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Another Testimonial by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Pascendi for the mind, beads for the heart;
A powerful combination – Heaven’s art!
Here is one more young man rescued from godlessness by the Rosary and by some contributions from the author of these “Comments.” Note in particular how his so-called “education” had to begin with the condemnation of common sense in order to make way for its own nonsense. That is typical. Read on –
I feel a strong urge to express to you my gratitude for your online material and my support for your message for Catholics in our modern world. I live up in northern Scotland, and after a lengthy conversion process and gradual shunning of the Newchurch, I was finally baptised this year at the Easter Vigil in the SSPX chapel in Edinburgh. There is no “Resistance” priest up here that I know of, but the SSPX priest has common sense and I have found him very helpful and reassuring.
I come from a liberal family, but I stopped attending the new Mass because of heterodoxy at the local parish, and then I left the Indult Mass because of the slightly doubtful Holy Orders of the Novus Ordo priests. Generally however, it was only after I had moved on that I began to look back and see the deeper doctrinal issue. Now I think I do see quite clearly the greater problem, and one great grace I must be ever so thankful to God for is that I think I now see the modern world very well for what it is, and how it has got into the churchmen. I owe this in large part to your sermons and conferences.

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One Reply to “Another Testimonial by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

  1. OMG. Just show me Jesus saying a rosary or generating his mummy. Show me where God says to worship Mother Mary.

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