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In This Disaster We Are All, Ultimately, Innocent by Caitlin Johnstone

The eat-or-be-eaten dynamic came crashing headlong through the dawn of a new species with a rapidly-evolved cerebral cortex and the sudden capacity for abstract thought, and all that fear and stress kept marching forward from generation to generation entangling itself with this added new element of thought, language and storytelling. This gave rise to societal constructs like religion, government, hierarchy and family power structures, all largely born of the primitive, fear-based desire to control and dominate which we carried with us from our evolutionary ancestors who lived in trees to hide from predators.
Parents who were traumatized by their parents passed their trauma on to their own children because their trauma made them behave in a traumatized way, and those children passed their own trauma on to their children too. On top of this small-scale generational trauma we added things like wars, slavery, tyranny, colonization and genocides which traumatized entire populations, and that trauma would be passed on from generation to generation as well.
And then we showed up. We, the people who are currently alive. That’s what we were born into. That’s the wave we rode in on. And that wave is still going.
And we wonder why everyone’s so dysfunctional and self-destructive.

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One Reply to “In This Disaster We Are All, Ultimately, Innocent by Caitlin Johnstone

  1. Drugs Alcohol introduced to europe largely by the benedictine monks .Yeast excrement and yeast growing in the brain and organs from leavened bread. Those were the worst Then white refined sugar .Caffeine and nicotine from tobacco.And modern medicine The culprits The destruction of rivers and fresh drinking water ,the poisoning from farming sciences .All that wrecked everything natural and beutiful .

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