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Here’s How They’ll Bankrupt You by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Their plan is to make every one of us bankrupt and they’re well on the way to succeeding. Only the billionaire conspirators are likely to avoid this. The conspirators must be delighted at the way things are going.
To start with, of course, the rising cost of food and energy will eat into our savings. Those without savings won’t be able to put anything aside. Every penny will go into paying for basic essentials.
In the UK, inflation will be well over 20% shortly after Christmas 2022. Other countries will see a similar rise in inflation figures.
Company earnings will be devastated by poor production figures (exacerbated by strikes, working from home and the bizarre new fashion, popular with the young, for doing as little work as possible) and so investments and pensions will go into a long, slow dive. The coming recession will quickly turn into a depression.
And, remember, nothing is happening by accident.
Interest rates will continue to rise and millions who have mortgages will find that they can no longer afford to pay for their homes.
The result will be a fall in house values.
And as values fall so those mortgage problems will get worse. It won’t be long before millions have a bigger mortgage debt than their house is worth. Their homes will be re-possessed and they will be left with huge debts. Alternatively, the Government may say: ‘We’ll take over your mortgage and you can stay in your house…but you will no longer own it’. I suspect that many bankruptcies will be inevitable.
Remember, none of this is happening by accident. It has all been orchestrated.

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One Reply to “Here’s How They’ll Bankrupt You by Dr. Vernon Coleman

  1. Until all national debts are paid the amount owed is still owed by the people of that nation via the government as middle men who set it all up .In other words your undeclared bankrupt now.And it’s the billionaires who have caused it more than anyone The most “productive “have created the need to supply currency to meet their earnings and thus thay have built national debt faster than anyone Until you understand you will be deceived. Here in australia the government I’d desperately helping them by creating a deficit asap and the Ukrainian fraud war is the main tool right now being used to bankrupt the world as only real estate is real .Not even gold really since London simply manipulates that at this time Until London isnt running the show bankruptcy of the whole world is inevitable. And Crown lands will be the only real winner .

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