civil society organizations and commercial media, and the use of sock puppet accounts and other offensive techniques”, according to Public on Substack. The team of investigators from Public co-authored the article below.
by Patricia Harrity

Busting The Exposure Theory Of Germ Transfer (Text and Audio 34:41)
Same symptoms, other causes.
I offer this lecture to our Taboo Truth Support Cadre. You help move truth forth. I will add to the lecture that I am considering getting a vaporizer or humidifier for the indoor air this winter to prevent these symptoms—in case they are caused by dry indoor air leading to intrusion of pollen, dust and dander. I might add essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree or other to the water. I believe in herbs. The Infectious Myth Busted Part 1: The Rosenau Spanish Flu Experiments (1918). We must consider the recent work of Stefan Lanka to do the control experiments virologists never will. This tells us almost everything about Lanka; part 3 is about his control experiments. The Path Paved by Dr. Lanka. A little about Jonas Salk (though not identified as a Jew) The Contagion Myth and Germ Theory Hoax For Dummies
by Karl Haemers

The Sentient World Simulation, 7 Billion People Have Their Digital Twin In The Metaverse Now And Are Controlled By AI Quantum Computer – The Infinity Machine (Text and Video)
This video is a great summary of the sentient world simulation and how it connects with the nanotechnology in your body. It explains how targeted individual were the testing ground for what is now live for everyone. This is for the total control of humanity. Who is controlling you? An independent AI supercomputer ( A demonic Demi God according to CIA insider Robert Duncan) that is connected with the nanotechnology inside of you and via bidirectional telemetry influencing and monitoring every single human. The video explains in detail how what Ray Kurzweil predicted is happening now. 16 minute video, everyone on this planet needs to watch it.
by Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

Irish Villagers Erect Roadblocks To Stop Govt From Bussing Migrants Into Their Community
Residents of villages in Ireland have resorted to establishing barricades and road checkpoints around their communities to prevent the government from relocating asylum seekers to the area.
Locals of Dromahair in County Leitrim took the drastic measure to cordon off the village on Friday amid rumors the Department of Integration was planning to bus in dozens of foreign nationals without prior agreement by community leaders. According to the Irish Examiner, three checkpoints were erected on roads around the village and members of the Dromahair Concerned Residents Association manned the roadblocks and checked cars as they sought to enter the area. Protesters have expressed their discontent in recent days at the possibility of new arrivals to the town, citing security and the saturation of public services as their primary concerns.
by Thomas Brooke

The Fall | The Russians Entered Bohdanivka And Stepove. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.11.30 (19:35)
by Military Summary

Henry Kissinger, Ardent Zionist ‘Beloved By America’s Ruling Class’ Dies Age 100
He has been dubbed a “warmonger” and a “War Criminal Beloved by America’s Ruling Class”. For many he will go down in the annals of infamy for orchestrating illegal bombing campaigns in Cambodia and using the CIA to overthrow Chile’s democratically-elected socialist President Salvador Allende in 1973. As a key architect of US foreign policy during this period, he also faced accusations of war crimes. An ardent Zionist, Kissinger’s Middle East legacy centres around backing Israel unequivocally while securing oil interests through alliances with anti-communist Arab dictatorships. During the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, he oversaw the massive airlift of US arms to aid Israel, beginning decades of staunch US support. At the same time, Kissinger struck deals to build ties with Iran’s authoritarian Shah and the Saudi royal family.

Shane McGowan: The Intimate Outsider
In tribute to the incomparable Shane McGowan, who has died, I present this chapter from my 2010 book ‘Feckers: 50 People Who Fecked Up Ireland.’ Shane was one such, though not for any usual reason.
Perhaps nobody, in all the history of traffic between the two islands controversially known as ‘the British Isles’, has done as much to make the native Irish feel inadequate as a shambling songster called Shane McGowan. With his band, The Pogues, McGowan, a young London-Irishman claiming connections to County Tipperary, did something with Irish music that was unforgiveable. In fairness, McGowan did his best to camouflage himself in a way that would undersell his arrival, and avoid provoking the congenital ire and resentment of the native. His gap-tooth grin and incoherent speech patterns seemed designed to counterbalance his capacity to hear Irish music as it had never been heard before and to render it anew for a generation of Irish people who immediately began to kick themselves in the realisation that they should have been able to do this for themselves. Were it not for his unprepossessing appearance and self-effacing mode of non-musical communication, McGowan might well have provoked homicidal fits of jealousy among the indigenous population.
by John Waters

News Flash For Ralph Reed, James Dobson, Robert Jeffress, Jonathan Falwell, John Hagee, Richard Land, Jack Graham, Et Al.
News Flash: Israel is NOT a Jewish state; it is a Zionist state. Judaism is NOT the Old Covenant religion of Jehovah; it is the antichrist religion of the Pharisees. The promise to Abraham in Genesis 12:3 is NOT fulfilled in the State of Israel; it was fulfilled in Jesus Christ (Galatians 3:16). There is NO promised blessing on America for blessing the antichrist Zionist State of Israel; in fact, you fellows are helping to bring God’s curse upon America for leading the nation into supporting the atheistic, antichrist State of Israel and for willingly participating in its acts of international war crimes, murder and genocide. News Flash, Mr. Ralph Reed and Company: You are on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of human decency and morality, the wrong side of God’s Natural Laws, the wrong side of Just War and, most importantly, the wrong side of Bible eschatology, God’s Holy Word and Christ’s New Covenant Gospel. Shame on all of you!
by Chuck Baldwin

Hate Hoax: Israeli-German Singer Admits He Lied About Hotel Discriminating Against Him For Being Jewish
Jewish singer Gil Ofarim, a 41-year-old dual citizen of Israel and Germany, admitted in court on Tuesday that he made up a fake viral story about a hotel in Liepzig, Germany discriminating against him for wearing a Star of David necklace two years ago. Surveillance video showed the necklace wasn’t even visible during his check-in. Israeli/German dual citizen pop singer Gil Ofarim admits he lied about “antiSemetic” persecution at the hands of a Leipzig hotel in 2021. His hoax prompted protests and a condemnation by the President of Germany. The hotel owner stood his ground and sued for defamation. — National Conservative (@NatCon2022) November 28, 2023.
by Chris Menahan

Irish Hate Laws To Enforce Cultural Suicide (3:33)
by Greg Reese

Israel’s Savagery Is So Shocking It’s Sometimes Hard To Take In
Sometimes Israel’s crimes are so horrific that at first you don’t even understand what you’re looking at. You just stare at it trying to make sense of what you’re seeing for a bit, like you would if you suddenly saw a space alien or a leprechaun or something. It happened to me yesterday when I was watching a Sky News report about a teenage boy who was shot by Israeli forces in Jerusalem for celebrating the release of Palestinian prisoners in the hostage negotiations with Hamas. I was watching it thinking to myself, I must be misunderstanding what I’m looking at. I know that Israel does gross things, but surely the story here isn’t that they shot a kid for being happy about something. Then, as has happened so many times over the last two months, I kept watching and learned that yes, that is indeed what happened. The deputy mayor of Jerusalem Fleur Hassan-Nahoum is seen defending the shooting by saying “part of the deal is that there would be no celebrations for the release of attempted murderers” (this was actually not a part of the deal, it was just a decree issued by Israel’s national security minister) and claiming dishonestly that “we’re talking about the release of attempted murderers” (the vast majority have not been convicted of any crime and have been denied any due process for the accusations against them).
by Caitlin Johnstone

November 30, 1963: RFK And Jackie Blame A ‘Large Political Conspiracy’
The president’s brother and widow send a private message about Dallas to Moscow
As President Lyndon Johnson created the Warren Commission to control the investigation of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and to confirm the FBI’s preferred story of a “lone gunman,” the slain president’s widow and grieving brother reached a very different conclusion: JFK had been killed by domestic enemies. RFK and Jackie used their friend William Walton, a painter, to transmit their views about what happened in Dallas to the leadership of the Soviet Union. Walton arrived in Moscow on Nov. 30, 1963. This story was first uncovered by historians Timothy Naftali and Aleksandr Fursenko in their 1998 book, “One Hell of Gamble: Khrushchev, Castro, and Kennedy, 1958-1964: The Secret History of the Cuban Missile Crisis.”
by Jefferson Morley

The World Just Got A Little Safer…
Henry Kissinger is dead… RIP Ghoul…
Klaus Schwab is his protege… As reported by Unlimited Hangout: “The World Economic Forum wasn’t simply the brainchild of Klaus Schwab, but was actually born out of a CIA-funded Harvard program headed by Henry Kissinger and pushed to fruition by John Kenneth Galbraith and the “real” Dr. Strangelove, Herman Kahn. This is the amazing story behind the real men who recruited Klaus Schwab, who helped him create the World Economic Forum, and who taught him to stop worrying and love the bomb.” So Schwab is a Kissinger protege and the WEF is a puppet organization for the council on foreign relations. Harvard is also a recruiting center for the CIA.
by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

Israel’s Ground War Conundrum
While Tel Aviv may intensify its bombardment of Gaza after the truce, this disguises the fact that its ground incursion is facing unprecedented dangers ahead.Before dusk on 26 November, fighters from Hamas’ military wing, Al-Qassam Brigades, began the process of handing over to the International Red Cross a number of Israeli captives taken during the 7 October Al-Aqsa Flood operation. The transfer of these women and children took place in the Gaza Strip amid what appeared to be a security parade. Al-Qassam fighters arrived in four-wheel-drive vehicles and deployed themselves around the site, wearing full uniforms and bearing arms. Surrounded by civilians cheering on the resistance, the transfer of the Israeli captives was completed smoothly and quietly. This event took place in Palestine Square in Gaza City on the third day of the truce that followed a 49-day war. Throughout the war, Gaza City has been subjected to a suffocating siege and an unprecedented Israeli air and artillery assault, not seen since at least 1982.
by Hasan Illaik

democracy dies in deficits
this is not a can we’re kicking down the road, it’s a snowball
leaving aside that this was obviously a needless own goal of panicking into shutting down the world to no good end and all bad outcome, the sheer magnitude of it beggars belief and has made the US economic charts all but unreadable by distorting their scales so severely. everything else looks like a flatline. this has exploded US debt from already elevated levels to values that are truly problematic and this issue is being compounded by the historic spike in rates from the artificially suppressed near zero values of recent decades to levels more in keeping with historical norms and make no mistake, these are norms. it was ZIRP that was the aberration and it’s not coming back. rates that low could only persist without setting off massive inflation because of the outlandish overcapacity of china suppressing world prices for consumer and durable goods. so long as they were willing to sell below cost, there was basically no monetary policy rash enough to cause the price of a set of lawn furniture to rise. it kept dropping relentlessly as deflation reigned. it was astonishingly clear in the data as was the divergence from services (which were not affected by this trend).
by el gato malo

With All Eyes On Gaza, Israel Quietly Ups Its Brutal Aggression In West Bank
Tension hangs in the air in an occupied West Bank village nestled amid rolling hills and olive groves. Out of nowhere, a deafening roar of helicopter blades resonates there, exacerbating tensions. Israeli regime soldiers, clad in olive green fatigues, armed with rifles and wearing protective gear, prepare to carry out their dastardly military raid. In a matter of seconds, the sleepy village is engulfed in chaos. Tear gas canisters are launched into a crowd of protestors, filling the air with a choking haze that obscures vision. The sound of gunfire erupts, mingling with the cries of frightened civilians caught in the crossfire. The flickering flames of burning barricades illuminate the scene. Debris is strewn on the streets of the densely populated neighborhood. The wall of one of the houses has a large bullet hole in it. Amid the chaos and mayhem, young Palestinian men, with their faces masked by keffiyehs, throw stones and Molotov cocktails at the heavily-armed marauding Israeli regime forces.
by Maryam Qarehgozlou

Ireland Declares Asking An Immigrant To Stop Stabbing You A Hate Crime
DUBLIN — Ireland’s [Gay] Prime Minister Leo Varadkar announced that under the nation’s new hate speech laws, asking an immigrant to stop stabbing you will now be considered a hate crime. “We will not tolerate racist slurs such as, ‘Please, stop stabbing me, I’m dying’. That sort of hate has no home here in Ireland,” said Varadkar. “The vile, xenophobic backlash against people stabbing people ends today.” According to sources, the new hate speech law will also require those being stabbed to keep their eyes closed so as not to develop any sort of prejudice against the attacker. In addition to outlawing whining about being stabbed, the law will also apply to protesting against someone stabbing children. “If a person’s culture dictates that they need to stab children from Irish culture, who are we to say which culture is right?” said Varadkar. “Asking people to assimilate into a non-stabbing culture is xenophobia at its absolute worst.”
by Babylon Bee

October 7 Narrative Further Collapses And The Secret US Plan To Forcibly Displace All Of Palestine (3:25:52)
by Ryan Cristián

Russia: US Played ‘destructive Role’ In Escalating Israeli War In Gaza
Russia says the United States has escalated the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas by playing a “destructive role.”
Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Chumakov made the comment during a speech he delivered to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday. He denounced Washington’s policies in West Asia. “The policies of the US which meant that it kept turning a blind eye to the ongoing Israeli settlement construction in the occupied [Palestinian] territories and recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights, have played a destructive role in the current escalation,” he said. According to Gaza government health officials, over 15,000 Palestinians, including more than 6,000 children, were killed by Israeli aggression during the 49 days of war. Many more are feared to be buried under the rubble.
by PressTV

O Little Town Of Bethlehem Cards
Towering walls and militarized fences now encircle Bethlehem, turning the 4,000-year-old city into a virtual prison for its Palestinian Christian and Muslim citizens. Bethlehem has only three gates to the outside world, all tightly controlled by Israeli occupation forces. Israel has confiscated almost all the agricultural land in the area for illegal settlements, making it impossible for many Palestinian farmers to continue tending their land. Outside the town, the fields where shepherds once watched their flocks are being filled by Israeli housing blocs and roads barred to the descendants of those shepherds.
by If Americians Knew

Never Mind Bogus Measures Of Inflation–Purchasing Power Is What Counts, And It’s Decaying
If your earnings rose by 34% from January 2020 to October 2023, congratulations, the purchasing power of your labor kept pace with higher costs.
Official measures of inflation are a long-running tragi-comedy: comedic in the transparency of the distortions, and tragic in the consequences: what will you believe is true–the statistics or your lying eyes? The basic gimmick of distortion is to underweight whatever is eating away at the purchasing power of earnings and highlight the trivial items that are getting cheaper due to declines in quality and globalization. So your rent went up by $200 a month, or $2,400 a year, but since TVs dropped $40 and toys dropped $20, inflation is only 3%. So stop feeling poorer, everything’s great! Inflation is dropping! You see the problem: the scale of spending on essentials such as shelter, healthcare, childcare, etc. is far greater than the trivial “lower in price” items. If 95% of your essential spending is rising in cost, trivial declines in the 5% of discretionary spending do not offset the gargantuan declines in purchasing power.
by Charles Hugh Smith

How Do Palestinians In The West Bank View The Truce And The Prisoner Exchange Deal?
Palestinians in the occupied West Bank are following the truce in Gaza with great interest and hope. This is due primarily to their wish to help stop the destruction and genocide against their fellow Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. They feel powerless to get humanitarian aid and medicine into the besieged territory, and the hope is that the truce turns into a long and sustained ceasefire. Despite its importance, there are other dimensions to the truce that are equally important. The truce represents a halt, even if only temporary, of the occupation army achieving what it wants by force, namely the destruction of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement; the destruction of the Gaza Strip; and the recovery of Israeli captives held by Hamas. There were more than 5,000 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons before 7 October. A further 3,300 have been detained since then, including 170 since the truce came into force. Six have been killed in prison by the brutal Israeli prison system since 7 October. Around 1,000 Palestinian prisoners are serving life sentences and hundreds have spent decades behind bars. The Palestinian Authority has been unable to free them through political agreements and negotiations, and they are not expected to be released without a prisoner exchange deal.
by Fareed Taamallah

How The Trump Shots Create “Hyper-Progressive” (Turbo) Cancer (11:50)
We’ve seen the epidemiological studies showing rapid rise in cancers and their rapid progression in vaccinated people. Now the mechanism has been discovered. And, China is pulling lockdown martial law again. The “disease” was ALWAYS political — and it was never cured. Will US try to pull off the scam again as well?
by The David Knight Show

Ghost Of Christmas Past Sticker
Henry Kissinger, wanted for war crimes, dead at 100. Bombed Cambodia mercilessly. Received Nobel Peace Prize. The real Dr. Evil.
by ShipOfFools

Netanyahu Dubbed ‘Butcher Of Gaza’
Turkish President Erdogan says the Israeli prime minister has inscribed for himself a dark name in history
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has committed in Gaza one of the worst atrocities of the century, making his mark in history a bloody one, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said during a parliamentary group meeting on Wednesday. In his televised speech, he spoke out against the Israeli military operation in the Palestinian enclave. Erdogan blasted “human rights violations and acts of war in Gaza” and the “apathy of most Western nations,” stating that Türkiye “will exhaust all efforts to hold the Israeli government accountable under international law and moral responsibility.” The speech echoed a conversation Erdogan had with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday, when the Turkish president called for Israel to be held to account for continuing to “blatantly trample on international law, the law of war and humanitarian law.”
by RT

The Fate Of Our Species
The stamp of our lowly origins and the true face of mankind…What a delight….what a stroke of luck…for the elite, that is. And for us. We beg Dear Readers to bear with us….as we peel back the layers of this prickly fruit…no doubt stabbing more than a few fingers as we go. We promise no ‘pay-off’…no takeaway…no call to action. Instead, like a condemned man looking in a mirror, maybe we can catch a glimpse of who we are. And here we see the future and the past…the face and fate of our whole species…of ourselves, who always were…and who we shall be forever. We begin with ominous, but inevitable news. Barrons: November’s last auction of Treasury notes ended with a whimper, rather than a bang. Nearly $40 billion of government debt that matures in seven years was up for sale on Tuesday. The highest yield accepted by investors was 4.399%, well above the average of 4.258% for the prior six such auctions. …the government had to offer higher yields to entice investors to buy the debt. Treasury issuance through October this year is 32% higher than at this time in 2022.
by Bill Bonner

Another Radiation Disaster (Text and Video)
This Evil Has Got to Stop!
Friends, I do not know what it will take for Mankind to pull it’s head out of its ass and deal with the radiation assault that now threatens to destroy all life. Innocent living beings are DYING — including our children and pets — yet people go on about their wireless lifestyle as if they own the universe and do not have to take responsibility for the millions of creatures they have participated in murdering. The situation makes me sick to my stomach and has got to end. The more time that goes by, the more I am convinced that it WILL end with the bulk of humanity leaving this Earth for good. They’ll be leaving precisely because they agreed to expose themselves to massive amounts of radiation for purposes of “convenience” and because they were foolish enough to allow themselves to be injected with self-assembling nanotechnology so that they themselves have become part of the wireless grid. See here for more info on that.
by BirthofaNewEarth

We Are At War: The Banned Truth About White Replacement In Europe And America (25:10)
by Vincent James

NATO Chief Puts Hypocrisy On Full Display
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg put NATO’s hypocrisy on display while talking to reporters ahead of the meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels on November 28. Asked by a reporter about American and European struggles to continue providing Ukraine with weapons and ammunition, Stoltenberg replied, “It’s our obligation to ensure that we provide Ukraine with the weapons they need. Because it will be a tragedy for Ukrainians if President Putin wins.” The tragedy for Ukrainians has already happened. Their infrastructure and economy are destroyed, their population is dispersed, their relatives are dead or injured and their land is lost. The greater tragedy to come is not the war ending, but the war continuing. In the first weeks of the war, Ukrainians could have kept almost all of their land and lost almost none of their lives for a promise not to join NATO. The political West ordered them to walk away from the negotiating table and onto the battlefield. They promised them—directly or indirectly—as much military and financial support as it takes for as long as it takes. Nearly two years later, Ukraine will likely have to make the same promise, but they have lost that land and they have lost those lives.
by Ted Snider

Musk Meets With Netanyahu In Israel For Atrocity Propaganda Tour (Text and Videos)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s charm offensive pressuring Elon Musk to censor more “anti-Semitism” on X continued on Monday with Musk traveling to Israel to tour the Kfar Azza kibbutz where Israel had falsely claimed Hamas beheaded 40 babies. From The Washington Post, “Elon Musk meets with Netanyahu in Israel, tours kibbutz attacked by Hamas”: Elon Musk met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday in Israel, where the pair toured the Kfar Azza kibbutz, one of the Jewish communities attacked by Hamas militants during their Oct. 7 cross-border assault. After touring the scene of the violence, Musk was shown a video documenting some of the atrocities that took place, according to a conversation between the two men broadcast afterward on X, formerly known as Twitter. Musk said it was jarring to visit the site and troubling to see the joy on the faces of Hamas militants as they killed innocent people. “It’s one thing obviously if civilians die accidentally, but it’s another thing to revel in the joy of killing civilians. … That’s evil,” Musk said. Musk also rebuffed arguments that Israel has disproportionately killed civilians in Gaza, saying the actions of Hamas militants were intentional. “There is an important difference here, which is Israel tries to avoid killing civilians,” Musk said. Cue laugh track
by Renegade Tribune

Hallelujah! The World Of Free Thinkers Celebrates The Death Of Henry Kissinger
Henry Kissinger dies at age 100; The former US secretary of state (and countless wars and millions of fatalities, shrugged off his mortal coil on Wednesday. A German-Jew his family had departed pre-war Germany claiming persecution. Not true; hundreds of thousands of Jews and many other nationalities continued to live freely in Hitler’s Reich. However, under the Reich’s ‘Germans First’ policies Jews and others of non-German nationality were simply handicapped by being denied equal access to employment opportunities. This hardly qualifies for ‘fleeing persecution’ and claiming refugee and holocaust survivor status. Via London, the family settled comfortably in New York as did millions of other immigrants from across Europe. Lionized by compromised mainstream media and fawning politicians the once shaving brush maker in a New York factory went on Wednesday to the devil knows where.
by Michael Walsh

Before Ancient Egyptians, Nature Sculpted Sphinxes. Here’s How
Steady winds can carve sphinxlike landforms called yardangs out of featureless blobs
The Great Sphinx of Giza might have been sculpted by desert winds long before it was ever touched by human hands. Mysterious desert landforms called yardangs can bear an uncanny resemblance to seated lions — so much so that some researchers think one lionlike yardang might have had the honor of later being carved into the Sphinx by ancient Egyptians. The basic ingredients for these unusual rock formations might be rather simple, researchers report in the November Physical Review Fluids. Scientists were able to reliably sculpt hand-sized, sphinx-shaped yardangs from clay globs in a water tunnel so long as two basic conditions were met: consistent prevailing winds and a starting blob containing a mix of easily eroded and more resistant bits.
by Elise Cutts

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“No Rothschild is English . . . No Baruch, Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg,
Kuhn-Loeb, Kahn, Schiff, Sieff or Solomon was ever born Anglo-Saxon.
And it is for this filth that you fight.
It is for this filth that you murdered your Empire.
It is this filth that elects and selects your politicians.”
Ezra Pound, March 15, 1942, radio broadcast from Italy.


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Educational Forum About Judaism
This site is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary of Pompeii.
This site is an educational primer about Judaism and its effect on history, culture, and current events. The information has been carefully compiled, mostly from Judaic sources: the rabbis, their “holy” books, and Judaic, especially Israeli, media. As you can see for yourself, we offer some commentary, but much is in their own words. Many of the leads to primary sources are from the heavy lifting of those listed in the Resources section. Our thanks and perpetual prayers go to them. Internet hyperlinks are provided when available to allow readers to verify quotes and for research leads. The posting of a hyperlink or video does not imply agreement with all linked content. When webpages and videos draw attention, they are often taken down. Anonymity here forces readers to deal with facts and disallows the stock-in-trade of the rabbis, deceit and the distractions of name-calling, and character assassination, but that won’t stop them from trying. Since we are practicing Catholics, we work and pray for the conversion of all souls, so that all may be saved, but our primary mission here is to protect Catholics from misinformation, subversion, and heresies that are so prevalent today. Only Truth leads to salvation. Since we are practicing Catholics, we oppose all Master Race creeds and we oppose all crimes against humanity, including economic crimes against humanity. Please quote the materials here far and wide. Use this material to expose and defeat Satan and his synagogue. Most importantly, pray the Rosary every day.

Dublin Riots And Dystopian Future: John Age Interviews John Waters (1:10:15)

Israel Left Premature Palestinian Babies To ‘Die Alone’ After Evacuating Gaza Hospital
A video revealed a new crime committed by the Israeli occupation army, after it forced medical staff of Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital in Gaza without the five premature Palestinian babies who were being cared for. The five infants were found “dead and in a state of decomposition” in Al-Nasr Hospital after being alone for three weeks, in what may amount to a horrific execution and a crime against humanity. The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor quoted the hospital Director, Dr Mustafa Al-Kahlot, as saying that he had sent an appeal to international organisations, including the Red Cross, to save the lives of the babies, but “he did not receive any response.” The Israeli military forced families to evacuate Al Nasr Hospital, leaving behind their premature babies in the intensive care unit. Israel refused to release the babies. The decomposed bodies of those babies have been found during this — Lowkey (@Lowkey0nline) November 28, 2023. Al-Kahlot stated that he informed the Israeli occupation army officer, who warned them of the final evacuation, of the condition of the five children on respirators and that they could not be transferred, and he informed him that he was aware of this and would deal with it. Due to the lack of response and lack of specialist equipment to preserve their lives during the evacuation, the doctors were forced to leave them inside the hospital with the Israeli officer’s promise to care for them. The children were left to die, quietly and alone.

Iran Holds IAEA Accountable For Israel’s Atomic Threats: Nuclear Chief
The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) says the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) bears responsibility for any nuclear accident caused by Israel amid the regime’s repeated threats to use atomic bombs. Speaking on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting in Tehran on Wednesday, Mohammad Eslami said that he had raised the issue of nuclear threats made by Israeli officials with IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi before a meeting of the UN nuclear watchdog’s Board of Governors. “We told the IAEA chief that … it is a violation of international law if you do not take a position against a party that has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), is not committed to the Safeguards Agreement, does not allow the agency’s access to [its nuclear facilities], and clearly declares that it will use nuclear weapons,” he added. “The responsibility for any [nuclear] accident lies with the IAEA, because the Zionist regime has not signed the NPT and the Safeguards Agreement, and today the regime is threatening the world with atomic bombs.” Earlier this month, Israel’s so-called heritage minister Amichai Eliyahu said that dropping a nuclear weapon on Gaza was “one of the possibilities” in the ongoing war on the besieged Palestinian territory.
by PressTV

Rep. Massie Casts Lone No Vote Against Bill Equating Anti-Zionism With Antisemitism
The resolution, which passed in a vote of 412-1, says denying the modern state of Israel’s ‘right to exist’ is antisemitism
Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) was the lone member of the House to vote against a resolution equating criticism of the modern state of Israel with antisemitism. The resolution passed in a vote of 412-1-1, as Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) voted “present.” The bill states that the House “reaffirms the State of Israel has the right to exist” and “recognizes that denying Israel’s right to exist is a form of antisemitism.” Massie explained his opposition in a post on X. “I agree with the title ‘Reaffirming the State of Israel’s Right to Exist’ and much of the language, but I’m voting No on the resolution because it equates anti-Zionism with antisemitism. Antisemitism is deplorable, but expanding it to include criticism of Israel is not helpful,” he wrote. Tlaib said she didn’t vote in favor of the resolution because it “ignores the existence of the Palestinian people” and “brings us no closer to peaceful coexistence.” The resolution states that Jewish people are “native to the Land of Israel” without mentioning that the modern state was founded mainly by recently emigrated Jewish Europeans who drove over 700,000 native Palestinian Arabs out of the land in 1948.
by Dave DeCamp

Stone Cold Justice: Israel’s Torture Of Palestinian Children (45:30)
by ABC Australia

Love Is Innate In All Of God’s Creatures (Text and Video)
How Could We Ever Have Doubted This?
(((Who))) was it that convinced us that animals don’t have feelings?
(((Who))) was it that convinced us that it is OK to take a baby away from its mother?
by BirthofaNewEarth

Bringing Warmongers To Justice
The Ukrainian Tribunal should disseminate a clear warning that no one will remain exempt from accountability.
The precise road map of the Ukraine War Crimes Tribunal is still an enigma. Even the format of the court, as a Russian or an international legal institution, remains unclear. Perhaps there are good reasons for holding back on such details at this particular stage. Recent revelations coming from the top echelons of the Ukrainian regime nevertheless highlight once again the important question of how the Ukrainian Tribunal will go about its tasks. According to David Arakhamia, an influential Zelensky associate and Ukraine’s negotiator at the peace talks held in March of 2022, what many have suspected has now been confirmed. In March 2022, shortly after the commencement of the Special Military Operation, a peace agreement satisfactory to both sides was reached in Istanbul. That peace settlement was scuttled upon the explicit demand put to the Kiev authorities by the then British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during his unannounced and hastily arranged visit in April 2022. Information about the sequence of events by which imminent peace between Ukraine and Russia was blocked raises significant issues about the scope of the future tribunal’s work. Given Johnson’s pivotal role in prolonging the war, the Ukraine Tribunal now must deal with the question of whether its authority should be confined to prosecuting direct perpetrators of war crimes or ought to include as well the prosecution of their enablers. Johnson is apparently one such enabler. Newly disclosed evidence shows that he used the resources of his high office to block the peace initiative and to encourage further fighting.
by Stephen Karganovic

Chinese FM Reiterates China’s Stance On Palestine-Israel Issue Before Chairing UN High-Level Meeting
China’s top diplomat Wang Yi reiterated the country’s stance on the Palestine-Israel conflict with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday, before chairing a UN Security Council high-level meeting on the issue. Wang stressed that China stands firmly on the side of peace, and called for a complete cease-fire, as well as the implementation of a two-state solution as soon as possible. Chinese observers said Wang’s propositions, as well as China’s chairing of the high-level meeting, come at a key juncture as Palestine and Israel are in temporary truce. These moves highlight the most pressing issues and lay the foundation for the future solution of the Palestine issue. Experts hailed Wang’s attendance at the meeting, as it shows that China has great sincerity to seek solution for the crisis.
by GT Staff Reporters

US Trying To Organize Coup In Russia – Moscow
Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov accused Washington of trying to engineer a change of leadership in the country
The US is increasingly focused on stirring up unrest within Russia and is intent on removing the country’s leadership, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has claimed. Confrontation between Moscow and Washington has become a reality that must be contended with, TASS cited Ryabkov as saying on Tuesday. “The US has not only waged a hybrid war on Russia,” the deputy minister stated, “but is also demonstrating an increasing focus on a change of leadership here, organizing an internal Russian coup.” Western politicians and media outlets openly celebrated what they saw as a threat to the rule of President Vladimir Putin when the Wagner private military group staged a failed mutiny attempt this past summer. While Washington denied any involvement in those events, subsequent reports claimed that Western intelligence agencies had known about the planned revolt in advance.
by RT

We Can Do Better Than This (1:20:10)
by The Crowhouse

Israel-Palestine War: Occupied West Bank home To ‘Two Million Nazis’ Says Smotrich
Far-right finance minister is latest senior Israeli to make broad-brush inflammatory statements about PalestiniansIsrael’s far-right Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich claimed on Monday that “there are two million Nazis” in the occupied West Bank. Smotrich made the comments on X, formerly known as Twitter, in response to an interview given by a Palestinian official belonging to Fatah, which as the main faction of the Palestinian Authority has nominal control over parts of the occupied West Bank. The Palestinian politician suggested that the 7 October attack did not happen in a vacuum but against the backdrop of the ongoing Israeli occupation. “A reminder to those who have not yet sobered up and think that the Nazis in Judea and Samaria are different from the Nazis in Gaza,” said Smotrich, referring to the occupied West Bank by its biblical names. “We will strengthen the settlement and cripple the Nazis wherever they are to ensure ‘never again!’,” he added.
by MEE Staff

The Federal Reserve Is Running Losses. Does This Cost Anyone Anything?
Financial statements of the US Federal Reserve, which consists of the board of governors in Washington and twelve district reserve banks across the country, indicate that the consolidated system has generated both capital and operating losses for the past couple of years. The Fed was created in 1913 to issue and circulate an “elastic currency” that could respond to consumers’ demand for cash, end bank runs known then as “money panics,” and serve as a “lender of last resort” to the nation’s commercial banks. How is it possible that the Fed could be losing money after one hundred years of operation? The debate has raged in the banking and finance communities. Two investigators, Paul Kupiec at the American Enterprise Institute and Alex Pollock at the Mises Institute, have analyzed Fed financial statements and presented their findings about these Fed losses in publications such as the Wall Street Journal and on the websites of the American Enterprise Institute, the Mises Institute, the Federalist Society, and Law and Liberty. The Wall Street Journal has produced a nontechnical video explaining how the Fed makes (and loses) money.
by Lane Johnson

The Holocaust Doctrine And The Hypocrisy Of Western Values: Grubach
An American Revisionist defends an Australian holocaust researcher Frederick Toben on his London case, where he was arrested at Heathrow airport last week on charge of publishing and distributing anti-Zionist material and Holocaust Issue. A Commentary on the Case of Frederick Toben: Paul Grubach writes to Mehr news. Ahmadinejad’s Insightful Statement: In reference to political Zionism, certain Western governments and the Jewish Holocaust story, the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was claimed to have said in late 2005: “They have fabricated a legend under the name of Massacre of the Jews, and they hold it higher than God himself, religion itself and the prophets themselves. If somebody in their country questions God, nobody says anything, but if somebody denies the myth of the massacre of the Jews, the Zionist loudspeakers and the governments in the pay of Zionism will start to scream.”1 This was a statement “heard around the world.” It sometimes takes an “outsider” to a culture to bring to the world’s attention the hypocrisy and cant that is corrupting the culture. By making the preceding statement, President Ahmadinejad has done a service to both Western society and the world at large, for he has exposed the hypocrisy and double standard that plagues Western society—a culture that claims it supports freedom of speech and has no state enforced religions.
by Paul Grubach

What Is Smart Dust And How Is It Used?
I wanted to repost this article from nanowerk. The purpose is to inform the public how vast the use of this nanotechnology biosensing industry is. Smart dust has been sprayed via aerial spraying (“geoengineering”) for decades on our entire biosphere. This is one way that our bodies get contaminated with the self assembly nanotechnology. As it is used to wirelessly monitor and alter the environment, the same is true for humans. What is smart dust and how is it used? Imagine a cloud of sensors, each the size of a grain of sand or even smaller, blown aloft by hurricane winds and relaying data on the storm to weather stations below. Picture an invisible sensor network embedded into a smart city’s roads to monitor traffic, road surface damage and identify available parking spaces – all in real time. Or billions of nanosensors distributed over forests and other areas with fire hazards to detect a fire at its very beginning. Or envision programmable smart dust that triggers an alarm signal when invisible microcracks are detec