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Only God Can Help Us Now by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Before he was demonised and lied about for telling the truth about covid-19, The Good Book Guide said: ‘Vernon Coleman writes brilliant books’.
Truss and Kwarteng were living evidence of the proof of the Peter Principle – that people in a hierarchy rise to their level of incompetence. They seemed to have no idea of the enormity of their plans – or the predictable chaos their lunacy would produce.
And Sunak is going to provide yet more proof of the Peter Principle.
Britain has been destroyed – I believe deliberately – and things are now going to get much, much worse.
Taxes are going to soar as individuals and businesses are crushed by politicians destroying the economy. Those big pay rises being demanded by strikers will push huge numbers into higher tax rate bands. There will be one-off levies on any successful businesses. Wealth taxes. New property taxes. Road taxes.
Services – both those provided officially and those provided privately – are going to disappear or deteriorate as funding is cut and companies go bust.
Strikes and wage demands are going to push inflation even higher.
Interest rates will be at 5% or 6% early next year.
House values will fall in the next 12 months – not by a mere 10% or so as some estate agents predict, but by 20% to 30%. Millions of homes will be repossessed by banks.
Social credit is going to come upon fast – as government departments introduce compulsory Apps. Don’t forget that the Sunak wealth comes from digital applications.
Death rates are going to soar. Many millions are waiting for hospital investigations and treatment. Millions will die before they are seen.

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