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Collapsing West by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

So whose is the house that can all storms?
His alone that built on God, and not on sand!
Christmas approaches, the world scene is dark. What does Our Lord say to His Apostles? “In the world you have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (Jn. XVI, 33). Let us remind ourselves of what it is that He has overcome with the summary below of a dialogue last September with one of the best commentators now appearing regularly on the Internet, Gonzalo Lira, available at: End Of Abundance, The Duran With Gonzalo Lira,
The West is teetering on the brink of civilizational collapse. We are entering into dark territory, with what is being announced for our near future, such as the coming digital currency and the social credit system. President Macron of France has declared an end to the “era of abundance,” and we are told that each crisis will be “worse than the last,” nor will there be any return to the “old normal.” 
The Covid crisis of 2020 has been succeeded by the Ukraine crisis of 2022 in which Western leaders have virtually declared war on Russia, using Ukraine as a proxy. Sanctions were designed to hurt the Russian people and to overthrow the government in the Kremlin. However, in their hubris, these leaders misjudged the Russian economy. Russia does not need the West. There are now other buyers of Russian gas. The West has lost its dominant position in the global economy. Western-sanctioned Russian crude oil exports have been re-directed to China, India and Brazil.

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